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Pre-Configured Skitouring bundles

preconfigured skitouring bundles

The selection of skitouring skis and accessories is huge. A ready-made set with skis,  bindings and skins takes a lot of work off your shoulders when deciding. You can rely on brands that constantly develop their products to offer you the best experience. Find your new touring ski set at Sport Conrad, where everything is guaranteed to fit together. 

preconfigured skitouring bundles
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Skitouring bundles at Sport Conrad

The ideal touring ski set for your ski tour

Ski touring is a demanding sport that depends above all on the right equipment. In addition to the right touring skis, bindings and skins are also crucial. Whether already skitouring pro or beginner, our pre-configured skitouring sets have the advantage that the basic equipment is provided as a complete package and the bindings are already mounted on the touring skis if wanted. As always, the pre-configured skitouring packs also offer you a very good price-performance ratio.

No more searching for the right bindings for your skis! You just choose a set of your choice and we do the rest. In addition to skis and bindings (incl. stoppers), skins are often included. This way you can easily choose a complete touring ski set and save a lot of time for the configuration.

At Sport Conrad we have different skitouring sets for women, men and kids. Find the ideal skitouring set for your ski tours among numerous top brands, such as Atomic, Völkl or Fischer!

Skitouring skis, bindings & Co.

Before you can start your ski tour, you need the right skitouring equipment. But what do you have to look for in a set and which touring skis are ideal for your size? Numerous brands offer you a variety of products that have their own advantages. With our pre-configured sets of skis, bindings and skins you won't go wrong in any case. Bindings, skins and skis are perfectly matched and allow you the ultimate fun and the highest level of safety.

You just have to decide for yourself what kind of skitouring suits you the most and choose your ideal pre-configured bundle. We at Sport Conrad have put together the perfect sets for all different skitouring preferences. Here you can find out what matters if you want to arrive safely at the top of the mountain and have the best possible characteristics on the descent.

The optimal touring ski for your needs

To find the right skitouring skis for you, you should first ask yourself what you value most in your ski tours. If you are more ascent-oriented and want to climb the mountain as relaxed as possible, then narrower and therefore lighter skitouring skis are the right choice. This is also the case when you do on-piste ascents. If your focus is on downhill and powder skiing, you should go for wider skitouring skis, which then are also a bit heavier.

It is also important that you consider ski construction and the length of your skis. Therfore we recommend to pay a visit to our ski length guide. Advanced ski-tourers have different requirements than beginners. For even more information about what you should consider when chosing the right touring skis, feel free to visit our skitouring guide!

More safety with the right bindings

Of course, ski touring also depends on the right bindings. For a successful skitour, the interaction between boots and binding is particularly important. Above all, the bindings  must guarantee a reliable release. If the bindings of your skitouring skis is too sensitive and releases too early under impacts, you will quickly lose the fun on your ski tour. To avoid injuries, it is also important that it does not react too late when you fall.

Whether you choose pin bindings or classic frame bindings depends primarily on your favorite skitouring experience. If you want to get up the mountain with your touring skis as relaxed as possible, the lighter pin binding has greater advantages.
For a good all-round experience, on the other hand, the classic frame bindings are ideal.

With our skitouring sets we have already selected the right bindings for your skis. If you have chosen a set, we will pre-assemble the bindings on request and deliver your touring skis almost ready for use (we cannot do the safety -DIN- adjustments of the bindings!) and conveniently to your home.

Skins for the perfect ascent

In order to reach the summit at all on your ski-tour, you need skins. These are attached under your touring skis and ensure that you don't constantly slip away during the ascent and can glide forward evenly. That's why Sport Conrad also offers you touring ski sets from top brands including skins. If you are still unsure about your choice of skitouring equipment, you can also opt for a set without skins and find an individual skin for your set on our page especially for climbing skins.

The right equipment for your ski touring experience

Once you have found the right skitouring set, the right clothing and additional equipment is of course important for a successful ski tour. Since you can quickly break a sweat on the ascent, but have to deal with a lot of wind on the descent, the onion principle is ideal for your ski tour. Different layers protect your body not only from overheating, but also from cooling down.

Which products from which brand are suitable for you, you can discover under skitouring apparel. In addition, you will also find suitable touring backpacks, poles, helmets and avalanche equipment at Sport Conrad, so that you can safely reach the summit with your skitouring set and then arrive back in the valley in good health.

Cost-effective & Time-saving: Complete Skitouring Sets

A skitouring ski set offers you a cost-effective and time-saving option when you want to equip yourself for a skitour. We at Sport Conrad offer you various skitouring sets from top brands for women, men and children and different skill levels. The sets are professionally pre-assembled by us on request. Pre-configured skitouring sets save you time and nerves by taking away the tedious research work for your decision. Find your perfect touring ski set with us and start with the optimal equipment for your next winter adventure!