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Black Diamond

The global player from the state of Utah is a true specialist in the field of mountaineering and alpine skiing. Yet, climbers also love to take a closer look at Black Diamond´s product range. 

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Black Diamond

Alongside the hardware, the clothing range continues to grow in such a manner that you´ll have a hard time not to find all you need for your time outdoors.

Black Diamond´s beginnings

Self-reliance is the key. This is exactly what Yvon Chouinard had in mind in the late 1950s, when he began to single-handedly craft pitons for his climbing adventures. Thanks to the great quality, the word of which spread within the scene like a wildfire, Chouinard sold those immediately to his fellow climbers out of the trunk of his car. At the time, he was one of the leading climbers of the early heyday of Yosemite-climbing. What emerged in later years was Chouinard Equipment, Ltd. In 1989, the company was renamed as Black Diamond. Today, Black Diamond is considered as one of the leading brands for high-quality mountaineering equipment – all over the world. Branches in Europe, such as in Innsbruck, Austria, and Asia, such as in Zhuhai, China, document this claim.

Helio touring ski: freetouring at its best

The ambitious ski tourer, also, can´t give Black Diamond a wide birth. Alongside the new Helio line, there are four widths ranging from 88 to 116mm which cover everything that modern-day ski tourers and freeriders need and want. All four Black Diamond Helio models harbor the new free-touring philosophy. This means an ample width with, at the same time, low weight. Perfect for longer and demanding ascents and, at the same time, for optimal, powder-oriented and fun descents. Black Diamond also has some gear for anything else you need: climbing skins, ski boots, poles, avalanche shovels, avalanche probes, and avalanche airbags. Black Diamond´s goal is to create the best-possible equipment for an incomparable mountaineering adventure.


Climbing specialist of the very first hour

Of course, the same principle goes for endeavours without skis. Whenever a climber or mountaineer conquers walls and ridges, Black Diamond is way up the ladder. After all, no one makes a fool out of the Americans in terms of climbing hardware. Here also, Black Diamond´s claim is to offer high-end material for all things alpine: from ice climbing to sport climbing, indoors and outdoors alike, from fixed rope routes all the way to rather classic alpine multipitch routes.

Consequently, you are all covered with Black Diamond´s product range: harnesses, carabiners, belaying devices, hexentrics, helmets, leashes, climbing backpacks, crampons, ice screws, and additional climbing accessories. All of this makes Black Diamond a true specialist in the realm of climbing equipment.

Black Diamond´s classics

A couple of Black Diamond´s models have, within a short time frame, developed toward being true classics and set standards: the Black Diamond Couloir harness, for example, or the Vector, and the Vapor respectively, climbing helmet, just to name two especially popular products. They also very well embody the Black Diamond philosophy: a high level of functionality, low weight, and an appealing design. You really get it: the product developers do not only have the know-how, but they also understand to use it accordingly in order to equip any ambitious athlete.

This mountaineering know-how can also be found within the company´s clothing. The brand has started to develop in this realm as well and is evolving into a full-fledged outfitter for outdoor and mountaineering sportswear. Of course, hard- and soft-shells have to be available as well. Besides gloves, which have been playing an important role within the product range for a long time, Black Diamond fans now can also enjoy jackets, pants, shirts, hoodies, and beanies.