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For freeriders who love to go off-track with their touring equipment, the essential safety equipment should consist of a shovel, probe, tracker beacon and avalanche airbag. Due to its importance in the case of an emergency, it should be self-explanatory to cast a special eye on the quality and reliability of the avalanche shovel.  

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Avalanche shovels at Sport Conrad

Avalanches can quickly become a problem, especially off the groomed slopes. As a freerider or ski tourer, you must be prepared for emergencies. Therefore, in addition to the optimal clothing, avalanche safety equipment is a must. The avalanche shovel is, in addition to avalanche probe and avalanche transceiver, one of the most important components in your ski backpack. Discover your perfect avalanche shovel now at Sport Conrad!

The avalanche shovel - An important companion in all emergencies

For every freerider or ski tourer, a good avalanche shovel is an absolute must. If an avalanche should occur during one of your ski tours and people get buried under snow, the avalanche shovel saves valuable time that the buried person does not have. Because the chances of survival of a buried person decrease with every minute that passes. Without a suitable shovel, it is almost hopeless to uncover buried people because avalanche snow is very compact and has a higher density than ordinary snow. Clearing away the snow with bare hands is therefore almost impossible.
Avalanche shovels are therefore used to free buried persons as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Some shovel models differ in their basic design, the material used, such as aluminum or carbon, as well as various additional functions that can be useful in an emergency. But in the end, all shovels are about freeing the buried person as quickly and as efficiently as possible. At Sport Conrad you will find exactly the right avalanche shovel for your avalanche equipment.


Everything under control with the perfect avalanche shovel

To be able to act quickly and efficiently in an emergency, the right avalanche shovel is crucial. The avalanche shovels must not be too heavy and must fit well in your skitouring backpack. In addition to stable and especially break-resistant material and easy handling, a good grip and a suitable shovel blade are also very important so that the avalanche shovel can be used optimally.

D- and T-shaped grips for your shovel

A suitable handle is essential for the ideal leverage of the avalanche shovel. A distinction is made between the T-handle and the D-handle. The T-handle is usually lighter and thus saves energy during shoveling and transport. Due to its shape, it is also more compact and keeps the pack size low. The D-handle, on the other hand, is slightly ahead in terms of efficiency. Various manufacturers of avalanche shovels rely on a so-called C-handle for their models, which combines the advantages of both shapes and thus offers maximum efficiency. The designations of the handles refer to their shape. Which shovel handle you choose depends on your individual feeling.

Adjustable shafts make the difference

There are also differences in the shafts of an avalanche shovel. A distinction is made between non-adjustable and adjustable shafts. The advantage of an adjustable one, also called "telescopic shaft", is that it has a small pack size but can be folded out in an emergency to increase leverage when digging. Many shafts also have a more oval cross-section, which helps to improve power transmission and increase stability. Many avalanche shovels also have rubber linings on this part of the shovel for even more stability, especially if you're wearing gloves.


The right blade for shovels

In the efficiency of an avalanche shovel, the shovel blade also plays an elementary role. It must have certain properties in order to function ideally in an emergency. This also includes the blade volume of the shovel. It should not be too small, so that you can remove enough snow, but also not too large, so that the weight of the snow´s mass on the shovel is not too high. In addition, the sidewalls should be sufficiently high so that snow and ice cannot slide off the side of the avalanche shovel. The blade edge must be sharp, especially in avalanche shovels, in order to penetrate hard and icy snow layers more easily.

The different functions of avalanche shovels

In addition to the main function of freeing buried persons, some avalanche shovels have additional features that facilitate the rescue. Some avalanche shovels have a reversible shovel blade and can thus be converted into a kind of axe, as well as additionally purchasable attachments with which they can be converted into a snow saw. This allows very hard avalanche snow to be loosened first and then transported away more easily.
In addition, some models are suitable for the extreme emergency to build a rescue sled, with which injured people can be transported away from the accident site. Which functions are suitable for your avalanche shovel depends on your own sense of safety.

avalanche tranceivers, probes and shovels - your Sport Conrad snow safety equipment

Before you set off on an adventurous off-piste ski tour, you should make sure that you are optimally prepared. Avalanches are a particularly great danger when freeriding and should not be underestimated. An avalanche shovel is therefore a must-have in your skitouring equipment. An avalanche shovel made of aluminum is usually very light, and can always be carried in your backpack. Find your avalanche shovel now from various top of the line brands at Sport Conrad!