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LEKI Sustainability

Sustainability at LEKI

As is so often the case in the sports and outdoor industry, the story of the German poles and glove specialist LEKI began with the idea that there could be a better way. The enthusiastic skier Karl Lenhart was dissatisfied with the ski poles that were on the market in the 1960s and decided to experiment in his own turnery. The cornerstone for an internationally successful company based in Kirchheim/Teck was laid. Today, LEKI is one of the top brands in the sports of alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, ski touring, hiking and trail running.

Development continues to take place at the company's headquarters in Kirchheim/Teck, Swabia, but since 2000 production has been carried out exclusively at the company's own production facility in Tachov, Czech Republic. The largest pole factory in the world is located here, which produces LEKI poles in an environmentally friendly manner using the most modern processes.



The big advantage of production in Europe: Long supply chains and complicated procurement channels are no longer necessary. In its own factory in Tachov, LEKI has all processes under control and can guarantee customers transparency down to the smallest detail. In order to save energy, LEKI uses the process heat that occurs and uses it to heat the production areas.


By installing intelligent filter systems, the thermal energy from the exhaust air is fed into the newly sucked-in air. This saves up to 50 percent energy in the cold season. Attention is also paid to efficiency in chemical processes: In processes that still require the use of solvents, these are collected, processed and can later be used for cleaning purposes.

Further energy saving measures were implemented at the headquarters in Kirchheim/Teck: Both the photovoltaic systems and the lighting were awarded the KEFF energy efficiency label by the IHK Stuttgart. The PV systems even produce an energy surplus, i.e. they feed the electricity generated from solar energy into the local grid.

The foundation of sustainability: Durable and repairable products

LEKI products are the result of collaboration between experienced product developers and professional athletes. The result is functional, high-quality and durable products that stand the test of everyday use. However, should something break, LEKI offers a repair service. Minor repairs can be carried out at the LEKI Service Centres in our shops - just drop in at one of our three shops in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Penzberg or Wielenbach. Spare parts for LEKI products are available for up to 10 years after purchase.

Why does LEKI focus so much on repairs? Because, according to LEKI, it is "the right thing to do".

Social responsibility

For many years, LEKI has supported the High Five Foundation, which helps mountaineers rehabilitate after life-changing injuries. The family-owned brand is also involved in local charities.


Since 2018, Sport Conrad has been labelling companies that produce in an ecologically and socially fair way, whose products conserve resources and reach us via short delivery routes. The repairability of the products also plays a role in the assessment. LEKI meets our WIR DENKEN UM criteria and is therefore one of our WDU brands. You can find out how the allocation process works in detail here.

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