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More about bike apparel

The times of old lycras are over, get rid of the worn-out spandex panties! Or do you think about the cord pants suits also for your after-work trail rides? Well, we can agree on the style factor! Seriously – the right cycling clothing and matching fabrics ensure a lot more fun on the bike!

The fabric of modern bike jerseys, jerseys, and pants offers a variety of features that guarantee your performance on the bike. Don't ever go without safety again! The weight as well as the ventilation of the bike helmets are so optimized that you almost forget that you have a helmet on your head at all. 

You like to ride on hidden and overgrown trails? With durable cycling gloves, you have everything under control and your hands are grateful! Or would you like to get a pair of bike shoes for optimal contact with the pedal? Then you've come to the right place!

From head to toe – from helmet to shoe, in the category bike apparel you will find everything that has been developed and tested for use on the bike. With manufacturers like Gore, Vaude, Scott or Triple2, we have on board partners who supply our shop with high-quality and sustainably produced products.

Use our filters men, women, or kids to quickly get an overview, or simply search directly for your area of use.

With this category guide, we provide you with a quick overview of our bike clothing categories, tell you what's important and are there to help and advise you!

Categorie Bike Apparel


Here you will find all jackets that offer protection as a top layer against wind, moisture but also cold. In addition to classic close-fitting jackets for disciplines where the lowest possible air resistance is important, we also have jackets for use on the mountain bike or for daily commuting. These jackets have a technical cut that does not form annoying folds on the front and belly pockets in the riding position.


Looking for a back-up for crisp temperatures or upcoming wind? Then you'll definitely find something here! Cycling vests offer you flexibility and benefits when your jersey is too thin or your jacket is too warm. They can be quickly taken out of the jersey pocket or backpack and stowed again.


Here you can find everything from short- to long-sleeved jerseys, whether tight-fitting or loose casual. Cycling jerseys provide optimal moisture wicking and also offer reliable UV protection. With the filter "function" you will get exactly the jerseys that match your needs.

Cycling pants

Whether you're cranking out miles on a gravel bike or an enduro, the right cycling shorts will ensure maximum performance. Padded shorts with and without straps distribute pressure on the sit bones and reduce friction. Combined with a seat cream, you'll stay fresh in the saddle all day.

Shorts and mountain bike pants not only look damn good, but protect you from one or the other contact in stone fields and on overgrown trails.

Color-code? Forrest-Green!

Cycling underwear
Here you will find a selection of various functional shirts, sports bras and cycling underwear. But also functional undershirts with moisture-wicking properties that you can pull under your cycling jersey. Shirts with merino wool are especially suitable for the cold and damp season. Their fabric is antibacterial, quick-drying and provides optimal temperature regulation.

Cycling gloves
Provide grip, comfort, and contact with the bike – cycling gloves. Whether on a road bike, gravel bike or mountain bike, they protect your hands and prevent pressure points and calluses. Especially on long tours, cycling gloves with gel or padding inserts distribute the pressure on the heel of the hand and reduce vibrations. But also on the enduro bike, they are indispensable companions for unplanned ground tests. With the filter “Function” you can easily search for the features of the cycling gloves.

Caps & Headbands
The small but nice accessories – caps and headbands. When others are already scratching ice, they make sure that your ears don't freeze off while you're biking. In this category you will find all the caps and headbands that you can put under your bike helmet. From Gore-Tex Infinium lining to Merino wool, here you will find everything for the protection around the ears.

Bike socks
You are equipped with bike, helmet, and shoes? Then you definitely need the right bike socks. They ensure that you get a comfortable shoe climate and no unpleasant friction arises.

Arms & leg warmers
The backup for cold and windy rides. Arms & leg warmers are the handy essentials that can be quickly taken off and put on during the ride and keep your muscle groups optimally warm.

Which clothing cut is perfect for biking?

This question can hardly be answered in a general way. Rather, it depends on your specific discipline. Are you riding a road bike and do aerodynamics matter, or are you at home on trails?

In addition to low aerodynamic resistance, tailored cycling clothing also has the advantage that it fulfills its function to the fullest extent. Especially garments like functional shirts or jerseys, which provide optimal temperature and moisture regulation, only fulfill their full purpose with a perfect fit. Their microstructures only expand the skin surface with contact and thus promote perspiration.

Cycling bib shorts or cycling underpants offer a compression effect with their fit, which improves blood circulation in the relevant muscle groups such as hamstrings and hip extensors to reduce fatigue. In addition, this is the only way the seat pad stays in place.

In the enduro or downhill segment, loose jerseys and pants with a technical cut are the right choice! The baggy biker look is outdated! This clothing offers enough space for protectors, but does not reduce freedom of movement. Long mountain bike pants provide additional protection through smart material combinations such as with Kevlar, especially in the area of the knees and shins. You are planning a bike vacation or are on a multi-day tour? Then reach for jerseys with merino wool or shirts with antibacterial fabric coatings, your companions, or companions will be grateful to you!

In summary, we can recommend: As tight as possible, for all cycling where aerodynamics and permanent wattage are predominant. As wide as necessary, for all downhill disciplines where protectors are worn under the clothing.

Clothing blueprints

Don't worry! We won't force you into skin-tight bib shorts unless you want to! However, if you like to be a little more casual with your gravel bike, just go for shorts. The same goes for all mountain bikers!

We've created two more detailed gear lists here that will get you through the season in the best possible way from spring to fall.

Road, Gravel & Cross-Coutry - Fit: Tight fit

• Rain jacket: Backup for weather, can be stowed in the jersey pocket.
• Wind vest: Backup for descents after passes, stowable in jersey pocket
• Short & long sleeve jersey: Quick drying, with jersey pockets
• Functional shirt: Warming or cooling properties, optionally with wind stopper
• Padded/bib shorts: Quick-drying, thick or thin padding
• Gloves: Long- or short-fingered, optionally with thermal properties
• Headband: Quick-drying, optionally with Windstopper
• Arm- & leg warmers: Long or short version, quick drying and windstopper
• Socks: Quick-drying, short or long version

Trailbike & Enduro - Fit: Technical
• Rain jacket: Helmet compatible hood, pocket for lift ticket
• Wind vest: Stowable in hip bag
• Short & long sleeve jersey: Quick drying
• Functional shirt: Close-fitting, optionally with wind stopper
• Cycling underpants with pad: Quick-drying, with or without straps
• Short and long MTB pants: Optionally water-repellent
• Gloves: Long-fingered, optionally heat-insulating
• Socks: Quick drying, long version

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