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Snowboard Boots

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In order to enjoy your board adventures on and off the slopes for as long as possible, it is enormously important that you have the right equipment. And what could be more important than good snowboard boots? Which kind of different models there are and what you should look for when buying, we will explain to you here.

The right size

It's kind of obvious: your boot just has to fit really well. The easiest way is to know your foot length in centimeters, then you can use the Mondopoint system (Mondopoint corresponds to the foot length). Your street shoe size may differ from your street boot size - you may need one size larger or smaller in the snowboard boot. If you have a boot on for the first time, it should not be too loose and soft, but tight - and it may even feel quite tight. That's ok, the boots will widen a bit with time. Just don't let the boot hurt, nor should it feel uncomfortable. When you lean forward with properly laced boots, your heel should not lift; when you lean back and stand on your heels, your toes should not touch the front.

Additionally, invest in good snowboard socks - they are padded in the important places and perfectly fit your foot and boot. And we recommend that you walk in your boots a couple of times before you go out for the first time - the inner boot has to adapt to your foot first.

Your Riding Level and Style

Which boots you need is directly related to your skill level and riding style. As a beginner you need a different boot than an advanced rider, for freestylers other functionalities are important than for freeriders and powder hunters. Basically, all snowboard boots that come into question are soft boots. Hardboots, which are equipped with a hard outer material, are often used for racing or extreme carving in alpine environment.

For real fun you need the right boots

Boots for beginners

For your first carves on the snowboard, it is first important that your snowboard boot is comfortable and keeps your feet warm. It should not be too stiff so that you can bend your knees over your toes more easily - this makes it easier for you to perform your movements and control your board in the beginning. Ankles and calves are still adequately protected, though.

Advanced Boots

As an advanced rider, you need a stiffer boot that lets you ride faster and gives you more stability on all terrains. So-called all-mountain boots are a good choice for you. They allow you to make responsive turns and enjoy long days in the snow.

Boots for freestylers

Your favorite places are parks, pipes, rails and kickers? You need a boot with a soft lining and good cushioning, a boot that absorbs shocks well and has good leverage. The flex should not be too stiff and the boot rather soft.

Boots for freeriders

Powder, powder, powder. You prefer to move off-piste and plow through untouched slopes? You need sturdy boots that provide the necessary grip and support - and boots that allow you to walk over rocky parts or through snow. A Vibram sole, for example, will serve you well here.

Your snowboard boot must absolutely fit your binding and your board. Pay attention to compatibility. In addition, your boot should in no case protrude over the board, if you have large feet, you should think about a wide board.

The right lacing system

When it comes to the lacing system, you're spoiled for choice: traditional lacing, quick lacing system, a combination of both or a Boa system? On the one hand, it depends on how you practice your favorite sport - but above all, on what you personally like and what you get along best with.

Traditional lacing

This lacing system is very classic, just like normal shoes - only more robust. You can lace the way you like it and most of the time the boots are also a bit cheaper. The lacing is easy to use and you can easily change the laces when new ones are due. Of course, tying them takes a little longer and you'll need a little strength to get everything tight. You may also have to take off your gloves to tie them, and the lacing can loosen up over the course of the day.

Speed lacing systems

They come in a variety of styles, the most popular being the Quicklace system. Here, there are two separate lacing systems: one for the instep and one for the ankle area. You pull the lacing with a small handle as tight as you need it and then clamp it. This is quick and easy and you can also leave your gloves on. Disadvantages here are that this lacing may also loosen over the day and that the laces are not quite so easy to repair and replace.

BOA system

The BOA system is a very unique closure system. Here, the boots have one to three knobs to tighten the laces. This is super fast, even with gloves. Your boot fits tight and you can easily adjust it to your preferences.

There are Single Boa systems (only one lace to tighten) or Double Boa (laces for instep and for upper ankle area separately). However, the repair of this system can only be done by a professional. The system offers a lot of comfort, but makes the boots more expensive.

Find the right flex

The flex of snowboard boots says how flexible the boots are - rather flexible or rather stiff? The lower the flex, the softer the boots, the more maneuverable you are on the move. The harder the boot, however, the higher the power transfer to your board.

Soft flex

Between 1 and 3 you can talk about a soft flex. These snowboard boots are rather flexible and soft. Especially for beginners but also for freestylers, these shoes are suitable. For turns you need less power, tricks are easier to implement and usually the shoes are also quite comfortable, which promises you and your feet long fun snowboarding.

Medium Flex

4 to 7 indicates a medium flex. The perfect middle ground for many boarders. The slightly harder flex gives you more support in the boots, so it suits more advanced all-mountain riders as well as freestylers who dare to do the big jumps.

Hard Flex

Anything between 7 and 10 falls under hard flex. These snowboard boots are made for aggressive terrain and will have you hurtling down the slopes like the wind. They provide good control of your board because the power transmission is better. Especially for backcountry rides and thus also for splitboard boots, this flex is of great advantage.

Find snowboard boots at Sport Conrad

In our online store you will find boots for men, snowboard boots for women and for kids. You can choose between different colors and styles and of course you will find the top brands like Burton, Nitro, Rome, K2 or Deeluxe.

And now: Have fun shredding!