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Roller Skis

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Roller Skis at Sport Conrad

Cross-country skiing is only possible in winter and in summer you have to forego training? Wrong! Thanks to special ski rollers, cross-country summer training can simply take place on the asphalt. The roller skis replace your cross-country skis in the warm months and ensure that you can improve your technique and keep fit even without snow. If you're curious and want to give roller skiing a try, you'll find a wide range of models at Sport Conrad!

What is a roller ski?

Let's clarify the most important question first: what are roller skis anyway? Simply put, roller skis are cross-country skis for the summer. With them, outdoor athletes can continue their cross-country training all year round. After all, cross-country skiing is one of the healthiest sports as it combines conditioning, muscle training and coordination. Compared to jogging, roller skiing also works the arm and upper body muscles while protecting the joints. The best thing about roller skiing: the workout can take place right outside your front door, because roller skis are used on the street. Special cross models can even be used on somewhat uneven terrain, such as park and forest paths.

How is a roller ski built?

A roller ski consists of a frame and two rollers. One roller sits at the front and the second at the rear end of the frame. The rollers are made of solid rubber and provide perfect grip on the surface as well as damping. The frame is made of either durable aluminum or wood. But there are also models made of carbon, which makes them particularly light. The length of the frame is about as long as two shoe lengths, so about 600 to 700mm, depending on the size. Thus, the summer variant is significantly shorter than your cross-country skis.

The difference between roller skis and inline skates

At first glance, it may seem to you that roller skiing is just another name for inline skating. However, there are big differences between the two sports.

The most obvious difference is probably that in roller skiing you also use ski poles with special roller ski tips. So the motion sequence is actually the same as cross-country skiing and your arm muscles are trained.

Beyond that, however, the biggest difference is the binding. While you sit in a fixed shoe when inline skating and lift this shoe together with the rollers with every movement, you wear your cross-country skiing shoes when roller skiing. Thanks to the cross-country binding used, these are not attached to the roller ski with the entire sole, but have a loose heel. This makes you feel like you're on the cross-country ski trail, because it ensures a very ski-like running feel.

Another difference to inline skating is how you brake. And that may need some practice as performing it on wheels is challenging at first! The remedy here are special ski roller brakes, which can be purchased additionally. They are the easiest and safest way to stop with ski rollers.

Classic or skating?

Depending on the model, you can either skate with the roller skis or ski in classic style. Some models even allow both techniques. Which style you choose depends on your personal preference.

If you prefer classic style and appreciate a stable ride, classic roller skis are the right choice for you. In order to not roll back in classic style, classic roller skis have a so-called backstop. In addition, the roller width is slightly thicker than with skating models.

You like it fast and are an advanced skater? Then you should opt for a skating model. These are slightly shorter and have narrower wheels.

The selection at Sport Conrad

Basically, anyone who enjoys cross-country skiing will also enjoy roller skiing. No matter if you are a beginner, advanced or even a professional. And thanks to special junior models, even the offspring can continue cross-country skiing training in the summer.

On the Sport Conrad website you will find a wide range of products from different manufacturers such as SRBFischer and Swix. Depending on the athlete's weight and experience, you will find the right size to dive into the world of roller skiing. Moreover, you can get additional accessories from us: from bindings and spare wheels to clothing and poles. Nothing stands in the way of a sporty summer!