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Bike Backpacks

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More about bicycle backpacks

Whether it's a short or long bike tour, there are always a few things you want to take with you. For example, a water bottle, phone, extra clothing, rain protection, sunglasses, swimming gear… whatever. Everything needs to be stowed well and practically. Ideally in a bike rucksack. These are available in various sizes, with different capacities, both with and without protectors and some other important functions and features such as an integrated hydration system.

The bike backpack: pretty useful

Basically, you could take any backpack. However, that's not really the truth. This is because bike backpacks have some specific features. First of all, they offer storage space for all your equipment, tools and other things. Many backpacks have their own pump mounts and practical storage compartments for essential tools. Incidentally, these backpacks start small with a volume of 5 litres for the essentials and go up to over 30 litres, so you can fit quite a lot in there. There are also often separate wet laundry compartments, ideal for wet or sweaty clothes. Of course, the weight of the backpack also depends on the size.

Many backpacks also have a mesh compartment for helmets and separate sunglasses pockets. These protect the goggles from scratches with the help of a soft lining. To prevent your back from getting too hot while riding with the backpack, most are designed with mesh fabrics on the back. This dissipates the heat. And you are also well equipped for rain: Many backpacks already have an integrated rain cover that can be easily wrapped around the rucksack. The rain cover is also available separately.

Many packpacks are also compatible with the various hydration systems from Camelbak, Source or Deuter. This means you can easily integrate your hydration bladder into your backpack and always have the option of drinking, whether you're going uphill or downhill. Dismounting and tedious rummaging is a thing of the past!

The bike backpack must fit comfortably

Different brands and sizes - different cuts. These backpacks can be easily adjusted to fit the body with adjustable shoulder straps and chest and hip straps. Nevertheless, one backpack fits one person better than another. So simply try out several! Incidentally, there are also very specific backpacks for women. These are optimised for the female body and are therefore slightly shorter and narrower.


The bike rucksack also ensures safety on the bike

Some backpacks are equipped with protectors. These protect and stabilise the back. Furthermore, some features and logos are usually reflective so that the backpack reflects in the dark and can be recognised from a distance. Additional flashing light holders provide protection. The bike backpack also often has a rescue whistle. This can be used to attract the attention of others in emergency situations. But the most important thing for safety on the bike is definitely the right bike helmet, which should always accompany you on your bike tours!