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We have embarked on our "Mountain Path" with our Sustainability Roadmap 2030. However, we didn't just make up our summits and goals, measures and our path, but worked them out on the basis of our materiality analysis and in sparring with the 17 SDGs, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. As a company and especially as Team Sport Conrad, we want to make the difference for you and for our common future. Our overriding goal here is: Sport Conrad is the most sustainable outdoor retailer in the Alpine region with Alpine products. This means doing business responsibly, transforming our product range and reducing our footprint to the maximum. For the fiscal years 2019/20 and 2021/22, we have calculated our so-called corporate carbon footprint, i.e. all CO2e emissions that we cause through our business operations. With our stores and subsidaries in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Penzberg, Wielenbach and Iffeldorf (warehouse/logistics), we cause direct and indirect emissions via the consumption of energy, district heating, fuel for our company vehicles. However, most emissions are caused in upstream and downstream processes by our purchased goods - i.e. our product range, packaging materials, paper and print jobs - or waste and also by commuting to work. That's why we start with the biggest chunks or sources of emissions.

For a future worth living

What's behind WIR DENKEN UM

In 2018, we launched our sustainability initiative WIR DENKEN UM. This became visible for the first time with our Summer 2019 catalogue and our WIR DENKEN UM label, which we use to highlight brands and products: Brands that operate responsibly, as well as innovative, environmentally friendly and fairly produced clothing, footwear and equipment.

In doing so, we showcase more sustainable alternatives to conventionally produced products. Why do we do this? We want to highlight responsible companies and brands and raise awareness of responsible consumption among our customers. To do this, we regularly survey all our manufacturers and look closely at three areas: Responsibility & Fairness, Environment & Climate, Transparency & Reporting.

For us, sustainability is not a solo sprint, but rather an Alpine crossing as a team and in partnership with manufacturers and other retailers. Every step counts. Every stage. It's a continuous process of innovation: hence the name WIR DENKEN UM - because for us, rethinking means leaving the beaten track and blazing a new trail. The conviction that we want to do more for our home and our future has become a task that becomes more challenging the longer we stay with it.

It’s our responsibility!

For an intact environment, for our human coexistence and for the legacy we leave to the next generation. For us! Nobody else. It is up to us! What we consume, how we use resources or how we behave in nature. Protecting nature and the climate is very important to us. That's why we support international projects such as a reforestation project in Peru and a wind farm in India. In this way, we offset the CO2 emissions caused by Sport Conrad's business activities - and we are doing so.

We also support local projects or prefer to lend a hand ourselves: For example, we participated in the clearing of the Premer Filz moor near Steingaden and reforested a forest in the Ammergau Alps - even our trainees spent their first day in the forest. We also support organisations such as Energiewende Oberland e.V. and Protect Our Winters Germany, and work on campaigns with BUND Naturschutz (Weilheim-Schongau branch) and Kreisbildungswerk Garmisch.

Our consumer behaviour, our travel habits, our food, our politics - we always have a choice. And now is exactly the right time to do the right thing. We don't have time to wait for politicians to change our behaviour through legislation. We need to get out of our comfort zones: cycle instead of drive. Take the train instead of a short-haul flight. Vegetarian delicacies instead of steak. Repairing that ski jacket we've grown fond of before it carelessly ends up in the bin. Or wear your running shoes a few miles longer. Honestly, none of this hurts, and it just goes to show that we can all do our bit.