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Inline-Skates & Scooter at Sport Conrad

Those who like to be on the ice on skates in the winter can replace their skates with inline skates on wheels in spring and summer. But inline skating is not only for professionals, but also for families. The right equipment is available at our stores. Discover wide range of inline skates and more at Sport Conrad!

Inline-Skating: a sports trend for beginners and professionals

Whether men, women or children, inline skating is a trend sport for young and old. Modeled after the original roller skates or roller blades, inline skates today are evolving and are not only extremely easy on the joints, but also real sporty eye-catchers. The selection of inline skates is virtually limitless. Different manufacturers offer different products for beginners and professionals.
When buying inline skates, skill and area of use are the main factors. For beginners who just want to get out in the fresh air and skate relaxed in the park or in the city, fitness skates and leisure time inliners are sufficient. Advanced skaters who want to skate at an appropriate speed are more likely to choose touring or speed skates. For freestylers, who demonstrate their skills in skate parks, there are special aggressive inliners, which are more robust and have smaller, maneuverable wheels. Whatever style you choose, inline skating gives you a feeling of freedom and boundlessness.

Inline Skating: all about the right equipment

Anyone who wants to take off on inline skates needs one thing above all: the right equipment. In addition to the right inline skate, it also depends on the appropriate accessories. When inline skating, high speeds can be reached quickly and especially beginners are not immune to falling. High-quality protectors, helmets and accessories such as brake pads and rollers ensure the appropriate safety.

High quality inline skates

The best inline skates are characterized by enough flexibility and comfort. Inline skates must be the right size and not too tight or even too big. Thanks to innovative closure systems, the inline skates can not only be put on, or taken off quickly and easily, the combination of lacing and buckles also provides a lot of stability and secure hold. A stable rail made of aluminum ensures optimal power transmission between the shoe and rollers, a soft padding of the inline skates guarantees the necessary comfort. Functional, breathable and lightweight materials additionally improve the wearing comfort.
However, the optimal size is also particularly important. The anatomy of men and women is very different. Women, for example, usually have a narrower foot, which is why the models for ladies also have a footbed adapted accordingly. For children, size-adjustable inline skates prove to be advantageous, as these can be worn over several seasons by adjusting the current shoe size.

Find your perfectly fitting helmet for more safety while skating

Since falls can also occur when skating on inline skates, the right protection is essential for children and adults. As with the inline skate itself, the ideal fit is also important for the helmet. However, with the help of an adjustment system, each helmet can be optimally adapted to the individual head shape. But also the optics play an important role when chosing a helmet. The selection of helmets in the Sport Conrad online store offers the perfect combination of function, performance and design.
But our helmets don't just cut a fine figure for inline skating - all products have been awarded the bicycle helmet certificate and can therefore also be used for other sports as well.

Protectors, Brakes & more

For even more safety, protectors, brake blocks and wheels have to be chosen according to ones own skills. High-quality protectors made of modern plastic materials prevent injuries and bruises to the wrist, elbow and knee in the event of a fall. The caps are made of hard, robust materials and thus provide optimum protection against impact or abrasion. On their inside the protectors provide breathable and soft mesh padding for a comfortable feel. With the help of simple closures, the protective caps can be ideally adjusted to the respective size.
In our range you will also find different brake pads and wheels for your inline skates. Whether 3- or 4-wheel inline skates, we have the right set for each model. Depending on your skills, there are wheels with a larger diameter and more hardness for advanced speed inliners or smaller wheels for relaxed skating.

Scooters for kids and adults

In addition to various inline skates, our range also includes stylish scooters for beginners and professionals. With the help of a simple folding mechanism, quick unfolding and folding without additional tools is guaranteed. The non-slip and durable rubber profile on the handlebar provides additional grip. In addition, the size of the scooters is adjustable, which allows the scooter to be individually adjusted to the respective drivers.


Inline-Skates & more by leading brands at Sport Conrad

A feeling of lightness and freedom on a scooter or inline skate or the right equipment for inline skating, you get the right items in our online store. Inline skates from brands like K2, Rollerblade or Fila, high-quality wheels, brake blocks or protectors - our range of inline skates and accessories offers everything a skater's heart desires. Optimal support, excellent performance and stylish design are guaranteed. Find helmets, protectors and more to match your inline skate at Sport Conrad!