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Cross Country Apparel

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Cross Country Apparel

Functional clothing is important

Cross-country skiing is a thoroughly exercise-intensive and sweaty sport. Therefore, on the trail you need not only endurance, but also the right clothing. Especially in winter sports, it is very important to protect your body from all weather conditions. So that you neither sweat excessively nor start to freeze too much during your next cross-country skiing, we at Sport Conrad offer you socks, shoes, pants, functional underwear and much more for your successful cross-country skiing.

Features of cross-country clothing

Whether classic cross-country skiing or skating, the right clothing on the trail is essential. Functionality is a top priority for cross-country clothing, because it should not only be elastic, but also moisture repellent and windproof. A true all-rounder, therefore, and to ensure this optimal protection against wind and cold, cross-country apparel should meet the following criteria:

Tight fit: To keep the effort required for cross-country skiing as low as possible, it is important that your cross-country skiing clothing fits as tightly as possible to the body. Due to the tight-fitting clothing, the wind has a small attack surface and thus reduces the effort you need for the sport. 

Elasticity: Despite the tight fit, your cross-country clothing should be elastic. Materials such as spandex allow your clothing to adapt perfectly to your movements and not hinder your cross-country skiing.

Temperature regulation and wind and waterproofness: The goal of cross-country skiing clothing is not only to keep the athlete warm. Rather, it should protect the body from excessive sweating. Therefore, on the one hand, the clothing should regulate the body climate well, so that the fabric does not get too wet and clammy on the skin. Furthermore, it should protect the body of the cross-country skier from wind and moisture from the outside.

Time-honored knowledge - the onion look

In addition to the mentioned features that cross-country skiing clothing should fulfill, it is important that several pieces of clothing are worn on top of each other, so that the best possible climate regulation can be fulfilled. Protecting the body climate is essential for cross-country skiing, so you neither sweat excessively nor freeze.


The first layer of the total of three layers of cross-country ski clothing is called the baselayer. This layer includes the garments that have direct contact with the skin, which are, for example, functional underwear and ski socks. It is particularly important that the clothing is made of moisture-managing and breathable materials. Functional underwear and socks are often made of synthetic fibers or merino wool. Synthetic fibers allow you to feel comfortable, while merino wool can absorb a lot of moisture without feeling clammy. There is also a mix of materials, that combines the advantages from both materials. So, the focus of this first layer is on the quick wicking of moisture and the functionality of the garment.


The second layer of clothing is a complement to the baselayer. This includes cross-country shirts, jackets and vests. The function of the clothing here should be to release moisture further to the outside and at the same time store heat. What you personally prefer to wear depends entirely on your personal temperature sensation. Depending on how much heat your body needs, you can choose from the already mentioned garments and combine them if necessary.


The outermost layer of cross-country skiing clothing is designed to accompany you in a wide range of weather conditions. Cross-country ski pants and cross-country ski jackets form the top layer of cross-country ski clothing. So that rain, wind and snow cannot harm you, it is especially important that your clothing is wind and waterproof. Materials that are also breathable are suitable here, because only then can your three layers work together as desired.

Jackets with synthetic fiber filling and hybrid jackets can offer you optimal protection on the trail. With ski pants, on the other hand, you have the choice of tights or slightly looser-fitting pants (which are still quite tight for aerodynamics).


In addition to pants, shirts and jackets, there are other items of clothing that can protect you from wind and weather on the trail. Waterproof gloves, beanies and headbands are recommended. These will protect you from the cold and wet along with the rest of your equipment. In addition, a scarf or necktube and masks can protect you from icy wind. With all these accessories, you should again pay attention to breathable and water-repellent materials. On sunny days, sunglasses can help you not to be blinded and to keep the overview on the trail.


We at Sport Conrad have the claim to always provide you with high quality. That's why we offer cross-country clothing from many experienced brands such as Dynafit, Maloja, Rossignol, Löffler, Bjoern Daehlie, Swix and more. It doesn't matter if you are looking for clothing for men, women or children - our range includes a variety of items in different materials, sizes and colors. We are also happy to assist you in one of our stores with our personal advice or online via our contact form.

With us and our assortment, you are well-prepared for the winter and your next cross-country skiing and can fully take off on the trail. Find your favorite brand, your suitable size and your optimal equipment in our online store.

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