The story of Expedition Equipment, or Exped Inc., started in 1983. Founded by Andi and Heidi Brun, the young company, at first, engaged in the representation of renowned outdoor brands. 

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More about Exped

A maximum of nature with minimal effort

Yet, the representation gig was only the beginning of the Zürich based company. Since 1997, Exped has been introducing own outdoor gear into the market. Ever since, the Swiss company has managed to land a plethora of remarkable innovations in the realm of backpacking and beyond, like the first gable-tunnel-tent and the DownMat, a compact and lightweight insulated mat which was born in 2002 and immediately won the European Outdoor Award. Since 2008, Exped also offers lightweight backpacks, convincing their owners with comfort, robustness, and amazing weather protection. Considering this ongoing innovative power, it is no wonder that Exped´s products are offered in 23 different countries.

In a nutshell, Exped´s philosophy expresses the desire to enable people to experience a maximum of nature with minimalistic, yet highly functional equipment. This way, Exped develops high-performance outdoor gear for genuine nature experiences in all kinds of places: the woods, the tropics, high mountains, and demanding waters. Consequently, Exped is your reliable supplier of all things trekking, climbing, hiking, backpacking and globetrotting.

In order to maintain this level, Exped´s employees routinely spend much time outdoors in order to craft optimal equipment, like backpacks and insulated mats, always focusing on the customers´ needs. Applying the maxim “less is more”, equipment is developed with designs and extras, like pads, that are fully crafted to be used in nature. Everything centers around functionality and comfort of the equipment, while using only the most minimalistic of means. Every single detail certainly has its functional purpose.


Sustainability, camaraderie, environmental consciousness

Sustainability, especially, is a key concern for Exped. The products are supposed to last as long as possible. In fact, Exped´s goal is that they can be inherited. In order to reach this rather bold aim, only the best materials and fabrics are used. Additionally, Exped always looks for the most ecological way of production, complies with lables such as bluesign or OEKO-TEX 100, and meets the REACH guidelines of the European Chemicals Regulation. For example, whenever downs are used, Exped meticulously watches the treatment of the animals and that the downs had not been yielded by plucking the animals alive. Furthermore, Exped´s employees control the work conditions of the production partners very regularly on-site in the factories in China, Taiwan, and South Korea. Here, long-term grown and personal relations are at the center of attention. This way, Exped creates and maintains fair working conditions.

Swissness – puzzling and perfecting made in Switzerland

The idea of Swissness, which stands for steady enhancements and perfecting of well established lines, is an important part of Exped´s DNA. Part of this is smart and rather unorthodox accessory. Exped´s range of products includes tents, tarps, mosquito nets, insulation mats, sleeping bags, ponchos, hammocks, backpacks, pack sacks, and trekking poles. In the realm of outdoor sports, Exped is renowned for extremely resistant and high-quality expedition equipment. After all, Exped´s insulation mats and tents are indispensable companions whenever you are trekking, camping, or doing a high mountain tour. Exped´s various tent types cover all your camping needs. A wide range of expedition accessories and useful outdoor items, such as water resistant pack sacks (drybags) and robust bivouac bags, is also available.

Exped may be most famous for smartly crafted sleeping solutions with nifty features. Exped´s sleeping mats unite the characteristics of an insulation mat with those of a protective mat – also, they are lightweight and come in small dimensions. The result is an outstanding heat output of the mats due to the sealed and welded lining with downs or microfibers and a great level of comfort thanks to the inflatable chambers. Always true to Exped´s philosophy of “less is more”.