Wir denken um

Wir denken um
With our WIR DENKEN UM label, we distinguish brands and products that really deserve recognition. We have introduced our own evaluation process for this purpose and check our suppliers at regular intervals. We offer innovative, environmentally friendly and fairly produced clothing, shoes and equipment - and thus show more sustainable alternatives compared to conventionally manufactured products.
Wir denken um

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Yes! We are still rethinking – because for us “rethinking” means to leave conventional paths in order to strike a new one. The mindset, to do something for our home and our future, became a task which becomes more demanding the longer we work on it. If we want to stop the climate change, preserve our mountains and improve living- and working conditions around the world, we need to act now. A first step: Our WIR DENKEN UM label marks responsible brands and companies. This year, we increased the requirements and sent our portfolio to 350 brands. The result: about a hundred brands qualified for the WIR DENKEN UM label.
But this alone is not enough. It takes supportive people who go along with this demanding task: Our business partners, our customers and our employees – they all take part in the process of rethinking and, together, contribute every single day. What does this mean for us? This means that we are continuously testing ourselves. Our WIR DENKEN UM team comes up with new suggestions and ideas. We pay attention to our energy consumption, fiddle about with our logistics, use recycled packaging, use climate neutral shipping opportunities, equip our facilities with modern heating technologies as well as a modern energy management and check existing processes in order to make them even more resource-saving. In short: We are reducing our carbon footprint.
It is our responsibility! For an intact environment, our humane corporation and the heritage which we are going to leave behind for the next generation. It’s us! No one else. But we also have the choice. Our consumption, our traveling routine, our food, our politics – we always have a choice. And now is the right moment to do the right thing. There is no time left to keep waiting until politicians urge us to change our habits by law. We have to leave our comfort zone: use the bike instead of your car, take a train instead of going on a short-haul flight. Chose a vegetarian delicacy over a steak. Get your favourite skiing jacket repaired before throwing it into the trash. Wear your running shoes a few miles longer. Let’s face it, none of these alternate actions will hurt, but they show that all of us can do something.
The goal: a future worth living

Our route: ambition and teamwork

For us, sustainability is not a solo sprint, but more of an alpine crossing working together as a team. In order to successfully reach the goal, you need preparation, foresight, perseverance and small successes. Because every step counts. Every stage. Sometimes a route correction is also necessary. Total sustainability may never be fully achieved, but it can become a continuous innovation process. That is why we have strategically anchored sustainability in our company. Sustainable management and rethinking should be apparent in all levels and departments, from our eCommerce department to our physical stores, and be reflected in our daily decisions.

Together with our management and our WIR DENKEN UM team, we collect ideas to improve our footprint as a company and implement measures to that effect. Our shipping is climate neutral, we swap our motor pool for electric mobility and plan to implement solar panels at our centre of distribution in Iffeldorf. We calculated our own carbon footprint and are now using the results to keep improving. Right now, unavoidable emissions get compensated through certified environmental projects and, therefore, are climate neutral.

We know that all of this is not enough to stop the global warming, but we are taking responsibility and taking steps in the right direction – we won’t stop.

Our WIR DENKEN UM label: A more sustainable product range

We implemented our WIR DENKEN UM label in 2019 and keep verifying our suppliers and brands on a regular basis. We do this, to accentuate companies and brands who act responsible, so our customers get sensibilized for a more responsible consumer behaviour. Thanks to the WIR DENKEN UM label, sustainable products are much easier to identify – and everyone gets the chance to make a conscious decision.

In 2021 we intensified the process of verification and sent our portfolio to 350 brands. At least 9 out of 25 defined criteria have had to be fulfilled. About 100 companies and brands met the requirements and therefore qualified for our WIR DENKEN UM label. These brands profess responsibility along the entire supply chain, pursue responsible purchasing practices and ensure fair working conditions in their production facilities. These companies produce in environmentally and resource-friendly ways, have short transport routes and use resource-conserving packaging materials. Products that have earned our WIR DENKEN UM label make more sustainable alternatives when compared with conventional products.

These are our evaluation criteria for WIR DENKEN UM brands and products

Responsibility & Fairness
- Responsibility throughout the supply chain
- Audited suppliers
- Fair working conditions for workers

Environment & Climate
- Environmentally and resource-saving production
- Sustainable chemicals management
- Short transport routes and sustainable packaging

Transparency & Reporting
- Regular and transparent communication

- Seals such as Fair Wear Foundation, BlueSign, Grüner Knopf
- Manufacture from natural materials
- Use of renewable raw materials
- Use of wool and down from species-appropriate husbandry
- Use of environmentally friendly leather
- No animal ingredients (vegan)
- repair service
- Made in Europe
- climate neutral