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The brand’s shoes are attention grabbers designed to make running – especially downhill – easier and faster. At the same time, Hoka combines performance, style and minimal impact.


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More about Hoka

Why is HOKA a WIR DENKEN UM brand?

Hoka and its parent company Deckers Brands are very much aware of their responsibility for the environment and people, and thus committed to sustainability. As a WIR DENKEN UM brand, Hoka stands out in the following ways:

- The company is committed to accountability throughout the supply chain
- It prides itself on ecologically friendly, resource-saving production
- Hoka promotes fair working conditions and conducts ethics audits in compliance with the International Labor Organization standards

Maximum running experience, minimum impact

Hokaְ’s parent company Deckers Brands has been a member of the international United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) network, the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative, since 2016. The company’s pledge: "We will never remain stagnant and we promise to always challenge ourselves to do better, think bigger, be disruptive in the best possible way, and question the impossible. We will create global change!“. Deckers Brands reaffirms its commitment to uphold human rights along with labor and environmental standards and to fight corruption.

Deckers Brands is working to reduce its environmental footprint by focusing on water consumption, handling of waste and material selection, among other things. For example, it is taking steps to limit global pollution by reducing water consumption in the production chain. In addition to recycling and the material selection, the planning and reduction of materials are further important elements of environmental protection.

Following the form-follows-function approach, Hoka now has been developing shoes for 10 years. In these shoes, races were won and new world records were set. The outstanding cushioning in combination with the light weight of the shoe plays a special role. All patented elements which were incorporated into the original shoe still influence every shoe build today. That is what makes the difference of Hoka.


The super light, cushioned midsole comes in different thicknesses for different needs. It guarantees shock absorption, comfort and grip. Hoka wants to make walking even more pleasant, more comfortable for everyone, from the ultra-marathon runner to those who run to keep fit. Because everyone likes it pleasant.


The Meta Rocker Geometry, also known as the "wheeler for the feet", drives the runner forward and reduces the (height) difference between the heel and toe, rounding off the runner’s normal rolling cycle.


The Active Foot Frame ensures that the heel and foot are deeply embedded in the sibilant sole. This way the foot is guided without the need for aids or other elements that restrict the foot. The Active Foot Frame works like a bucket seat in a racing car and keeps the foot securely in place.


Dynamic Stability with the Hoka J-Frame, which is based on the functionality of the Active Foot Frame. It is rounded off by a thicker foam on the medial side - where the foot rolls in during overpronation - all the way to the tip of the shoe. The "J" shape extends to the lateral side of the heel with solid material. The Hoka J-frame provides support and protection while simultaneously guiding the foot, without the use of stiff, heavy materials.


Profly is a dual density midsole: it is softer at the heel for an optimal cushioned landing. The foam on the forefoot provides propulsion and yielding landing with a reactive roll-off behaviour.