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The history of Meindl reaches back to the end of the 17th century, when Petrus Meindl was mentioned for the very first time as the first shoemaker in Kirchanschöring. Today, the family business already exists in the 9th generation.  

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An age-long tradition

It is headed today by the two brothers Lars and Lukas Meindl. Lars is responsible for the commercial area and Lukas is responsible for production and development. The two brothers have a great passion for nature and like to test their owntrekking boots on the mountain or in everyday life. So they realize what they still can improve and get on the mountain many new ideas for innovations.

Meindl produces over one million shoes for men, women and children and delivers them to the world's most important outdoor markets. In the Alps, in the deserts of Africa and Asia, in the South American jungle or in the outback of Australia, alpinists, adventurers and people who walk a lot on foot rely on the reliability of Meindl trekking boots. On mountains, when Nordic walking or hiking - irrespective where you are in the world, Meindl can provide you with reliable shoes for your feet.

Meindl has been producing trekking boots of the highest quality for over 300 years. The brand is located in Kirchanschöring, in the Chiemgau region. From the Chiemgau region and Salzburgerland, Meindl uses the leather for its shoes and thus also increases the quality of thetrekking boots thanks to the short transport path. More than 200 employees are involved in the production. Despite the support of machines, Meindl attaches great importance to shoemaker quality. Nowadays, Meindl is one of the few shoe factories with production in Germany. It is also impressive that many employees have been working for a very long time in the company. Every year workers are honored for 20, 30, 40 or even 45 years. In addition, some employees are already working for Meindl in the second generation. Both the brand and the quality can benefit of this fact.

The guiding principle of Meindl

Meindl always wants to offer the highest quality. They want to develop high-quality and long-lasting products. They rely on traditional manufacturing processes, such as the two-sewn design. In addition, Meindl ensures sustainability in the production process.

The Identity series

The special feature of this series is that the production process is completely transparent. This allows customers to know exactly where the leather of their shoes originated. From the field through the tannery to the production, you can follow all the steps.

The tannery Josef Heinen

The partner of Meindl, the tannery Heinen ensures a gentle and environmentally friendly production of the leather. Very strict environmental and social standards apply. As it can not be avoided that CO2 is released during production, the tannery wants to show responsibility for this aspect. And so part of the cost goes to reafforestation programs. Meindl shoes are also equipped with a variety of technologies, including for example Gore-Tex®, MFS Vacuum®, Air Revolution® or Comfort Fit®.

Numerous awards and activities

In 2004, Meindl received the ISPO Innovations Award for the XO-Series® at the summer ISPO. In 2007, Meindl was awarded the Bavarian State Medal for Merit for Environment and Health. Lars and Lukas Meindl want to continue the life work of their deceased father and have therefore founded the Alfons Meindl Social Foundation in 2008. With this foundation, they want to support people in their region who got in difficulties through no fault of their own. In 2014, Lukas Meindl was appointed Outdoor Personality of the Year by the specialist magazine outdoor.markt. One year later Meindl was voted the best brand by readers of Outdoor magazine. It is no wonder that Meindl has been on the market with such a great success for so long. Convince yourself!