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Uphill Performance Touring skis

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Uphill performance skitouring skis at Sport Conrad

Ski touring is becoming more and more popular as a winter sport.During a ski tour you can explore the mountain landscape with all its facets and enjoy snowy views. find your ideal companion
for this endurance sport in the mountains online here at Sport Conrad. Find out now which touring skis are best suited for you when your focus is on the ascent.

Beginner, advanced skier or expert - what is your level?

When buying skitouring skis, you should consider three important points:

1.) what is your personal preference
2.) how good is your skiing technique, and
3.) what is your physical condition?

Without a lift or the use of other motor-driven aids as in alpine skiing, climbing a mountain becomes a sweaty sport pretty quickly. But the effort is also rewarded with a lot of fun and breathtaking landscapes.

Unlike normal walking, the technique of walking on touring skis is to push the skis forward without releasing them from the ground. So that your outdoor ski tours can succeed as easily as possible uphill, particularly light and therefore maneuverable skis are being recommended. But you should also know that the downhill quality decreases the lighter your ski becomes. So if you are not yet confident in the terrain on skitouring skis and the walking technique, you should rather choose a little wider and of medium weight skis, so that you can return to the valley as easily and safely as possible.

Lightweight skis for optimized uphill performance

For ascent-oriented and experienced ski tourers, a classic touring ski is always a good choice. These are relatively light and have only a narrow width of up to 82mm under the binding. The classic skitouring skis are therefore easier to move, especially in steep terrain conditions, and the kick-turn technique, where you use the skis like a windshield wiper, becomes less complicated. However, with these skis you have to make some sacrifices in the downhill quality on the slopes.

Lightweight skitouring skis offer somewhat less smoothness and edge stability on the descent and generally prove more complicated on the slopes. For these skis you should be at least an advanced skier and have a very good skitouring technique. Especially for demanding, long day or multi-day tours, the classic touring skis from Dynafit, Trab,K2, Völkl, Salomon, Kohla or Movement, for example, are very well suited.

A good compromise for beginners – Allround-Skis

The Allround touring skis are the perfect compromise between easy ascent and good downhill performance for your tour. Since the touring skis in this category are slightly wider, you have more lift in deep snow and thus also advantages in steep terrain. These are also always a good choice if you are not yet so experienced in ski-touring. The still comparatively light weight promises you easy ski touring and the slightly wider cut under the binding guarantees you good skiing characteristics and lots of fun during your descent.
Still, you'll need to expend more effort on both the ascent and the descent in contrast to skis designed specifically for downhill or uphill touring. Among the favorites of all-round touring skis for are especially the brands Völkl, Atomic, K2 and Fischer.

The right length of your skis

For ideal skiing fun, however, you should also consider the length of your skis. The shorter your ski, the more maneuverable it becomes, which has many advantages, especially in difficult conditions and in steeper terrain. However, you will have to make small sacrifices in the downhill characteristics on the slopes, since short skis tend to offer less stability and edge grip and also have less lift in deep snow. Longer skis offer you a much sportier feeling, but are also much more demanding in terms of technique and strength for the ascent.

Short and agile on demanding terrain

Short skitouring skis that only go up to your chest are particularly advantageous for longer day tours. They are already very light due to their length and can be steered easily and uncomplicatedly in curves. Especially for the steeper phases in the terrain on your ski tour in the mountains, the technical relief is noticeable. Touring skis from Dynafit, Black Crows or Blizzard are also an ideal choice for relaxed ascents on longer and more demanding tours in the snow.

Longer skis for ideal ange Ski for ideal floating chracteristics

For more performance when skiing downhill in the snow, longer skis that go up to your nose or even match your height are optimal. They have more uplift, especially in deep snow, because your weight is distributed more, so these skis allow you to glide smoothly through the terrain. However, the ascent with long touring skis is much more complicated and you should have good stamina and a lot of strength and master the right technique to arrive at the top of the mountain, especially on longer and more demanding ascents in the snow.

The perfect ski for the new trend: skitouring

Whether a short ski tour as a beginner with all-round touring skis or long and demanding, several day tour for advanced skiers and experts - you are guaranteed to find the right ski with us. The numerous top brands offer you not only the best functions, but also different modern designs, so that you become a real eye-catcher in the snow, not only with your skiing skills.


However, if you are a more downhill-oriented skier, we also have touring skis with features specifically for freeride touring. For your perfect ski tours, you should also be sure to get climbing skins  that allow you to ascend. Convince yourself of our versatile selection and find your perfect ski for the next tour to the summit!