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Climbing Jackets

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Climbing Jackets at Sport Conrad

Whether you're a beginner or a pro: you can climb outside all year round and in almost any weather - provided you have the right clothing and equipment. Depending on whether you prefer bouldering or sport climbing, alpine style climbing or your favorite hobby is ice climbing, a climbing jacket must protect you from wind and cold and sometimes even be waterproof. At Sport Conrad there are numerous climbing jackets for every type of climber and for every style taste.


A climbing jacket must be breathable, so that moisture is kept away from the outside and at the same time your sweat is transported to the outside. This keeps you warm and prevents you from cooling down.

The material of the jacket should be robust - because if you want to wear it not only when belaying, but when climbing, it should be able to withstand light rock or ice contact in any case.

In addition, the jacket must guarantee freedom of movement and not hinder you in your moves. This means that it should be made of slightly stretchy material and not be too tight. It is also important that the climbing jacket is not too loose, otherwise it will slip or snag. It should be cut close to the body.

The jacket must be light and not weigh too much - every gram counts that you have to bring up the climbing route with your own strength.

A hood should also be part of a climbing jacket - there are now many jackets that have helmet-compatible hoods, so you can comfortably wear the hood under or over your climbing helmet. Elastic arm cuffs or adjustable wristbands provide a better fit and prevent the sleeves from sliding up. It also prevents cold air from entering your sleeve. Especially for longer tours, a climbing jacket should be equipped with pockets so that you can, for example, safely store your smartphone, but have it quickly at hand. A pocket for a quick energy bar in between might come in handy, too.

Climbing Jackets: What types are available?

Broadly speaking, there are three types of climbing jackets: softshell, hardshell and insulated. Which jacket is right for you depends on how you practice your favorite sport and what time of year it is.

Softshell Jackets

A softshell jacket is usually comfortable and soft to wear. It is stretchy, close-fitting and breathable. It keeps you both warm and dry. It can be an optimal companion on cooler spring or fall days on the rock. Otherwise a softshell jacket can be great when you climb an alpine multi-pitch in the summer, that is mainly in the shade. Or for your summit break. However, this climbing jacket does not protect you against rain, it is only water repellent. At best, it will keep you dry during a short shower or light rain.

Hardshell Jackets

If you are traveling in unstable weather, going ice climbing or moving in mixed terrain, then you should have a hardshell jacket in your backpack. It offers more protection from uncomfortable weather than a softshell jacket. Hardshell jackets are characterized by their wind and water resistance, for example, thanks to a Gore Tex membrane. This membrane keeps moisture out, but allows your sweat to escape to the outside. This means for you: dry from all sides. Hardshell jackets are usually made of robust material and can withstand encounters with the rocks. The jackets often have ventilation zippers or mesh inserts, so you do not have to take off the jacket when you get warmer.

In addition, they are usually quite light and can be easily stowed. They are also the perfect layer over, for example, a softshell jacket, a fleece sweater or a long-sleeved functional shirt.

Insulation jackets and down jackets

Insulation jackets and down jackets have one main function: to keep you warm. These jackets, with down filling or synthetic fiber filling, are perfect for winter ventures or high mountain adventures.

Down jackets offer a high filling power and therefore an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio. In addition, the jackets can usually be packed very small and easily stowed. The seams of the jackets are taped and prevent the penetration of cold drafts and moisture. But be careful: down jackets are not suitable for wet weather, also the synthetic fiber jackets are usually not waterproof, but only water-repellent and due to their good thermal performance, they are less breathable. However, the synthetic fiber jackets have one advantage: they keep you warm even when wet.

It is advisable to always have a thicker jacket in your backpack, especially when venturing out on cold days or on multi-pitch and alpine tours: even though the jacket may be too warm while climbing, you can put it on when belaying, during longer breaks or even just have it with you as emergency gear.

Perfectly combinable: other climbing jackets

At Sport Conrad you will also find windbreakers, fleece jackets and vests within our climbing jackets category. Windbreakers are thin, usually very light jackets that offer neither great warmth nor protection against moisture - but they do a great job in windy weather and protect your upper body from cold gusts and from the so-called wind chill. Windbreakers are available with or without a hood, just the way you prefer it.

Fleece jackets are suitable both as a midlayer, for example under a hardshell jacket, but also as a top layer when the weather is cold but dry.

If it's not too cold and just a little windy, a vest can be helpful. Or if it would be a little too cold with a longsleeve in the climb, but you still sweat - then it protects you from cooling down. A vest is simply super flexible to use and can be combined with functional shirts, sweaters and jackets at any time.


You might have heard that functional clothing should not be washed. This is not true, you can also wash your hardshell jacket or your down jacket! However, down jackets should not be washed too often, usually an airing out is sufficient. Smaller stains can be removed with gall soap.

In any case, it is important that you always pay attention to the care instructions and specifications of the manufacturer. Then you can't really do anything wrong. Special instructions apply to Gore-Tex jackets, which we explain in detail here.


At Sport Conrad you will find a variety of climbing jackets, in all sizes, made of different materials and for both men and women as well as for children. Of course, many of the jackets you wear for climbing can also be used for other outdoor sports. Just take a look at our offers from Red Chili, Chillaz or Patagonia. But also Mammut, Salewa, Mountain Equipment, Vaude and many other brands offer you a wide selection.