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More Ski Apparel Facts

More important than ever is a functional ski clothing to meet all demands in freezing cold, snowstorms, but also in sunshine. 


Alpinist, Freerider oder Freestyler

Depending on your preference, be it alpine skiing, freeriding or freestyling: concerning ski apparel, you´ll already have a hard time to choose the right ski jacket and pants. It´s important to have some good insulation and a waterproof shell if you are on the slopes in any weather. High-quality brands, such as Peak Performance, J. Lindeberg and Kjus, are true classics and loyal companions. Houdini, Scott, 8848 Altitude and Armada are newer brands, which also use high-quality materials, such as Gore-Tex® or 2-to-3-layer-material. Some of the manufacturers, which already think and act sustainably, use recycled materials in their clothing. As you can see, you can do a lot of good to the environment with your ski apparel purchase.

Many brands have incorporated Recco® technology into their ski jackets and pants, which is a great search aide in the case of an avalanche rescue.


Hardshell- and Insulation Jackets

However, not everybody likes to wear a ski jacket while skiing. In that case, there is also the opportunity to combine a hard-shell jacket with a down jacket. Depending on the temperature, you may then choose between the warm version for winter season and, near the end of the season just around spring, the thinner version. The down jacket is an insulation layer with genuine down, warming you optimally. Many brands work with DownTrack, which means that you can retrace the down all the way to the place of origin – and wear it with a clean conscience.


Companies such as Norrona, Elevenate or Patagonia are just a couple of the most common brands. Of the bunch, Patagonia may be the brand with the most innovative recycled products. 

A hard-shell jacket is mostly not worn solo for skiing. You either wear a down jacket, a warm fleece or an insulation jacket underneath. For example, you´ll find fleeces with Vaude or Schöffel. Ski vests are also practical because they predominantly insulate the most crucial parts of your body. The torso mostly cools off quicker than the arms.

What´s really become hip again are ski jumpsuits, for example those of Picture. They offer you an all-around protection and also look cool. 


The base and other important things

Another crucial layer is the base – you really shouldn´t go skiing without any functional underwear, because it ensures that you stay warm and dry, despite any physical efforts. Many of nowadays´ products are equipped with merino wool, such as those by Icebreaker or Ortovox with Swisswool. There are more and more companies choosing that same path.

Besides the right choice of functional underwear, the right set of ski socks is also crucial. Yet, there´s a lot to consider since ski socks are not the same as regular socks. At the toes, heel and mostly the shins, these socks are equipped with special reinforcements, since these areas are especially challenged in ski boots.


Falke marks its ski socks with SK and, depending on the strength, 1 to 4. Ortovox offers compression ski socks, just like CEP. With a fine ski sock, you´ll enjoy the entire day on the slopes without being bothered by your feet. There´s even a solution if you prefer heatable socks: Lenz and Therm-ic can hook you up.

Ski gloves are also a crucial topic. Here, you can choose between mittens and fingered gloves, depending on what you prefer: sporty or comfy. We have a pretty solid assortment from Ziener, Reusch and Leki. You are sure to find just the right pair of gloves. Here as well, there is a heatable version available from Zanier and Lenz.

Concerning your head, it´s probably best for you to use a ski helmet. However, before and after you might consider beanies and headbands as a useful accessory for your perfect set of styling for après-ski and all other outdoor activities. It´s a different deal concerning scarfs, which are a must-have for your ski outfit. 

Buff has you covered with various models. After all, you can use your Buff as a scarf, ski mask, headband or thin layer under the helmet. There are also neck warmers made of merino and polyester. However, Buff isn´t the only supplier of practical neck warmers. There are also products from Picture, Ortovox and Matt.

Everything being said, a great ski day heavily depends on the right set of clothing – so, don´t hesitate in grabbing the right equipment!