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Grödel at Sport Conrad

Winter is just around the corner and although the days are getting shorter, most outdoor enthusiasts are looking forward to enjoying activities in the snow. Of course, winter is especially beautiful when the landscape is covered in snow. It creates a very special atmosphere that only exists in winter. Despite all the beauty, it is also important to be aware of the risks that arise when the ground is covered in snow. It becomes more slippery, not only in nature on unprepared paths, but also in everyday life on roads and pavements, which can become slippery in winter. In order to avoid falling, there are little helpers called Grödel that give you the necessary grip on slippery paths in nature and in everyday life. In this article we will explain to you what Grödel exactly are, how they differ from crampons and everything you need to know about Grödel to find the right model for you.

Grödel - snow chains for shoes

This may sound a bit funny, but Grödel are basically like snow chains for your shoes. To be more precise, Grödel are the simplest form of crampons and are also known as half-crampons. The comparison with snow chains comes about because, like snow chains for tyres, Grödel are simply slipped over the shoe to provide grip on slippery, snow-covered ground. Current models usually consist of chains with pointed studs that are pulled over the shoes with an elastic rubber ring.

Wide range of use

The great advantage of Grödel is that they can be used with any type of boot, covering a wide range of uses. They provide grip on wintry surfaces such as corn snow, hard snow or frozen, icy snow. They can be used for everything from (winter) hiking and tobogganing to simple walks on snow-covered or slippery field and forest paths. But even in everyday situations, crampons can prevent you from falling on slippery surfaces.

Differences to crampons

Unlike crampons, Grödel have only four to six spikes and no frontal spikes. They are much lighter and quicker to attach, making them suitable for everyday use, and can also be worn with non-crampon compatible footwear. If you want to use Grödel in alpine terrain, it is important to know that they are only suitable for flat terrain, as they do not have frontal spikes and therefore lack grip in steep terrain. In steep alpine terrain, you should use crampons, which offer more grip thanks to their frontal spikes. To assess the situation and make the right choice between crampons and a Grödel, the following rule applies: If you can no longer put your foot fully down in alpine terrain, you should opt for crampons. It is important to note, however, that crampons can only be used with suitable mountaineering or ski boots. This means that the boots must be crampon compatible.

Correct handling

The advantage of modern Grödel is that they are very easy to use. Thanks to their elastic rubber, most models can simply be pulled over the boot. Putting on a Grödel is similar to putting on a pair of socks: first place your forefoot in the rubber strap and then pull it over your heel. This technique makes the Grödel easy to put on and ensures that it sits firmly on the boot.
As an alternative to the rubber version, which is the most user-friendly, there is also the strap version. There are usually two straps, one on the heel and one on the middle or front of the boot. This option is less suitable for everyday use, as it takes longer to put on, and is more suitable for spring alpine tours, such as crossing old snow fields.

Finding the right size

Grödel, which are tightened with a rubber band over the boot, can be stretched, but only to a certain extent. This is why different manufacturers offer different sizes to cover a range of boot sizes. This ensures a good fit on the boot and safety, as the Grödel will not slip. Many manufacturers also offer small sizes so that the Grödel will fit children's shoes. As far as the fit is concerned, you should make sure that the Grödel are snug enough to prevent slipping and provide maximum safety, but not too snug, as this can restrict blood circulation in the foot. In the worst case, this can lead to a numb foot.

Tips for a long life cycle

Good news: Grödel are very easy to care for, and with a few simple tips your Grödel will last a long time. It is important to remove dirt from the Grödel after use. This is easily done with water. Afterwards you should let them dry, or, preferably dry them with a cloth. The most important thing, however, is that they are dry before you pack them away. It is also crucial to store them in a dry place to prevent them from rusting. Many manufacturers supply a storage bag, which you should use. If rust does form on the Grödel, you can simply sand it away. This is best done with fine sandpaper or a standard scouring pad. Of course, it is always best to store the Grödel in a dry place so the rust has no chance. Another important tip for prolonging the life of your Grödel is to only use it on snowy or icy surfaces. The spikes on the sole will dull very quickly if you walk on tarmac or gravel, for example. As a result, you will have less grip when you need it.


When the landscape turns white and winter shows its best side, Grödel are helpful companions in both the outdoors and in everyday life, helping you to find grip on slippery, snow- or ice-covered surfaces. Their ease of use and the fact that they are compatible with any type of boot make them suitable for a wide range of uses, but it also leads to some limitations. When the terrain gets steeper and more alpine, it is better to use crampons. Most Grödel are very easy to use, and the different size ranges ensure a secure fit on any boot. If you are careful with your equipment and follow a few rules, Grödel will last a very long time.
To sum up, Grödel not only make your leisure time on snow a little safer, they also minimise the risk of falling in the great outdoors. And when you no longer need them, their light weight and small pack size allow you to easily stow them away in your backpack.

The selection at Sport Conrad
Thanks to the wide selection of Grödel at Sport Conrad, women, men and children will all find the right model. Take a look at our range of top brands such as Snowline, Edelrid, Stubai, Camp and Ottinger and choose the right Grödel to make your winter a bit safer.