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This brand lives up to its name: Crazy takes the outdoor world by storm. Functional, light and a bit crazy, Crazy clothing comes from Italy and is mainly made for ski touring and other winter sports activities. 

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More about Crazy

Behind the story of the brand is Valerie Colturi, founder of Crazy and athlete by passion. Valeria opened a sports boutique in Bormio at the age of 20, her customers included elite mountain athletes from Deborah Compagnoni to Alberto Tomba, who came to Valeria with their specific needs and desires. 

A turning point occurred when the first alpine mountain competitions emerged in the 1990s and the demands for clothing for this type of mountain sport were quite different from those for clothing for avid hikers and technical alpinists.   As an athlete, it was immediately clear to Valeria Colturi that the experiences and wishes of the athletes were the basis for the further development of existing mountain sports clothing. The clothing should be light, elastic, comfortable and specialized for the respective area of use.

How often had she experienced it herself during competitions that the clothing was too thin, not warming enough, too wide or too tight - in short, not appropriate to the requirements of the respective situation. And so the first pieces of the Crazy brand were created, with a focus on elasticity, comfort and efficiency. But not only the function was in the foreground, also the design should stand out from the conventional mountain sports clothing. And the Crazy brand succeeds every season anew.