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The sport of road cycling is becoming increasingly popular. However, in addition to a high-quality road bike, the right shoes are also very important to achieve the best results and the highest performance. Road bike shoes should therefore be particularly light, but also stable and durable. In addition, the shoes must fit the pedals and not sit too tight or loose. Discover the perfect road bike shoes online at Sport Conrad now!

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Whether you have recently become interested in road bikes or are already a real road bike pro, with us you are guaranteed to find the right shoes for your goals. In our range there are different models of road cycling shoes, which convince with their features as well as their design. All of our road cycling shoes are extremely stable and lightweight and offer you an excellent grip. At the same time, the innovative Fit System ensures the ideal fit of the road cycling shoes, without blisters or pressure points.
In our online store we have the best road cycling shoes in different sizes for both men and women. Our road cycling shoes guarantee your foot ultimate comfort even on long distances and under high stress.

What to consider when looking for bike racing shoes

With road cycling shoes it depends above all on the correct interaction between the sole and the pedal of the road bike. Whether in training or a race, the ideal stiffness of the sole of your road bike shoes and the perfect connection with the road bike pedals ensures improved power transmission and accordingly a higher performance. With the right system, the pedals are not only kicked down, but also pulled up, which provides a rounded kick with the foot and a higher cadence.
However, there are other features that should be considered when buying road cycling shoes, such as material, fit and compatibility with the pedals.

footweaer made of carbon & synthetic materials

The material of the sole plays an important role in road cycling shoes. Since road cycling shoes should be very light, but still stable and durable, there are different models made of carbon and plastic.
While carbon as a material for road cycling shoes offers a very high stiffness and at the same time has only a low weight, plastic is slightly heavier but also less rigid. However, road cycling shoes made of plastic have the advantage that they are more durable and also cheaper. Shoes for road cycling made of carbon are not suitable for longer distances on foot, because the material is too stressed and is also uncomfortable to run due to the hardness. Which material you choose for your road cycling shoes therefore depends entirely on your price expectations and preferred properties.
The climate management of the road cycling shoes also plays a major role. Especially in summer at high temperatures, air-permeable and breathable material provides a pleasant air circulation. Waterproof materials guarantee dry feet even in the rain, whereas additional insulation of the road cycling shoes offers advantages for the winter.

the perfect fit for road bike shoes

For road cyclists, the appropriate comfort of their shoes is also particularly important. If the road cycling shoes are too tight on the foot, this causes friction, pressure points and unpleasant blisters. Therefore, road cycling shoes should always be adapted to the individual foot shape. Since women often have a narrower foot, the road bike shoes for women are also specially adapted to the anatomy of the feet. Our Scott shoes for road cycling, for example, provide a comfortable fit without pain thanks to the Fit System.

matching road bike shoes and pedals

The perfect road bike shoes are of no use if they do not fit the click system of the pedals on the road bike. For this, the pedals or the pedal plates must match the sole standard. Unfortunately, not all road bike click- pedals are always compatible with every shoe.
The most widely used is the click system from Shimano. The SPD system ensures optimum power transmission between pedals and road bike shoes and promises easy handling when entering as well as exiting. The SPD-SL pedals are connected at three points with the corresponding shoes for road bike and the release hardness can be adjusted individually. In addition, there is also a more robust 2-hole system, which was designed specifically for trekking and MTB shoes. In addition, Look, Speedplay and other brands also offer innovative click systems.
Many road bike shoes can be inserted into the most common clicker pedals. Nevertheless, there are also cleat adapters that offer a good alternative if you do not want to buy new road bike shoes. Hybrid systems that work with both, everyday and road shoes are also an option.

our bike-/shoe- pedal bundle configurator - best price/performance ratio

With our shoe / pedal configurator you can quickly and easily find road shoes to match the pedals. In a first step, you choose your road shoes. From a variety of brands, designs and models you choose the perfect shoe for your needs. In a second step, suitable pedals are also suggested to you. With our bike configurator you save time and money!

road bike shoes for men and women at Sport Conrad

Low weight, high-quality materials, optimum stability and modern designs - Our road cycling shoes promise the best value for money. Whether with Velcro or twist closure or classic as lacing, we have the right road cycling shoes for men and women in our range. Shoes with additional features, such as fluorescent applications for more visibility in the dark, are also very popular. When buying, pay attention to your ability and the most important features and find the optimal road cycling shoes in the appropriate size in our online store at Sport Conrad!