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Two Mountaineers in Mammut gear help each other out. In the background, a rocky landscape.

High-performance apparel for hiking, climbing, skiing and urban outings. The Swiss premium brand Mammut meets high standards of quality and sustainability.

Two Mountaineers in Mammut gear help each other out. In the background, a rocky landscape.

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More about Mammut

Why is Mammut a WIR DENKEN UM brand?

With its “We care” philosophy, the Swiss brand is committed to the environment and society and advocates against a throwaway mentality. As a WIR DENKEN UM brand, Mammut stands out in the following ways:

- The company is committed to accountability throughout the supply chain
- It promotes fair working conditions
- Mammut is pursuing an ambitious climate strategy with the goal of net zero by 2050

Mammut: Preserve beauty

The Swiss brand has a strong urge to preserve what is worth preserving and improve what is not yet perfect. For this reason, Mammut launched the “We Care” strategy in 2018, which focuses on clean production, animal welfare, a reduction in the environmental footprint and fair production by 2025: “Protect the environment and establish a circular economy model that reduces wasting of water, textiles and other valuable materials to a minimum and simultaneously enhances the craftsmanship, durability and performance of our products.” Progress to date: 43 % of all cotton articles are of certified organic quality and 58 % of all apparel products are bluesign PRODUCT certified. Only certified or recycled down is used for insulation products. In addition, Mammut seeks to reduce emissions – all of the data relevant to greenhouse gases was collected to record the ecological footprint as a basis.


Climbing ropes were the origin product of the company, which was founded in Switzerland in year 1862. As of today, many subsidiaries from all around the globe have been attained to provide alpinists and climbers with the best possible clothing, gear and safety equipment. Through functionality and quality, the Swiss perfection is demonstrated in all products, which support devoted sportsmen all over. As of this, a new record was set for the time hiking the Nordwand of the Matterhorn!

Power is not only shown through the logo, but also thorugh the high quality products. Starting in the very first years of the company, when founder Kaspar Tanner was still braiding his ropes on the streets, these already had to be able to last in all weather conditions. Since then, the company has transformed into a worldwide known and well recognized brand. Throughout the years, many innovations in the area of climbing ropes have been developed. As for example the very first glacier ropes made of nylon. Due to these, Mammut has attained several awards. But since not only ropes, but also all other equipment is essential when being in the mountains, Mammut has carried out several acquisitions which enable them to support mountaineers with all other outdoor equipment needed. Next to outdoor apparel, jackets and pants for climbing, hiking, skiing, running and backcountry touring, climbing gear as well as safety equipment is produced. Helmets and harnesses, slings, carabiners and other climbing tools, as well as tracker beacons and backpacks, probes and shovels are part of the range of products.


What could be more important in the mountains than being safe? Nothing really. This is why Mammut is investing continuously into new technologies and functionality. “When time is your enemy, fast is your friend”, this is what Mammut’s avalanche tracker beacon Barryvox commit to.

Barryvox was initially developed in 1868 and since then, its technology has been improved and revised throughout the years in order to achieve the easiest and fastest possible way of handling, as well as faultless reliability. Mammut is also putting much effort into the further development of its airbag backpacks. Using the Mammut Airbag Technology 3.0, the airbags have become noticeably lighter and offer more protection than before. Wanting to use your backpack not only in the powder, but also for climbing, hiking or any other sport?

No problem at all! The airbag system can easily be removed. It can also be installed in any other compatible Mammut Backpack. As of this, you will be able to use the same airbag for all your adventures: whether you are going on a day tour with your 15 liter backpack, or touring the mountains for several days, needing up to 45 liters of storage space. In cooperation with the most ambitious athletes in the world, Mammut is testing and designing products to meet all demands: The Mammut Eiger Extreme collection offers the perfect product system for high alpine expeditions, ski tours and ice climbing. Part of it are jackets, pants and accessories of highest quality. As for example the Eigerjoch Advanced IN Hooded Jacket or the Ultimate Eisfeld SO Hooded Jacket, which guarantee great design and functionality.

The very high safety standards and testing regulations do not only ensure best quality, but also trust. Throughout the years, many victories were therefore made possible. Because not only the regular sportsman relies on Mammut equipment, also the top of the league, professional athletes put their trust in the brand. Athletes from the areas of climbing, mountaineering, trail running and freeriding have become part of the Mammut Pro Team, which supports them in their athletic careers. As of this, impressive ascents and new record times have been set on the world’s most demanding mountains. Caro North, who is part of the Mammut Pro Team Alpine, has visited the most spectacular places in Patagoina, Armenia and India and has oftentimes been the very first to climb the routes. Also in the area of freeriding, several world championship medals have been attained! Mammut does not only view itself as being responsible to provide athletes with their safety equipment, but also to achieve more social responsibility and fairness. The brand is therefore part of the Fair Wear Foundation, an organization advocating fair work regulations in the textile industry.