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Boot Bags

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Boot bags at Sport Conrad

Anyone who is a skier knows - you need a lot of equipment for a day in the snow. And ski boots, of all things, are admittedly among the somewhat bulkier items. To make transport easier, it's best to reach for a special ski boot bag. This not only makes carrying much easier, but also serves as protection for your ski boots. So that not only your boots stay clean and dry but at the same time your car does not get scratches. In addition, you will find enough space in a boot bag to store additional products, such as snacks, your helmet or gloves. Even after the winter season, a ski boot bag is a practical helper. During the summer, you can store your equipment in the bag and protect it from sunlight and dirt. Therefore, every ambitious winter sportsman should own a ski boot bag in addition to a ski bag, in which skis and ski poles can be transported and stored. But snowboarders also get their money's worth with a ski boot bag, because most boot bags are designed so that they can be used for both ski boots and snowboard boots. You can find the right boot bag for you in our online range at Sport Conrad! So nothing stands in the way of a day on the slopes without heavy and complicated transportation.

The numerous variants of boot bags

Today, there are ski boot bags in numerous variants. The Sport Conrad assortment ranges from small bags to large backpacks. The practical companions are also available in many colors and designs. This large offer can seem overwhelming at first glance. With this guide, we therefore offer you an overview of which sizes are available and which bag is best suited for which purpose. This way you can easily find the right boot bag for your needs.

Smaller versions of the ski boot bag are designed so that your boots can be transported in a space-saving way. In addition, the bags reliably protect your car from scratches. Without a lot of bells and whistles, they are about the same size as the shoes themselves. For easy carrying, they usually have an adjustable shoulder strap and an additional carrying handle.
In comparison, slightly larger ski boot bags usually also have a helmet compartment. In this compartment you can not only store the helmet itself, but also other accessories, such as your goggles, your gloves and a snack or two. Shoe bags of this size can be worn either with a shoulder strap or even on your back. Especially if you are not traveling with your own car, but have a way with bus or train ahead of you, these bags are practical. They offer enough space for almost all of your equipment. If you now also have a ski bag for your skis and poles, you are well equipped for an uncomplicated journey.
When you are travelling to a race or training you should reach for a large backpack. These spacious backpacks convince with numerous details. They not only offer space for your shoes and helmet, but also have additional compartments for drinks, a snack and even clothes. They usually also feature key rings and address cards to avoid confusion with your teammates. You can easily place your sturdy backpack next to the slope in the snow during training and have all your products at hand. The straps allow you to comfortably carry your equipment in the boot backpack on your back and whiz down the slopes with it after training.

Heated boot bags

If you get cold easily there is a very special solution: heated ski boot bags. They keep your ski boots cozy and warm and are especially popular with women. Either at home or just quickly in the car on the way to the ski slope, your ski boots can be brought to the right operating temperature thanks to special adapters. So you never have to deal with cold feet again. In addition, getting into your boots is made easier because the plastic becomes softer and more flexible due to the heat. A win-win solution!

Robust and clever companions

All boot bags have ventilation systems so that fresh air gets to your boots and they are supported in drying. The bags are made of robust synthetic fiber - so snow and moisture cannot harm them. Since the bottom is extra reinforced, ski boot bags can be easily parked next to the slopes in the snow without getting soaked. 

Brands at Sport Conrad

Boot bags are together with the ski bag your practical companion for an uncomplicated journey to the ski resort and a must-have for every winter sportsman - whether on skis or on the snowboard. At Sport Conrad you can find ski boot bags in every price segment and from numerous brands. So there is a suitable bag for every budget and every taste. Thanks to the many color variations and details, every winter sports enthusiast can also choose the design that best suits their requirements and needs. The purchase of a shoe bag is worth it all. Whether you choose a cheaper version or a large multifunctional backpack - you won't regret this purchase. Because with a ski boot bag you protect your boots from damage and have a great storage in the summer months.