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Leki produces in Europe

and recycles in Europe. They pay special attention to a sustainable recycling process. With the company SIC Processing, Leki was able to gain a professional partner who has the necessary know-how and experience to break down used poles into their components in order to return them to the recycling cycles.


HIGH-END Products

We work passionately to create durable products with exceptional value. It is our premise to combine high-end performance with safety and comfort. We consult experts and professional athletes during the development process to ensure LEKI's unique quality level. More than 250 patents are proof of LEKI's level of innovation and quality.

Manufactured in Europe

The majority of the products are manufactured in our own factories in the Czech Republic. The biggest advantages of the European location are the local supply chain and fast shipping. This eliminates long delivery routes and LEKI can control the entire supply chain down to the smallest detail.

Production standards

For many years LEKI has been investing in the most modern production facilities with the best available technology and energy efficiency. LEKI has the highest standards in terms of health and safety for its employees and the environmental impact of production.

Service and repair

With a worldwide network of specialized service centers, products can be repaired and reconditioned after years of wear and tear. Part of LEKI-DNA are reliable and durable products. LEKI guarantees that spare parts are available for all products for at least 10 years.

Recycling process

The sticks are first crushed. A screening machine then filters out the steel and aluminium components. What remains are residues of carbon, plastic and cork. The metal residues are separated into aluminium and steel components by eddy current and magnetic separation. The sorting residue from the shredded carbon and the shredded plastics is separated by a multi-stage floating / sinking separation process.

From old to new

STAHL ➡️  Attachments, springs, screws
CARBON ➡️ Pipe
PLASTIC ➡️ Handles, loops, foam

At the end of this special process, an end-of-life product is transformed back into pure metals, which are used in the production of aluminium or steel by melting them down. The plastic components are used as substitute fuels, e.g. in cement works. Valuable alloying elements are produced from the carbon components, which are added to the melt during steel production.

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