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Snowboard-sunglasses at Sport Conrad

Riding their snowboard, winter sports enthusiasts like to go off-piste through the finest deep snow. But snowboarders also have fun on the slopes. However, when the sky is bright and blue, the sun and its UV rays can quickly become a problem. Also wind and small particles or snow that get into the eyes can cause further problems. If one is still on the board the problem is usually solved by ski/snowboard goggles, but when you take these off however - for example, during a stop for refreshments or on the way to or from the ski area, the whole thing looks different again. Snowboard sunglasses are the solution. Find now the perfect sunglasses for snowboarding in the online store of Sport Conrad!

Snowboard-sunglasses with UV-protection

Snowboard sunglasses provide lasting clear vision, whether in deep snow or on the slopes, or just during the break, and at the same time guarantee safe protection from snow and sunlight. Especially on white snow, UV light has a very glaring effect and can damage the eyes. Therefore, sunglasses for snowboarders are an absolute must among the accessories in the snow. In our range we have different models in modern designs and with different properties, but all glasses offer reliable UV protection.

However, the snowboard sun glasses not only protect against the sun, but also solid particles and snow, which can get into the eyes due to wind or falls, are kept away by these high-quality glasses.

Mulit-functional snowboard-sunglasses

Sunglasses for snowboarding primarily offer you protection and safety and provide a clear view. So that not only in bright sunshine on the slopes or in deep snow the driving fun is guaranteed, there are different models that also provide a clear view in bad weather conditions. So that comfort and the right light transmission are important factors when choosing your new glasses.

Our products in the category of sunglasses for snowboarding promise high quality and a variety of features that offer you various advantages.


The lenses of the goggles must be particularly resistant to impact damage, blows and shocks. On a snowboard, you can easily end up on the slope or in deep snow. If the lenses then break, this is not only unfavorable for further travel, it can also be dangerous for the eyes. Fogging up of the goggles can also become an obstacle, especially at high speeds. Many manufacturers therefore use additional ventilation slots and special anti-fog coatings that prevent fogging from the inside of the lenses. Also pay attention to the size of the lenses so that the sunglasses provide  the necessary protection for your eyes. Wide lenses, for example, increase the downward field of vision.

You're not always lucky enough to be snowboarding under blue skies and lots of sun. For bad weather conditions or different light conditions, there are also special tints that emphasize contrasts in the snow and thus provide more protection.
Sunglasses with photochromic lenses offer special comfort here. The tint automatically adjusts to the light conditions. However, it can take take a few seconds until the lenses have reached the appropriate tint.

The frame

Similar to the lenses of the snowboard sunglasses, the frame should also be robust and unbreakable. Particularly high comfort is provided by non-slip materials, such as an additional rubber coating on the nose and temples. This guarantees a perfect hold even with high perspiration. At the same time, the frames of the sunglasses should be very light and not obstruct the view. Very common are semi-rimless frames that remain open at the bottom. But also glasses with a continuous frame are available in our online store and offer all-round protection for the
lenses. In many frames, a ventilation system is also built in, which ensures an optimal climate under the glasses.

For the perfect goggles, the frame should not be too tight, but also not too wide on the face. The best snowboard sunglasses permanently ensure an unrestricted field of vision, no matter what the weather.

The right level of translucence for snowboard sunglasses

In addition to adequate UV protection, light transmission also plays an important role in sunglasses for snowboarders. There are four categories that determine how much light is filtered by the glasses. Category 1 to 2 filter only about 47% light, with some category 2 goggles also reaching up to 87%. These glasses are most suitable for cloudy days with only light sunlight. Category 3 glasses, on the other hand, are more made for blue skies and bright sunshine. For snowboarders who are at higher altitudes or on glaciers, on the other hand, goggles with a light transmission of category 4 are optimal.

The protection category should therefore depend primarily on the actual area of use and the prevailing weather conditions.

The difference between snowboard-sunglasses and snowboard goggles

While sunglasses primarily provide protection from the sun and UV light, special snowboard goggles are more suitable for protecting against foreign objects or when riding through deep snow. Sunglasses for snowboarders are held only by light temples and can thus be put on and taken off quickly and easily. At the same time the sunglasses provide a permanently pleasant climate in the face, because the air can circulate very well behind the lenses.

In conventional snowboard goggles, on the other hand, the area around the eyes is widely sealed by lenses, frame and padding. Also, the snowboard goggles are attached to the helmet with an elastic band and promise a permanently good grip, for example, in case of falls or rapid rides in deep snow. The different models in our assortment can be found in the category snowboard goggles.

Depending on the weather, it is therefore advantageous to carry both snowboard goggles and additional sunglasses with you in bright sunshine.

Sunglasses for snowboarders of all your favourite brands at Sport Conrad

Our products offer innovative technologies and high quality to give you a perfect vision, whether on or off the slopes. In our assortment we have different models of top brands, such as Oakley, Pit Viper, 100% or Bliz, which convince with their features but also modern designs. When buying your sunglasses for snowboarding, make sure that the glasses are compatible with the helmet and do not squeeze or are too loose. Only perfectly fitting sunglasses guarantee safety and intensify the driving fun. Find the ideal snowboard sunglasses now for men and women online at Sport Conrad!