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Skis / Freeskis

Untouched, snow-covered slopes or prepared pistes – you're in love with cold fresh air and ride out your turns with skis? Then you've come to the right place! Whether it's for the slopes, the backcountry, or your next tour, we're sure to have the perfect ski for you!

Over 20 manufacturers are waiting for you with skis ranging from alpine skiing to big mountain powder. Just use our filters to find your perfect ski, or build your set in the configurator!

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More about Ski & Freeski

Alpine ski, all-mountain, freeride and big mountain?

We are happy to help you! With countless categories and fields of use, constructions and designations, it is not easy to find one's way through the wide range of ski manufacturers when making a purchase.

Where 50 years ago – to put it casually – dead straight two meter planks left their mark, now performance tailored skis cut their edges into the snow. And yes okay... the Stenmark technique is also getting a bit long in the tooth. But that's not tragic!

With modern skis, wild wagging is a thing of the past that transforms into dynamic carving turns. Even minimal differences in radius, waist, or preload have a huge impact on the way a ski rides.

The Technical progress does not stop! Constructions with anti-vibration effects ensure a smooth and precise ride. Sandwich constructions allow stiffness in the center of the ski and lift at the tips. From superfast race models for slalom and giant slalom to playful park & pipe skis and wide big mountain waffles, there's something here for every discipline and snow condition.

Not quite sure if you should go for tip & tail rocker, or what is meant by preload? With this guide, we give you a know-how basis and an overview of our ski categories.

Radius, center width & Co.

Whether for giant slalom skis or wide powder skis, the specification's cut, radius and rocker type can be found in every detailed description and define the ski's handling characteristics. While a strong cut decisive comes into play, a wider mid-width and full rocker play a major role for powder boards.

The cut

The ski cut indicates the precise proportion of the ski. The maximum width of the ends and shovels and the minimum width (center width) under the mounting area of the binding serve as measuring points. The degree of waist directly affects the radius and has a tremendous impact on a ski's performance. Together with the bias construction, this results in a certain lift behavior, turn handling and smoothness.

The radius

The radius specifies how tightly or openly the turn can be skied. It is specified in the 0-degree angle of incidence and is calculated from the ski length and the waist. Especially if you like to be sporty on the slopes, the radius will be interesting. The smaller the radius, the tighter the turn.

The rocker type

Don't get confused! This is not about Guns n' Roses or Iron Maiden. The rocker types of skis give an information about the ski profile and have a direct effect on the behavior during turn initiation, the rotation, but also floating. Basically, the respective ski category already defines the rocker construction of the ski. From classic to full camber, we go into more detail in our blog article: Flat, Camber, Tail and Tip: Which rocker type is right for me?

Alpine ski incl. binding

In this category you will find all skis for use on the slopes, whether for easy cruising or racing between poles and fences. All skis listed here are already delivered with a pre-mounted binding, which is designed exactly for the area of use.

All Mountain Ski incl. binding
You are looking for a versatile ski, which works well on the slopes, but also allows the one or other powder adventure? Then an all-mountain ski is perfect for you! These skis combine the technology of classic race skis with the floatation of wide freeride skis.

The mix of a solid cut with a stronger center width and tip & tail rocker offers maximum flexibility. On an all-mountain ski, you can spend the whole day, whether endless carving turns or short detours into the powder.

Race ski incl. binding
Here you will find all skis for racing from slalom to giant slalom. In general, slalom skis are significantly shorter than their RS counterparts. In addition, the SL models have stronger waists and a smaller radius.

Giant slalom skis are optimized for stable cornering at high speeds and high impact from bumps. Caution. With some of these skis, only alpine race boots are compatible, which means Gripwalk soles do not fit the binding. These skis do not have the addition "Gripwalk compatible"

Park & Pipe Ski

You're in love with jumps, step-ups and downs, rails and above all a lot of airtime? Then you've come to the right place! In this category you will find all skis that have been specified by the manufacturers for use in the park and back country freestyle due to their construction and properties. One of the features of park skis are reinforced sidewalls. In addition, boards for use on the mogul slope can also be found here.

Freeride & Freetouring Ski

This category includes all skis for use in open terrain. If you like to ski off-piste, go ski touring and love your freedom, then you will probably find the right ski here. From 80 to 120 millimeters of center width, there's a ski for every snow condition and ambition. The selection of rocker types is aimed at relaxed descents, drops over any cliff or simply decent all-round performance.

Big Mountain Powder Ski

Here are the big ones for fresh powder. Up to 135 millimeters center width and full rocker offer maximum lift and turnability in powder snow. Whether lush nosebutters over freshly snowed pillowlines or high-speed turns through steep gullies, these skis are great when most people prefer to sit in the hut for Kaiserschmarrn and the snowcats are beyond their capacity.

Choosing the right ski length

Alright! You now know where you want to ski and only need to decide in which length you should buy your new ski. The choice of ski length is on the one hand dependent on the ski itself and on the other hand related to the respective area of use and of course your skiing ability. To quickly find the ski that suits your skiing ability, you can simply use the "Level" filter.

In the Ski Length Guide, you can find out exactly how to find the right length. Please note that this is a very simple and general recommendation. If you want more detailed information, just use our contact page. Our support team will gladly help you! 

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