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Running glasses at Sport Conrad

Do I need running glasses?

Especially if you are an athlete who likes to be out in the fresh air, there are many useful accessories for you that provide more safety and comfort. Even when running or walking, running glasses are a welcome accessory. The running glasses protect you from wind, rain and sun, but also from small insects and dust. The most important thing is the optimal fit of the glasses and a clear field of vision. Discover now the numerous models of running glasses at Sport Conrad!

Running glasses against uv-radiation

Whether running, cycling or skiing in winter, the equipment for sports that take place outside must always be adapted to the respective conditions. Too much UV radiation can cause irreparable damage to the skin and eyes, which is often only noticed much too late. To reduce this risk, running glasses are the ideal solution. The glasses are similar to conventional sunglasses, but are adapted in design and function to the running sport. The lightweight and flexible material of the glasses does not interfere with running, fits securely, guarantees you a clear view and protects your eyes from the sun.

Glasses with function for running

Did you know that sport glasses primarily serve to protect the eyes? Especially when running outdoors, dust, insects or other annoying particles can quickly become a problem due to the draft wind. In addition, the glasses of course also provide the important UV protection when running. When buying the right running glasses, besides function and design, there are other important things you should consider, namely:

The lenses of running glasses

The lenses of sport glasses are often different from conventional sunglasses. Different models are available with varying lenses, which have their specific advantages. However, all lenses of running glasses are usually scratch-resistant and do not fog up.

Of course, glasses with dark lenses offer you the best UV protection. There are four categories, each of which provides a different intensity of radiation protection. For radiation from the sun in Central European areas, category 1-2 running glasses are perfectly adequate. Categories 3-4 guarantee you up to 100 % protection from UV radiation and are especially suitable for countries near the equator.

Lenses in yellow or orange tones emphasize contrasts and are therefore optimal for a run in the forest or in low light conditions. In addition, there are also red or gray lenses and glasses with bluish lenses. While gray and blue guarantee ideal glare protection, red glass is unsuitable in the city, because you can no longer see signal lights well.

Perfect hold

The optimal running goggles must fit well and not slip, even at fast speeds. The glasses in our range are therefore made of high-quality and flexible materials that guarantee a secure hold. An adjustable nose pad and adjustable glasses temples also ensure a comfortable fit even on long jogging routes. In addition, many glasses are equipped with non-slip material on the inside, so that they do not slip during heavy sweating or jerky movements.

The perfect pair of running glasses should hug the face without squeezing or being too loose, while not touching the eyelashes. A simple test will show immediately if the glasses fit. When moving quickly with your head or jumping, running glasses must still stay in place. Even after a few minutes on the nose, the glasses must not press. The ideal glasses for running are barely noticeable on the skin and face.


Glasses for running are available with half frames or frameless. But running glasses with frames are also in vogue. It is important that the frame does not restrict the field of vision. Only if the free view in all directions is guaranteed, the glasses are suitable for running. Ventilation slots between the frame and lenses are also beneficial to prevent the lenses from fogging up. Although many lenses are made of anti-fog material on the inside, additional ventilation slots provide pleasant ventilation.

Cleaning your running glasses

Many goggles have oil protection on the outside of the lenses, which allows water and dirt to roll off. Nevertheless, annoying stains on the glasses cannot be prevented one hundred percent. For simple cleaning, a soft microfiber cloth is sufficient, which is often included in the scope of delivery. If there are stubborn stains on the lenses, we recommend warm water and a mild detergent for cleaning by hand. As long as you don't wear the glasses, you should store them in their case so that they don't get broken. Conventional wet cleaning cloths as well as kitchen paper and handkerchiefs leave small scratches on the lenses and are not recommended for cleaning your running glasses.

Protection, support & lifestyle with running glasses from sport conrad

Sports glasses should definitely be one of your must-have accessories. The glasses protect you from harmful UV rays of the sun, insects, wind and rain and thus ensure a safe and pleasant run - what more do you want? Whether for men or women, the running glasses in our range are not only suitable for running, they are also very useful for other sports. Due to different features and lenses, the glasses can also be worn for cross-country skiing, cycling or climbing, for example. In any case, you can find the best running glasses at Sport Conrad!

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