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No matter if you are looking for a 70l backpack behemoth for your next trip around the world, or a daypack for a quick city trip – Deuter has all your outdoor needs covered! 

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More about Deuter

Deuter may very well be THE backpack brand within the German-speaking community. Deuter´s product range doesn´t only include tailor-made backpacks for any occasion and sportive activity. Rather, it has come to reach far beyond this point.

More than just backpacks

Sleeping bags, sports and travel bags, hip bags, transport and rain covers, first-aid kits, kid carriers, wash bags, gaiters, and drink systems make the product range complete. The width of the product range reflects how Deuter once got started. After all, Deuter began as mechanical sailcloth and linen weaving mill in 1898 in Augsburg-Oberhausen. The first breakthrough came with the manufacturing of bags for post offices. Saddlebags and military backpacks followed and helped the company to reach new heights. Further business segments were considered like, for example, tents. In 1919, Deuter´s first giant tent found its way to Munich´s iconic Oktoberfest.

The foundation of a mountaineering icon

In the early 1930s, Deuter began to specialize in mountaineering. Expeditions to the Pamir mountain range and Nanga Parbat were equipped by Deuter and the gear indeed withstood even the toughest conditions. Mountaineer legends like Anderl Heckmaier (Eiger north face) and Hermann Buhl (first solo ascent of Nanga Parbat) experienced their biggest success with Deuter backpacks and tents. Around this time, Deuter started to cooperate with top-notch alpinists. Until today, it is exactly that kind of cooperation which embodies a cornerstone of the brand´s leadership position. Also, Deuter´s legendary Tauern-backpack was invented around this time.

A further milestone came in 1984, when the patented Air Comfort system was introduced. Further innovations like Air Contact and Shield enshrined Deuter´s top position in the backpack market. The central element of Deuter´s equipment is and remains the realm of backpacks, which is continuously worked on. Thus, Deuter´s backpacks are able to adapt to the customers´ ever-changing demands in terms of outdoor sports.


Backpacks for any occasion

This way, an extensive product range has emerged, centered around the entire spectrum of sports and leisure activities. Parts of this extensive range are daypacks, climbing backpacks, travel backpacks, school backpacks, kindergarten backpacks, trekking backpacks, hiking backpacks, and bike backpacks. Particularly crafted for touring skiers and freeriders, there are lines with a volume from 20 to 40 liters. The products of the Guide and Freerider series harbor special ski- and snowboard-clamps and an extra compartment for avalanche safety equipment. Alongside many detailed solutions, these are only two of many distinctive differences in comparison to products for other outdoor activities. This is only one example for the elaborate differentiation within Deuter´s backpack range.

Ladies First – women´s backpacks

For a distinct backpack specialist like Deuter, it is self-evident that all lines also harbor specific women´s apparel. No matter if biking or trekking, the flower on the backpack signals to everybody: I am a women´s item. Just for that, there has been a special developmental team since 2005 at Deuter, the members of which are women only. The motto is: for women, by women – a worldwide success! Co-founder and, at the same time the most famous member of Deuter´s women´s team (marked by the letters “SL” within the products´ names) is Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner, one of the most renowned female mountaineers in the world, who has climbed all fourteen 8.000+-meter summits.

An advisory blog about Deuter´s product range underscores the exceptional demands of the company. Deuter wants to ensure that the high-quality products are being used accordingly. The brand´s goal is a maximum level of customer satisfaction. Questions such as “how do I pack my backpack the right way?”, or issues concerning the “repair service” are tackled here. Additionally, you can also get some information on environmental standards of the company´s production and the work conditions of the factory in Vietnam.