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„Stay cool, run happy! “ – That’s the key motto of the American sport brand Brooks. The label has been producing running shoes for men and women since 1914

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More about Brooks

The beginning goes back to 1914, Seattle, WA, where the production of running shoes has started. Since then Brooks is considered as one of the most famous manufacturers for sports and running shoes. Thanks to the long years of experience, Brooks is able to produce perfectly functional running shoes for women and men, as for example the Brooks Cascadia.

Brook's running shoes are equipped with innovative technologies from the toes to the heel

As one of the leading brands in the field of running, the company has already introduced a large number of innovations to the market. Smart technologies are continuously being developed and Brooks' running shoes are therefore steadily improving. These innovations help to adapt the shoe more and more to the athletes' feet, improve the functionality and also contribute to the protection of the runners’ health:

- 3D Fit Print: With screen printing technology, a technically refined mesh and structure fabric is integrated into the shoe and ensures a secure and comfortable fit.

- 33D Hex Lugs: The 3D hex lugs on the outsole of the running shoes ensures maximum support on the running track as well as on uneven ground.

- Ballistic Rock Shield: The thermoplastic EVA sheath between the outsole and the midsole protects the forefoot from sharp objects on the ground.

- DNA Midsole: The DNA midsole is an innovative cushioning system which adapts to the size, weight and speed of the runners and thus guarantees an individual running pleasure.

- Guide Rails: The integrated guide rails in the midsole revolutionize the traditional stability technologies in running shoes. They bring the body into a natural balance and allow for more stable and more efficient steps.

- Ideal Pressure Zones: The pressure is evenly distributed and ensures a pleasant running experience.

- Nightlife: Brooks products are designed in such a way that the runners are recognized as humans in all light conditions. To this end, the company has combined their knowledge about reflexivity, fluorescence and contrast with new findings on eye function and perception.

- Rounded Heel: The rounded and reduced heel of the Brooks running shoes improves the alignment of the body and therefore relieves it during running.

- Segmented Crash Pad: Brooks' Segmented Crash Pad consists of fully integrated shock absorbers that allow a smooth transition from heel to toe. Maximum efficiency is guaranteed.

- Super DNA: Super-DNA is an adaptable midsole material, which provides increased cushioning while providing maximum energy return. In addition, the damping level continuously adapts to the individual needs of the runner.


Especially popular among the Brooks running shoes are the Ghost 10 and Glycerin 15

The Brooks Ghost 11 is a street-running shoe for hard surfaces and is thus characterized by a very good cushioning, as well as a stable grip and optimal repulsion characteristics. This model is available with or without a Gore-Tex membrane. Through various technologies, such as the Segmented Crash Pad and the refined stretch and structure fabric, the Ghost 10 provides an ultra-soft and comfortable running feeling.

Like the Ghost 10, the preferred terrain of the Brooks Glycerin 16 shoe is the road. The Super DNA midsole provides an adaptable, super-soft cushioning and protects the joints. Thanks to an ideal pressure distribution, the impact is evenly absorbed and a carefree running experience is thus guaranteed.

The Adrenaline GTS shoe, in turn, is ideal for on-road as well as off-road running. It is an absolute all-rounder and highly versatile.