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More Ski Apparel Facts

Today, functional skiwear is more important than ever to meet all demands in freezing cold, snowstorms, but also in sunshine.



Depending on your preferences, whether alpine, freeride or freestyle, the agony of choice begins with the right ski jacket and ski pants. You should take the time to look for the right clothing on the mountain, and there are several factors to consider. It is significant to have some good insulation and a waterproof shell if you are on the slopes in any weather. High-quality brands, such as Peak Performance, J. Lindeberg and Kjus are true classics and loyal companions. 


Houdini, Scott, 8848 Altidude and Armada are other brands that also come up with high-quality materials, such as GoreTex® but also with 2 to 3-layer material. Some manufacturers, who already think sustainably, use recycled material for their clothing. Thus, you are already doing something good for the environment when you buy your ski clothing.

Many manufacturers have built Recco® technology into their ski jackets and pants. This supports the search in an avalanche rescue, and it offers you the necessary safety if you are once again skiing in deep snow.




But not everyone likes to ski with a ski jacket. What alternatives are there? The possibility of combining a hardshell jacket with a down jacket is also a good clothing choice and brings


many advantages. So, depending on the temperature, you can choose the warm version for the winter and at the end of the season, towards spring the thinner layer.


The down jacket is an insulation layer with real down, and warms you optimally. Many of the companies have a DownTrack, which means that you can trace the down to its place of origin and wear the jacket with a clear conscience.

Companies like Norrona, Elevenate, and Patagonia are just a few of the common companies. Here, Patagonia is the brand with the most innovative recycled products. Why? Patagonia offers a special repair service. The Patagonia WornWear Truck drives through some places and everyone can have their skiwear repaired, exchanged or recycled here. So you have the possibility to wear your skiwear as long as you have fun with it.


The hardshell jacket is rarely worn solo, because either you wear a down jacket, a warm fleece or an insulation jacket underneath. You can find fleece jackets at Vaude or Schöffel, for example. Ski vests are also practical, as they only insulate where it is most needed. The torso usually cools down faster than the arms.

Very hip again are the ski overalls, for example, from Picture, they offer you in case of a fall the perfect all-round protection from penetrating snow and cold, and also look cool.



One of the most important layers is the base. You should not go on the slopes without functional underwear, because it ensures that you stay warm and dry despite the effort. Many of today's products are made of merino fibers, as they have thermoregulating properties. Ortovox, for example, is equipped with Swisswool and more and more brands are following.

After the functional underwear come the right ski socks, here is a lot to consider, because not all ski socks are the same. At the toes, heel and mostly at the shins, these socks are equipped with special reinforcements, because these areas are particularly stressed in the ski boots. The right size is also important to avoid pressure points.

Falke distinguishes its ski socks with the abbreviation SK and depending on the strength with 1-4, Ortovox offers like CEP compression ski socks. A proper ski sock and you can spend the whole day on the slopes without being plagued by your feet. And if you prefer heated socks, there is a solution here too, because the company Lenz and Therm-IC can fulfill your wish. They ensure that on cold ski days your fun is not slowed down by cold feet, but keep your feet nice and warm, so you can pursue your activity without restriction.


Another important topic are ski gloves, here you can choose between finger and mitten gloves. Depending on whether you prefer it sporty or comfortable. From the companies Ziener, Reusch and Leki we carry a very large assortment, here you will certainly find the right glove. As with the socks, there are also heated versions from Ziener and Lenz.


For your head, it's best to use a ski helmet while skiing, but before and after, caps and headbands are a useful accessory for your perfect styling at après-ski and all other outdoor activities. It's a different story with the scarves, which are a must-have for your ski outfit.


Here Buff can score with different variants. Because you can use a Buff as a scarf, as a ski mask, headband or thin layer under the helmet. There are neckwarmers made of merino or polyester. But not only Buff offers the practical ski fashion, also Picture, Ortovox and Matt are well-known brands and produce very functional Necktubes.


The perfect ski day stands and falls with the right equipment, no matter what kind of winter sportsman you are. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get the right equipment, from your clothing to your skis!