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Alpine Skiing Socks


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More Ski sock facts

In order for you to enjoy a perfect day on the slopes, besides ski jackets and ski pants, ski socks play a crucial role as well. 

After all, fitting ski socks make for a pleasant feet climate and a great wearing comfort – no matter if you are skiing, ski touring, or cross-country skiing. Winter sports can be quite exhausting. This is why ski socks are supposed to quickly transport moisture to the outside, so that your feet remain dry and warm. 

Ski socks with special reinforcements

To offer best possible comfort, your ski socks should feel like a second skin. To avoid a displeasing slipping of the socks within your boots, which might lead to wrinkles or even worse, blisters on your feet, your ski socks should definitely have the right size, meaning that they should neither be too long nor too wide. 

Concerning the toes, heel, and oftentimes the shins, these socks are equipped with special reinforcements. After all, these areas are especially stressed in ski boots.

Without some high-class ski socks, even the best ski boot is not comfortable. Many ski socks even feature a light compression function. This compression makes for an improved blood circulation and is thus responsible for an increased supply of nutrients in your legs. 

This leads to a reduction of the muscles´ hyperacidity, minimizing or even erasing the risk of sore muscles. 

Functional merino-wool-mixture provides high comfort for your feet

The majority of our ski socks brands, such as CEP, Falke, Icebreaker, Ortovox, and Stance, all have opted for a highly functional and sturdy mixture of materials, consisting of merino wool and synthetic fibers. Merino wool, contrary to other materials, has many advantages which also come into play concerning ski socks. 

So, this merino and synthetic fiber mixture guarantees an excellent breathability and great durability, warmth and a first-class moisture management. Furthermore, merino wool repels odors and keeps you warm, even when wet.

For those who like it especially warm, the brands Lenz and Therm-ic offer special functional socks featuring an incorporated, non-perceptible heating element. This provides a pleasant warmth all across the foot for up to 14 hours. Of course, the overall style is also a crucial element.  

Considering our huge range of functional ski socks from multiple manufacturers, you are guaranteed to find the item you´re looking for. Ski socks truly make your equipment complete. Enjoy your ski days without any worries, but with warm and dry feet!