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In 1923 began the history of the Bavarian company LOWA with the production of haferl shoes (traditional Bavarian shoes). Today, the company stands for highest quality „made in Germany“ and produces innovative shoes for outdoor sports.


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More about Lowa

Why is Lowa a WIR DENKEN UM brand?

The Bavarian company pursues a holistic sustainability strategy in the major fields of action: In the market, workplace, community, environment and supply chain. As a WIR DENKEN UM brand, LOWA stands out in the following ways:  

- The company is committed to accountability throughout the supply chain

- It prides itself on environmentally friendly, resource-saving production

- Lowa promotes fair working conditions and feels responsible for the people who manufacture and process Lowa products and intermediate products  

LOWA: Repair instead of throw away

At its headquarters in Jetzendorf, LOWA embraces a holistic approach to sustainability. The production sites in Slovakia, Italy, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia and the Czech Republic are of course also integrated into the CR process. The company has always made no compromises when it comes to quality. Only the best materials find their way into LOWA shoes. The quality shoe manufacturer ensures that this is the case by constantly testing all the materials on site in its own laboratory. The materials tested range from individual materials to laces, textiles or even complete shoes. Whereas many material tests were previously conducted by external laboratories, they have been conducted in the company's own laboratory since the beginning of 2020. LOWA also guarantees longevity by providing repairs and resoles in three service workshops that are usually working close to capacity. In 2019, more shoes were resoled ever before – an absolute record and a sign that the Jetzendorfers’ commitment to sustainability is being received well.

LOWA and the passion for good shoes

Back in the days, founder Lorenz Wagner produced haferl shoes in pure manual work using a special production method from the mountains. The company quickly positioned itself as the market leader in the German-speaking countries as well as the Benelux countries. Mountaineering boots for demanding high alpine tours, hiking and trekking boots, approach shoes and winter boots: LOWA produces the ideal footwear for women, men and kids. In addition, LOWA has even developed special shoes for backpacking. These are particularly robust and suitable for long marches with heavy luggage.

The mountain/alpine boots from LOWA, such as the Weisshorn GTX, withstand extreme conditions. Due to the stable shaft and the stiff sole, the shoes have a strong stabilizing effect and therefore provide optimum support. Furthermore, the alpine boots of LOWA have a very good insulation and keep the feet warm even at altitudes of over 8000 m. Since these shoes are particularly high equipped, they are quite heavy and have a sophisticated lacing.

The LOWA trekking boots - for example the Camino trekking boots - are particularly suitable for hiking tours that do not lead into high mountain regions. These hiking boots offer safe hold when walking in the terrain, but are much lighter and therefore more comfortable than the mountain boots from LOWA. For long trips with heavy baggage, backpacking shoes, such as the Tibet model, are best suited as the extra stiff sole provides excellent walking stability.

The All Terrain shoes from LOWA are lightweight multifunctional shoes and can be used for many different activities. The All Terrain Classic (ATC) shoes, however, are most suitable for easy day tours or walks, whereas the All Terrain Sport (ATS) shoes are ideal for faster activities such as speed hiking, mountain biking or mountain running. Even though models such as the Renegade III or Innox Evo Approach shoes offer a lot more support than ordinary sneakers, for longer trips in off-road terrain, hiking boots are rather recommended.

LOWA combines quality and comfort with functionality and safety

LOWA is never satisfied with the second best, neither in the materials used, nor in the finished shoes or when it comes to their services. This results in the company's guiding principle to produce products of uncompromising quality. This quality is intended to offer enthusiastic mountain lovers not only maximum comfort, but also safety. Highest precision in the development and production of the world-famous LOWA shoes ensures a sure foot in the terrain. Whether for mountaineering, hiking or trekking, the company's products offer the ideal functionality for every application.

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