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Maloja is perceptible and visible only a real feel of life! This feeling and the idea of developing functional clothing has found his origin in a small mountain village in Switzerland, at the Malojapass in Swiss Engadin. 

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More about Maloja

The river Inn has its origin at the Malojapass in Switzerland and also, this river Inn passes right near the upper Bavarian little village of Rimsting near Rosenheim, where Maloja has its base since 2004. Very close to the beautiful Chiemsee, as well as near the mountain village of Maloja lies the Silsersee. So also geographically, the founders and enthusiasts have adapted their profile quite well. The whole beautiful styles will be designed by a multitude of high-profile designers in creative minds - season for season - spring, summer, autumn, and winter.


In the Himalayas, between Tibet and India, there is a country devoted to happiness: Bhutan. At the foot of the highest mountains of this "kingdom in the sky" is the village of Laya. There lives a people of yak nomads, who have preserved their own way of life and clothing style until today.

The collection "Laya – Where the Mountains Are" is inspired by this mountain folk. Furthermore it is about Bhutan, a country where everything revolves around the happiness and contentment of its people. At some point in the 1970’s the fourth king stated that for his country it is not the Gross National Product that counts, but the Gross National Happiness. When we took a closer look, it wasn’t just the approach to the "Gross National Happiness" that fascinated us, but the land and its people with their multitude of traditions. Our involvement with Bhutan and their pursuit of happiness also initiated a very important process for us, one of reflection: What is happiness (to us)? What does it mean to be satisfied with what we have? And, what is this life all about?
We discovered that happiness and satisfaction are very much separate "states of being”. Additionally, each one of us experiences them differently and we all have a unique path to reaching them. Often such moments are brief, but one thing is certain, most can agree that life is at its best when we feel happy and satisfied.
On that note, live, love, laugh, be kind to one another and let us enjoy this life together.
We wish you a happy and satisfied life spent in the moment.


Maloja - prepared for all sport activities

Maloja enriches the categories of outdoor sports, mountain sports, ski touring, cross-country skiing, freeriding, mountain biking, road cycling, running and the daily life. Maloja`s philosophy now successfully lives internationally in 26 countries. The majority of the products are so multifunctional so that the multi-sport pants can be worn both for cross-country skiing and mountaineering, and the bikeshort can also be used for hiking.

The individual collections are incredibly versatile, highly functional till functionally but above all fashionable as absolute trend setter. Sportiness and casualness are trumps! The quality of the materials is considered very high quality. The range extends from stretch across Softshell, Primaloft, Down, Gore-Tex®, breathable and windproof to organic cotton. The design selection, the processing standard and the functional details of the individual factories are just as a high-quality.

Maloja clothing from head to toe

They always include also important fitting accessories to the individual areas. Maloja constantly designs stylish arm and leg warmers, beanies, socks, baselayers, gloves and functional bags and travel bags. Of course, the range of women's collections is slightly larger than the men's collection. In the summer season there are even four different bike collections are developed. Divided into e-bike, mountainbike, roadbike and mountainbike / freeride. In the summer, all the climbing and bouldering friends will also be served and they can find a lot of functional wear. In the season of winter, the main focus is certainly to be found in the cross country apparel. Wether you need a jacket or some pants, socks or beanies, you can't go wrong with Maloja.

Maloja also supports the national team of the DAV ski mountaineering team, the cycling Pushbikers team and a lot of individual mountain performance high-caliber sport enthusiasts athletes from different disciplines. In intensive exchange with the professional athletes, the products are always developed further in a high class way.

Can this feeling of life be lived more?