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To be prepared for any weather, functional skiwear is more important than ever.

Whether alpine, freeride or freestyle - the agony of choice begins with the selection of the right jacket and pants. Take your time and pay attention to various factors to find the right clothing for your adventure. Good insulation and a waterproof shell are important when you are out in the snow in any weather.

The Sport Conrad store offers a wide selection of ski clothing for men, women and children so that everyone can get off to the best possible start on the slopes. In addition, Sport Conrad carries high-quality brands such as Peak Performance, J. Lindenberg and Kjus that have already proven themselves as reliable companions for many years.

For protection from the elements, ski clothing should consist of the following components:

- A warm and waterproof ski jacket.

-A lightweight and thermally insulating layer.

- Ski pants that keep you dry and warm

- High quality ski underwear

- A beanie or a headband to keep your ears warm

- Last but not least, a pair of ski gloves.

Our products are characterized by high functionality and pleasant wearing comfort. Especially in winter, ski jackets, ski pants and gloves with Gore-Tex property are necessary. In addition, the products should be durable, offer sufficient freedom of movement and have insulating properties.


Not everyone likes ski jackets. What are the alternatives?

The option of combining a hardshell jacket with a down jacket is a good choice and has many advantages. So, depending on the temperature, you can choose the warmer option in winter and the thinner layer at the end of the season, towards spring.

The hardshell jacket is rarely worn alone. Mostly it is worn in combination with several layers. Whether it's a down, fleece or insulated jacket, the important thing is that it keeps you warm. Fleece jackets are available from Vaude or Schöffel, for example.

Some popular brands are Norrona, Elevenate or Patagonia. Patagonia, however, is a brand with a huge range of innovative recycled products in this area. Why? Because Patagonia offers a special repair service. The Patagonia Worn Wear Truck travels around places and allows anyone to repair, exchange or recycle their skiwear. So you can wear your skiwear for as long as you enjoy it.


You should not go on the slopes without functional underwear: The baselayer keeps you dry despite exertion and is an important layer when skiing. Many products made of merino fibers have a temperature-regulating property. But not only merino wool has this property, also Swisswool (virgin wool from Switzerland) keeps you warm. Ortovox, for example, is equipped with Swisswool and more and more brands are following suit.

Ortovox, for example, is equipped with Swisswool and more and more brands are following suit.The right ski socks are also important because not all socks are the same. Ski socks are reinforced at the toes, heels and often also at the shins. Make sure to choose appropriate sizes to avoid pressure points in the ski boot. Falke, CEP and Ortovox socks are particularly suitable for protecting feet from the cold. Sport Conrad also offers heated socks to keep your feet warm all day.

The companies Lenz and Therm-IC make sure that nothing stands in the way of your ski day.

With the brands Ziener, Reusch and Leki your hands are protected from the cold in winter. You can choose between finger and mitten gloves, depending on whether you like it sporty or comfortable.If you need extra warmth, Sport Conrad also offers heated versions from Ziener and Lenz.

A helmet to protect your head is also mandatory. Before and after skiing, your ears need enough warmth. A cap or headband is fashionable and useful to round out your outfit.

For a long day of skiing, a scarf is a must. An all-rounder is the Buff, which offers different variations. You can use it as a scarf, ski mask, headband or thin layer under your helmet. Not only Buff produces practical ski wear, also Ortovox, Picture and Matt produce functional neck warmers.

The perfect ski day stands and falls with the right equipment. No matter what kind of winter sports enthusiast you are. So what are you waiting for? Get equipped with the right gear!