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Bike Jackets

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More about Bike Jackets

You are not sure right now? Yes! There's so much to choose from!

From Gore-Tex to Softshell and Windstopper, the functions and fabrics of bike jackets are diverse. Although bike jackets are similar in their fabrics-composition to the majority of outdoor jackets, they bring decisive advantages for bikers. On the one hand, they keep you dry and, on the other hand, they do not build up significant wind resistance. This guide will help you keep an overview while shopping.

On what should you pay attention when buying cycling jackets?

To the range of use!

Different disciplines require different features. That's why most cycling jackets for road cycling, gravel and cross-country are cut closer than jackets for use in the bike park or for exploring trails.

When it comes to maximum performance on the bike, it is the factors of wind resistance and weight that decide on the number of kilometres and metres of altitude reached during your after-work rides. That's why the road cycling jackets are extra light and aerodynamically pre-shaped and can be stowed directly in the jersey pockets thanks to their small pack size. Jackets for enduro riding or the park are slightly wider, leaving room for protectors, and they are made of more robust fabric and, depending on the model, might have a hood.

Regardless of the field of use, unless it's high summer temperatures and blue skies, cycling jackets fulfil their purpose, keep you dry and warm, protect you from wind, and ensure maximum fun on the bike!

To the function!

In order to be perfectly suited to the weather, the following four properties will help you to select the right filter. Note! These properties do not exclude each other.

Most cycling jackets that are not defined as rain jackets have quick-drying properties so that they can be dried again directly by the wind and body heat after short showers.

Ride planned and 50 percent chance of rain? Better go for it! When it comes to waterproof jackets, you'll only find those that really protect you from rain and wetness. When it comes to breathability, however, you have to make a bit of a compromise.

Here you will find all jackets that protect you from cold winds and do not let you cool down. Some biker jackets are constructed in several parts to be windproof only in the direction of travel. This saves material and weight and improves breathability and moisture management.

Are you riding in winter and the colder half of the year? It can get very fresh! For cycling in the single-digit degree range, we recommend thermal and insulating cycling jackets that retain your body heat.

To the fabric?

Basically, you can look at the functions, because those are responsible for the materials. In addition, the different fabric terms are becoming more and more common, as many manufacturers use their own textile descriptions.

If you're still interested in what's behind Gore-Tex, Primaloft and the like, just take a look at our material encyclopaedia.

To Size and gender information?

All jackets are sorted by men's and women's cycling jackets.

Have you found the right cycling jacket, but you don't like the colour of the women's version and want to go for the men's jacket? Attention! Take a look at the manufacturer's size chart. The cycling jackets differ not only in their sizing according to gender, but also in their cut.

Women's cycling jackets are often more tailored. Especially on the road bike, these offer an optimal fit and prevent fluttering.

Are the kids already passionate about biking? Use the kids filter to find everything from size 128 to 176 in the cycling jackets category. The right bike jacket ensures maximum fun and leaves no excuses when the weather is bad.

Click here for the children's bike jackets

The care manual

To ensure that you stay happy with your cycling jacket for a long time and that the fabric serves its purpose, you should follow a few care instructions.

If you get really dirty on your tour and your jacket almost stands up by itself, use a detergent that is specially recommended for weather protection clothing. To protect your washing machine, rinse out the really heavy dirt with a garden hose or in the washbasin.

After washing, allow the jacket to air dry and then apply a waterproofing treatment. This treatment guarantees that the jacket retains its water- and wind-repellent and breathable properties.

You don't have a washing and care product for outdoor clothing yet? No problem! In the care products & waterproofing category you will find everything that gently cleans and cares.

Cuts or leaks in your cycling jacket?
That happens faster than you think! Whether it's a ground check in the bike park or you simply got hung up somewhere, the reason for a fabric damage can have a variety of causes.

Don't worry! You don't have to part with it! Some of our partners already offer a repair service. Ask the manufacturer directly or contact our support. Alternatively, repair adhesives from Gear Aid can help you seal the jacket again in just a few steps. Pay attention to the manufacturer's material specifications.

There is no bad weather ...