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This brand lives up to its name: Crazy takes the outdoor world by storm. Functional, light and a bit crazy, Crazy clothing comes from Italy and is mainly made for ski touring and other winter sports activities. 
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More about Crazy

Tradition, technology and crazy designs! The Italian brand Crazy stands for mountain sports enthusiasts who are not afraid to be seen!

Let's go back to 1989: Crazy was born. Valeria Colturi grew up in Bormio, in the Italian province of Sondrio. Surrounded by mountains and with a passion for winter sports. In addition to mountain sports, designing and developing clothing was one of Valeria's great passions. As she herself says: "I was a skier, in love with clothes, and my "crazy idea" was to create the most innovative outdoor clothing that looks as good as it performs".

Valeria Colturi started designing and creating technical clothing for herself and her friends in high school. She used colours, prints and fabrics that had never been seen before. When she had to choose between her passions (sport and design), Valeria decided to open a sports boutique in Bormio at the age of 20. It was there that Valeria began to develop new, personalised solutions to meet the needs of her customers. Word spread quickly and Valeria's first clients included professional athletes such as Alberto Tomba and Deborah Compagnoni.

In no time at all, the boutique became the go-to place for athletes looking for something with a twist: bright colours and a slightly crazy design! Items that were not only practical but also stylish.

But looks alone were not the main focus: Valeria concentrated on finding the right fabrics, with the right stretch and function, and combining them with style and colour. She had seen too many times at competitions where the clothing was too thin, not warm enough, too loose or too tight - in short, not suitable for the situation.

In 1989, Fabio Meraldi and Adriano Greco gave her a special challenge and Valeria created the first one-piece ski mountaineering suit. Within a few years, the ski mountaineering range was extended to include trousers, jackets and vests, and the products needed a name: Crazy was born!

Clothing for racing continued to evolve, while clothing for everyday use remained virtually unchanged. Valeria saw the potential and set to work. The weight was reduced to a minimum, she designed a more athletic fit and garments were developed to give customers an efficient, fast and light mountain experience: The result was "Fast Light". Valeria Colturi continued to research and think about new technologies and in 2013 developed the first fully stretchable jacket. Gradually, many companies followed the same path and focused on lightweight mountain wear.

Accessories such as hats and headbands, gloves and socks were added to the range. However, Valeria Colturi has remained true to her unique style and philosophy.

Sustainability at Crazy

Crazy clothing is mainly produced in the EU.
This means short transport routes and lower CO2 emissions, as well as the use of BlueSign certified fabrics. Ski touring clothing that is not only stylish, but also sustainable!

Who says ski touring clothing has to be boring? Say goodbye to boredom!

Are you looking for new outdoor clothing and not afraid of adding some colour to your wardrobe? Then Crazy is the place for you. The garments are an absolute eye-catcher and will accompany you on the mountain both summer and winter! The tight fit will keep you snug and streamlined on your travels. If you're not sure what size you are, don't worry. Check out the Crazy Idea size chart here.

Crazy at Sport Conrad

If you're curious and want to see Valeria Colturi's creations for yourself, come and see us in one of our stores. Let us advise you, try on the clothes and see the Crazy items for yourself. No time to visit one of our stores? No problem! You can also find great deals in our online shop! Whether you're a man or a woman, there's something for everyone at Crazy.