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More Harnesses Facts

Climbing harnesses have different characteristics and come for both men and women. For climbs lasting several hours or even days on the rock, and for the short evening climb inside. But there are a few things to pay attention to! 

Climbing harness – connecting you with the rope

When you go climbing, be it indoors or outdoors, on the glacier or on rocks, when sport climbing or alpine climbing, big-wall climbing or on the via ferrata – you will need a harness. It is the connecting piece between you and your rope, needed to belay you when climbing. A hip belt with two connected leg straps, that is what all harnesses look like. Then they have one or more straps for material. And since there are so many different types of bodies and climbing types, there are also different types of harnesses.

Climbing harness – the different areas of use

Sports climbing: These are relatively light, because you will go up the wall fast! Very often, the leg straps are not adjustable, but still stable thanks to being elastic.

Via Ferrata: There are also special harnesses for doing a Klettersteig. Some are even already connected tightly to the via ferrata set, some are not. These harnesses are especially light and have little or no cushioning. The reason is simple: when on a via ferrate, you tend to avoid falling or sitting in the harness, which is why you do not need cushioning. Also, these harnesses usually only have one material strap because you do not need a load of carabiners.


High mountaineering tours: These harnesses are extremely light and have little or no cushioning. These are used for example when touring on a glacier. And when doing so, you sure want to save weight! They very often also have a separate strap for ice screws.

Big-Wall: Such a harness is super wide and well cushioned. Because it needs to be both comfortable and robust! With such a harness, you can climb several days without taking it off, you will even have it on while sleeping. Why not have such a harness for other climbing types? Because it is so wide that you will rub when walking.

Allround: The allround harness is pretty good for just about anything. Light but not too thin, cushioned but not too thick. Also, they have straps for all material you might possibly want to bring!  

What else do you need when climbing?

The harness is by far not all there is! Depending on the type of climbing, you also need climbing apparel and some additional equipment and gear such as a via ferrata set, a rope, climbing shoes, carabiners and – most importantly – a helmet!

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