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P.A.C. combines sustainability with passion for quality and innovation "Made in Germany". Behind the brand is a family-run, medium-sized German company from Schweinfurt with its own production, specializing in textile accessories: head- and neckwear, knitwear as well as functional socks.

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More about P.A.C.

Why is P.A.C. a WIR DENKEN UM brand?

Since its foundation in 2012, P.A.C. has focused on production in Germany and Europe (sock production in Italy) and pursues high quality, social and environmental standards. As a WIR DENKEN UM brand, P.A.C. is characterized primarily by the following points:

- The company is committed to responsibility throughout its supply chain.

- P.A.C. demonstrably promotes fair working conditions. 

- With the P.A.C. Green Factory at its Schweinfurt/Germany site, the company claims to run the most sustainable accessories manufacturing facility in Europe, which has been 100% energy self-sufficient since 2021.  

Protect - act - care

P.A.C. stands for nothing other than Protect - act - care, and the name says it all: In 2012, Lukas Weimann, still managing director today, founded the company with the idea of producing sustainable accessories in premium quality. The company's own manufactory is run in Schweinfurt and has been completely energy self-sufficient since 2021. With over 3,000 square meters, the location offers ample space for the company's own production, office space and a modern warehouse and distribution center. With products "Made in Germany", the brand ensures high quality and social standards and focuses on sustainable aspects such as mulesing-free, partly recycled wool for knitwear or environmentally friendly dyeing of multifunctional scarves. With attention to detail and a lot of passion, the team brings the innovative accessories "from head to toe" to the fashion and outdoor market and aims to become more sustainable with each collection.  

For cleaner oceans

As this slogan already suggests, P.A.C. is extremely active in protecting our oceans. About 8 million tons of garbage that end up in our oceans every year endanger the habitat of many animals. Moreover, this garbage also gets into the animals themselves, as they ingest it when eating. All this led P.A.C., together with its partner SEAQUAL™, to commit to the "Clean Oceans" mission. To achieve this, P.A.C. uses only recycled marine plastic and PET to make its multifunctional wipes. An example of resulting products is the Ocean Upcycling collection.

Highest quality "Made in Germany“

With its own manufacture in Germany, P.A.C. guarantees fair working conditions with a fair wage - and is committed to local production, with the shortest possible transport routes. P.A.C. manages to combine experience and reliability with passion and innovation. The P.A.C. Original multifunctional scarf can rightly be described as a multifunctional must-have. With over 20 years of experience, P.A.C. places special emphasis on the use of high-quality materials in combination with new technologies. For this purpose, the team also "tinkers" with knitting machines themselves, which meet the high quality standards. The technologies and materials used include, for example: Coolmax, Primaloft, 3D pattern, 3M ScotchliteTM Reflective material, Ecorepel, Gore Tex, Anti Insect and Anti Tick, as well as bamboo fibers, merino wool, recycled (marine) plastic. As a member of the Alliance for Sustainable Textiles, P.A.C. is committed to resource-efficient production. Through a combination of social, ecological and economic aspects, such as short distances in logistics, avoidance of individual packaging, own power supply through CHP and photovoltaics and the renunciation of chemicals in the dyeing process, P.A.C. sets an example for environmental protection every day!