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More Glove Facts

Gloves from small to large - from thin to thick - from fingers to mitten

Numerous manufacturers offer you a high-quality, functional range of gloves with different functions and certainly leave nothing to be desired. In any case, they ensure warm hands and fun in the snow.
Reusch, Hestra and Ziener in particular serve our children with colors, funny motifs and functions.

The range for men and women is also very versatile and high quality. Thanks to the competent manufacturers that we have selected for our ski gloves, everyone will find the optimal product for their personal requirements.

For women, there is of course a little more color to give the ski outfit the desired color accent. The rest of the range tends to be simple and easy to combine with the main colors black, white, blue and gray.
When it comes to mittens, Hestra, Ortovox, Picture, Lenz and Reusch also offer the proven and popular 3-finger version.

More Glove Facts

An important feature when deciding on the right ski gloves is the cuff length. For deep snow and freeride adventures, it makes sense to choose the longer cuff, which can be easily pulled over the ski jacket. The second variant is the short glove shape, which usually has a Velcro strap directly on the wrist to optimally regulate the width.
Many models also have a so-called “leash” (wrist strap) on the wrist, which ensures that the glove does not fall on the floor or out of the lift if you have to take it off.

Interesting criteria when choosing are certainly properties such as waterproof and heat-insulating and the question of which material you want to choose. When it comes to ski gloves, the focus is absolutely on synthetic fiber materials, but this is closely followed by pleasant leather qualities that can be found from a large number of manufacturers.

For extremely icy temperatures or sensitive fingers, there is also the option of choosing a heated glove, which is priced in the upper segment. The manufacturer Lenz offers excellent products here.


The topic of sustainability is also playing an increasingly important role when it comes to gloves. Individual manufacturers, such as Picture, now also use recycled materials for gloves and pay attention to fair manufacturing, shorter production routes and other environmentally friendly key data that can be verified via Bluesign® or FairWear® certifications. Our future requires us to use all resources sparingly and everyone can make their contribution here.

How do we determine the correct glove size?

The most important thing, however, is that the glove must fit! Here you will find a size chart from Hestra that explains exactly what you should pay attention to.