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Climbing Apparel

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Climbing Apparel by Sport Conrad


Climbing apparel is critical for climbers of all ages and genders.

Whether indoors in the gym, outdoors on the rock, or in the climbing park, climbing is a full-body workout and one of the most challenging sports ever! Just as important as your equipment is your clothing, and in order to have fun and enjoy your routes, your climbing gear must meet a number of important requirements.


Choosing the right climbing apparel is crucial to ensure comfort and freedom of movement. Whether you are a man, woman or child, optimal fit is the key to your climbing comfort.

The right apparel must be durable, breathable and offer maximum freedom of movement. Functionality is an important factor when you are climbing, because you will get into a sweat quite by yourself.

Climbing is not only a sport, it is also a lifestyle, so you need to dress for the occasion.


Even the youngest climbers deserve the best gear. Here you will find a selection of children's climbing gear that is not only comfortable and functional, but also supports their active lifestyle. From pants to T-shirts to jackets, the kids' gear is designed with the needs of young climbers in mind.


We at Sport Conrad have a wide selection of brands in the climbing department and help you to find the right climbing clothes so that your climbing adventure will be a great experience. Whether short or long pants, shirts, midlayers or jackets - you are sure to find your new favorite item here!


Regardless of age or gender, climbing clothing is an essential part of climbing equipment, along with climbing helmet, climbing harness and climbing rope. At Sport Conrad, we focus on comfort, breathability, optimal materials and a wide variety of brands to ensure that climbers of all ages and genders get the best equipment. With our climbing apparel, you can concentrate fully on your climbing experience and enjoy your passion to the fullest.

Climbing gear - what do you need?

Climbing Pants

The most important piece of clothing when climbing is the pant, because it not only has to be flexible and move with you, but also protect you and be functional. Pants come in a variety of styles, short or long, with an elastic waistband or a zipper, loose or as leggings - how do you find the right one for you?

In general, it is important to know what you need your pants for, because bouldering and hiking have different requirements than big walls and alpine expeditions. For bouldering and rock climbing, the pants should be made of lightweight material and should fit loosely and comfortably. Short pants are very comfortable in the summer, and a 3/4 length climbing pant also protects the knees.

Climbing Jacket

Jackets play a central role in the climbing experience, not only keeping out the elements, but also providing freedom of movement and breathability. When choosing a jacket, fit is critical. A well-fitted jacket gives you full freedom of movement and prevents your clothing from getting caught. This allows you to concentrate fully on your climbing experience. Some climbing jackets even offer special cuts for men and women to ensure an optimal fit. You are sure to find the one that fits you in our online store.

Breathability and materials

To ensure optimal breathability, your climbing jacket should be made of high-quality materials. This is crucial because when you are climbing you sweat, which needs to be absorbed by your clothing and wicked away to keep you comfortable. Thanks to advanced fabrics, most climbing jackets are made from breathable materials that wick moisture efficiently without sacrificing protection from the elements.

Climbing Apparel

The perfect gear for demanding climbing

Comfortable, casual, and functional pullovers, shirts, and midlayers are essential for an optimal climbing experience. Breathable fabrics transport moisture to the outside, so you can concentrate on the essentials: climbing. They come in a variety of colors, cuts and styles, as well as in combination with the matching pants from Ortovox or Dynafit.

Climbing Gloves

Your connection to the vertical world

Climbing gloves are not just a simple piece of equipment, but a critical link between your body and the rock. They are your connection to the vertical and have a significant impact on your climbing experience.

Not only do they protect you from abrasions and cuts, but they also provide the right feel and precision that are essential for climbing.

The most important feature is undoubtedly their precision and grip. These gloves are specially designed to maintain the sensitivity of your fingers so that you can recognize and use the tiniest of grips.

The grip of the material makes sure that you can hold on to rocks and holds even in difficult situations. This means not only better performance, but also more safety while climbing.

While protection and grip are of great importance, climbing gloves should also be breathable to prevent excessive perspiration. Moisture management is important to keep your hands dry and prevent unpleasant odors. In addition, the fit of the gloves should be perfect to ensure optimal freedom of movement.

A glove that is too tight or too loose can affect your performance and spoil your climbing experience. We offer a large selection of climbing gloves in our online store, where you are sure to find what you need for your next climbing adventure.

Beanies & Headbands

When it comes to climbing gear, hats and headbands are often the underrated heroes.

These accessories not only complete your outfit, but also offer significant advantages for climbers, whether bouldering in the climbing gym or climbing in the gym.

Climbers know how exhausting it can be to overexert yourself when climbing or bouldering. Protecting your skin and face from the intense sun at higher altitudes is essential. Hats and headbands made from high-quality materials such as merino wool provide a comfortable feel while protecting you from the sun, wind and cold. All in all, hats and headbands are not just decorative accessories, but important components of climbing gear. They provide comfort, protection from the elements, and contribute to overall performance. Merino wool, breathable materials and different cuts allow you to find the optimal combination to enjoy the effort in the climbing gym, in the climbing park or when bouldering on the summit. We offer you a large number of hats and headbands for climbing in our online shop.

Sports Bras

A foundation for active women's sportswear

When it comes to sports activities, choosing the right sportswear is of great importance, especially for women. A sports bra is an essential element that provides not only comfort, but also protection and support.

The right fit ensures freedom of movement, minimizes the risk of injury and provides maximum comfort. A good sports bra is designed to wick away perspiration during exercise, keeping the skin cool and dry. The choice of materials is crucial to ensure breathability and comfort. A sports bra not only provides comfort, but also protects and supports the breasts.

This is particularly important in activities such as climbing, where the movement of the chest must be restricted to avoid injury and discomfort. A high-quality sports bra minimizes the risk of chafing and uncomfortable pressure points, and provides additional stability when climbing. Whether bouldering, climbing, jogging or yoga, you will find a large selection of sports bras in our store to suit your needs.