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Premium, functional and sustainable – the Swedish brand, Elevenate develops outdoor apparel and is committed to protect the environment.

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More about Elevenate

Why is Elevenate a WIR DENKEN UM brand?

As a Swedish brand, Elevenate is dedicated to achieving the Swedish environmental objectives, which have been linked to the Paris Agreement and the Agenda 2030 since 2015. As a WIR DENKEN UM brand, Elevenate stands out in the following ways:  

- The company is committed to accountability throughout the supply chain

- It promotes fair working conditions

- Elevenate prides itself on ecologically friendly, resource-saving production    

Elevenate: Commitment to the Swedish environmental objectives

"As a Swedish brand it feels right to base our environmental work on Swedish goals and objectives." Elevenate uses four of these environmental goals to define the company's own sustainability work - and is committed to: Clean water and sanitation. Decent work and economic growth. Responsible consumption and production. Life on land. “We know that our business leaves a footprint, and we strive to minimize it as much as we can. We produce long-lasting garments, choose sustainable materials whenever we can, travel less, use digital platforms for meetings, select reliable suppliers that take both social and environmental responsibility, make sure that leftover fabrics are used through initiatives by us or by local actors, and we cooperate with the Global Relations charity, to whom we donate clothes."

Elevenate: Born out of the passion for skiing

Sara was a product manager with Peak Performance and a member of the Swedish freestyle team; Jimmy is a mountain guide and author of the deep-powder-bible “Free-Skiing”. So for both of them, everything has always revolved around skiing in some way. They even went skiing on their very first date. This made the founding of an own brand to be the next logical step. Considering all the passion and know-how, it should be no wonder that Elevenate amazes with elaborate gear. Within their range, there are such products like jackets, pants, and beanies in fresh and contemporary designs.

Elevenate, founded in Åre, Sweden, in 2010, is a fresh brand with, yet, a huge focus on experience. The two founders had already spent a lot of time in the mountains in their early years. This is why they took on the task of creating versatile products, which they would even wear themselves - in the mountains or off-track. This idea caught on. Elevenate offers well designed and robust clothing, giving you a high level of freedom of motion. Pants, jackets, sweaters, beanies and vests: Elevenate has all your outdoor needs covered.

E11 unites functionality and everyday life

Since 2010, the brand has continuously grown due to its great success and, meanwhile, offers simple and laid-back clothing for men and women. Elevenate´s apparel is suited for both, all kinds of sportive activities in the mountains, as well as laid-back days. Also, cool and cozy streetwear has found its way into every line. Elevenate has come to produce clothing for all kinds of activities, like skiing, ski touring, snowboarding, or outdoor. Of course, the functionality of all these products remains at the same great level.

Elevenate and environment – a perfect match

Elevenate is very much aware of the responsibilities towards our environment. This is why the brand tries its very best to craft durable and high-quality apparel. The goal is for the products to be worn for many, many years. This significantly preserves the environment. The brand´s philosophy is that of even the smallest step in the right direction being a progress. Whenever possible, Elevenate uses recycled and bluesign certified materials. Furthermore, Elevenate follows some strict, self-applied rules. 

Modern mountain life culture

This headline is one of the terms with which Elevenate identifies the most. In the last couple of years, this slogan has become a way of life which people all around the world can share, in every season and every place. Today, more than 180 selected sports retailers all around the world distribute Elevenate´s products and spread the „Damn it feels good to be a skier“ mantra and the modern mountain life culture. In the end, each summit that we reach, every slope that we ski on, and all experiences which are connected to mountains bring us closer to nature. Equipped with Elevenate apparel, we can really feel this way of life.

Eleventate: Best materials, technology, and design for your mountain adventures

Just how passionate and progressive the brand works can be seen in the fact that Elevenate was already granted with the license to use Gore-Tex fabrics in 2011, only twelve months after the company´s inception. Furthermore, Elevenate tries to use as many environmentally-friendly and sustainable materials as possible. Materials like bio-cotton or Ecodear ™, a Toray material featuring Dermizax membrane, where 30 percent consists of herbal materials. Elevenate uses Primaloft Eco insulation, CloInsulation or Thermore Ecodown as insulation material. Yet, the design as well as the founders themselves, despite the huge success, remain down-to-earth, are still based in Åre, and continue to be inspired by this very special place and their Scandinavian home, in order to come up with new and unique designs.

 Damn it feels good to be a skier