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Doghammer – true Bavarian flip flops for the city, the beach, or as slippers with Vibram soles and fur. Handcrafted, reviewed quality, fairly traded and especially important: individual and unique. 

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More about Doghammer

Innovative, young, and elaborate

These flip flops are really something new - outdoor shoes made in Rosenheim, Bavaria. Playful, well thought-out, incredibly snug, and equipped with some awesome names. Gamsbleame (chamois flower), Gnom (gnome), Naturschua (nature shoes), or Wollfilz Madl (wool-felt girl) have all been made with natural materials. There are various models and every single shoe is really something special. You may create your shoe all by yourself via a generator. Boy or girl, good or wild.

Doghammer is basically the brainchild of Maximilian, who discovered his love for wool right after his university-entrance diploma and had a nifty idea. The idea to equip the feet with more clearance thanks to a shoe, while being able to get everywhere and being robust in the whole process, came a little later. Alongside Matthias, the duo is nowadays in charge of the company.


A shoe for any terrain

It really doesn´t matter if you want to wear the flip flops as a climber, hiker, boulderer, trailrunner, tourist, slackliner, or just at home as a gardener. Your feet will definitely be the happiest ever. Some shoes even feature lace adjustment, which avoids unpleasant slipping because you´re able to individually adjust the lace.

The Vibram sole guarantees safety while belaying, but also a solid and safe going outdoors. Multi-layer damping, an anatomical footbed, and the additional heel damping really get this shoe going. Of course, Doghammer outdoor shoes are waterproof, meaning that you may even walk through small creeks.


Ecological footprint

Ever since Doghammer really has an eye on its ecological footprint, all outdoor shoes are made of renewable raw materials, such as cork and felt. The popular flip flops are manufactured in a family-run shoe factory in Portugal. In Rosenheim, disabled people help to materialize individual customer inquiries. Also, Doghammer´s creed is to repair instead of throwing stuff away. You can get your Doghammer shoes resoled in Rosenheim any time.