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More about cycling shoes

“No hoof, no horse!” Whether on an enduro, gravel- or road bike and regardless of electric assistance, the right cycling shoes provide power transmission and comfort. From shoes for flat pedals, with soft and cushioning sole to stiff carbon midsoles for clipless pedals, cycling shoes are developed in a variety of variations and for different uses and seasons.

With this category guide, we help you find the perfect cycling shoes for your rides. Get rid of tired feet and legs!

It's the sole that counts!

In fact, the structure of the midsole and the compatibility with clipless pedals define the characteristics of a cycling shoe. In disciplines that benefit from forward momentum and direct power transmission, shoes with a stiff midsole offer decisive advantages. In contrast, a softer composition of the midsole provides good damping effects and is ideal for enduro, relaxed trail rides or laps in the bike park.

Click-compatible mountain bike shoes with 2-point mounting for cross-country and gravel use provide with a coarse outsole for a firm grip on not rideable passages or the last summit climb. The open profile at the ball of the foot promotes self-cleaning and ensures that the cleats remain free and can engage in the pedal cage. Should you not feel comfortable clicked, there are alternatively shoe models that are suitable for flat pedals.

Road bike shoes have, in addition to very stiff, smooth outsoles and midsoles, the distinctive feature of a 3-point mounting standard. This contact solution results from a thinner and lighter sole design compared to mountain bike variants. The force distribution takes place in combination with cleat and pedal on a significantly larger area.

Spring, summer, fall, and winter…

If you pedal not only in pleasant weather conditions and a friendly 21 degrees, you will quickly notice that the airy light shoes quickly lead to cold feet. For rain and bad weather, go for a backup! There is a choice of a second pair of cycling shoes that are waterproof or overshoes, which provide the necessary protection if necessary. Just use the “waterproof” filter, or take a look at the subcategory “overshoes”.

For winter conditions, proper “winter bike shoes” are recommended. In addition to stronger lining and welded seams, these models have an insulated sole. This prevents, in contrast to conventional bike shoes with click system, a cold bridge to the pedal.

Fit like a glove?

To be able to crank properly kilometers, cycling shoes must fit perfectly. To do this, the size should fit on the one hand and the last width of the shoe on the other. When choosing a size, take a look at the manufacturer's size chart. You will find this linked to the individual shoe. If you know your foot length in centimeters, you can match it directly with the appropriate sole length. If your foot length directly matches the sole length, take the larger model!

The only way to find the right last width is to take a try on. To avoid returns and to help you with your purchase, we have provided an overview here.

Once you have picked a pair to be tried on, make sure that the shoe fits snugly. Take one or two steps with the shoe and check whether your heel and forefoot have a firm and stable hold in the shoe. The lacing can still remain open.

Fun on the bike in any weather!

Shoelaces, Velcro fastener or Boa system?

The most obvious advantage is offered by the Boa system. Through the twist lock you can regulate the shoe width on the fly and thus provide relaxation during longer descents. In addition, of course, it is easier to put on and take off. Some shoes are equipped with a Boa closure at the instep and have a Velcro closure in the area of the metatarsophalangeal joint. This allows the shoe to be better adjusted at points.

Bike shoes with or without click system?

This decision is entirely up to you! Do you feel comfortable in what feels like a fixed connection with your bike or do you prefer to stand on the pedals untethered. Basically, this is pure habit and can be learned quickly.

Bike shoes without click systems offer the advantage of quickly taking your foot off the pedal and being more suitable for everyday use. But if you are looking for maximum performance on the pedals, there is almost no way around click shoes. The direct connection of shoe to pedal gives you not only a round pedaling feel on the road bike, but also on the gravel bike or hardtail in rough terrain or on technical uphills.

Click systems prove their advantages on trails with fast strokes and heels. Pedal kickbacks due to compression and rebound of the rear end no longer affect the foot position. This means you always have an optimal position on the pedals. Do not worry in case of a crash, the resulting rotational movement of the foot almost always releases the connection to the pedal.

In the name of sustainability

For the love of the environment, we always want to be as transparent as possible with the topic of sustainability in our product selection. Therefore, you can filter cycling shoes according to different values.

Recycled: Vaude articles with the "Recycled" label consist proportionately of recycled PET plastic bottles. These are collected, cleaned and then melted down. This saves resources and energy.


Wir denken um: With our own created label “Wir denken um” we distinguish innovative, environmentally friendly and fairly produced products and brands. The aim is to highlight more sustainable alternatives compared to conventionally produced products.

Climate neutral: Products that are classified as climate neutral undergo a comprehensive analysis of all emissions. Resource consumption and the associated emissions are to be reduced to a minimum. In addition, renewable raw materials or recycled Fabrics are used in the manufacture of the products. Emissions that cannot be avoided are to be offset with the help of certified climate protection projects.

Cycling shoes at Sport Conrad

In our store you will find cycling shoes from brands like Northwave, Five Ten, Vaude, Scott and many more. If you have any questions, just use the contact form. Our support will be happy to help you!