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buying skitouring apaprel online at Sport Conrad

The perfect tour starts with the right clothing. Your skitouring clothing shoul combine several functions: on the one hand it should be breathable and insulating, on the other hand it must also protect you from wind, rain or snow. You should not sweat too much, but youshould not cool down either. Adaptable is the right keyword. Find exactly the right clothing for your next skitour at Sport Conrad!

Optimally adapted to all weather conditions with the onion principle

Practicing this very popular outdoor winter sports ski touring, you can quickly be surprised by a by a change in the weather. You start in the valley in bright sunshine, it suddenly starts to rain on the summit or heavy snowfall makes your descent difficult. In addition, there are the different wind conditions that can quickly cool you down.

You should use the onion principle for your outdoor clothing in order to quickly adapt to different weather conditions. Several layers on top of each other, which can be put on and taken off, will set you up  optimally for different weather conditions and prevent you from sweating or freazing too much. Find out now what is important when choosing the right stuff for the different layers, when ski touring in the mountains. 

Base layer against cold

Especially during your ascent, the effort quickly makes you sweat and this can become a problem if your clothing cannot wick moisture away from your body and which will let you cool down too quikly. Pay attention to the functional underwear as a base Layer, that is, the bottom layer, be sure that the clothing is as close to your skin as possible. Only in this way can the clothing quickly absorb sweat and draw it away from your body before your skin cools down and you start to freeze.

Synthetic materials in particular, such as polyester have good breathable properties. Functional underwear made of Merino wool, however, has the added benefit of being very odor-resistant, and still keep you warm warm when wet. Under no circumstances should you use cotton as a base layer for touring, because it will stores moisture and you will definitely cool down faster. We carry functional underwear from top brands such as Löffler, Odlo, Ortovox, Icebreaker and more.

The warming midlayer

As a second layer or midlayer, we recommend a long or short-sleeved shirt to regulate your body temperature. Especially during the ascent you quickly sweat and a functional shirt, will retain your heat and additionally protect you from cooling down. Depending on the temperature it might be an advantage to carry a set of ski touring underwear in your backpack, so that damp clothes can be changed - although synthetic fibres dry very quickly. Midlayers are available from brands like Icebreaker, La Sportiva, Ortovox, Odlo any many more.

A wind- and/or waterproof Outer Shell

The third layer or outer shell is the last layer and should protect you from the wind and rain, especially on the descent. You often have the choice between softshell and hardshell jackets. A softshell jacket is usually more breathable than a hardshell jacket, but protects you less from rain or snow. You should always have a waterproof hardshell jacket with you in case of unexpected weather changes. The hardshell jackets can often be rolled up very small and are thus extremely space-saving in your touring backpack.

Gloves, hats & Co.

The right accessories, such as a hat, a scarf and gloves, are of course also part of the optimal touring clothing for your next outdoor tour through the mountains. The ski touring hat protects you above all from cooling and direct sunlight. In addition to a hat, you can also opt for a headband. When it comes to gloves, you should pay particular attention to freedom of movement. Your hands must be warm, but should still be able to move flexibly to be able to react well when touring. So that you don't get cold feet or blisters, socks for ski boots are often padded in special zones and thus offer you optimum support during the strenuous ascent but also on fast descents.

In addition, depending on the weather also scarves or balaclavas prove useful, because they protect you additionally from wind, rain and snow. In our store you will find a wide range of accessories, such as Buff, Black Diamond or Falke, for your outdoor adventure.

What type of ski touring athlete are you?

Which touring clothing is right for you also depends on your touring style. Are you more of a runner who has a fast pace, or do you also enjoy longer breaks on the summit? Especially in winter sports, it is important that you stay dry, so that you are protected from the cold. Therefore, if you freeze quickly, you should get touring clothes that are primarily thermally insulating, such as fleece or an additional down jacket. Particularly fast-drying and breathable touring clothing, on the other hand, is good for athletic people who will get very warm during ascent.

Ascent-oriented ski tours

Especially on the ascent, you get into a sweat quickly and therefore also cool down easily. If you belong to the group of winter sports enthusiasts who like to go on longer day tours up the mountain, it is recommended to wear particularly light clothing that fits closely to the skin and thus wicks away sweat well. Fast-drying materials that do not retain moisture.

Downhill-oriented tours

For the fast descents through deep snow and especially for the freeriders it depends on the right wind protection. On the mountain, your body can cool down quickly, so your clothing for the descent should be particularly windproof and thermally insulating. If rain and snow come along, jackets and pants made of at waterproof material are a true must.

The right skitouring clothing as the basis for your perfect ski tour

When choosing your ski touring clothing, pay attention to your individual needs. What kind of tourer are you - do you ski more on pistes or off-piste in deep snow? Do you get cold quickly or do you sweat more and in which weather conditions do you go on your tours? These are the points you should always keep in mind. At Sport Conrad you will find a variety of touring clothing and accessories from different manufacturers for women, men and children. Convince yourself of the high quality products and go four your next mountain adventure -  perfectly equipped!