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Ski Jackets


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Buying ski jackets at Sport Conrad

What could be better than plowing through fresh snow on skis or snowboard? To be well prepared for a fun winter sports day on or off the slopes, you need good equipment and above all: the right clothing. The ski jacket is especially important - it keeps you warm, protects you from wind, moisture and the chill, but must not be too bulky or heavy. Here you will find the most important information about what you need to consider when buying a ski jacket and which models you can find at Sport Conrad.


A ski jacket has to be robust, weatherproof - and of course it has to match your style. There are five main features and characteristics you can look for:

Thermal insulation
Sounds logical, but it's not that easy: there are of course different models made of different materials with different functions. For example, there are ski jackets that are waterproof hardshells or that come with down or synthetic fiber filling, jackets with wool insulation, fleece jackets and padded jackets. It all depends on what you're actually up to in the mountains.

Breathability means that no moisture gets in, but your sweat is transported to the outside so you don't overheat. This also prevents your body from getting too cold afterwards. It's super practical if your ski jacket has ventilation zippers, for example under the armpits - so you can regulate your body temperature without having to constantly get dressed and undressed.

Windproof and waterproof
The jacket should be windproof in any case - when you're speeding down the snow slopes, you need to be protected from the wind. Even in windy weather or during lift rides, for example, you are well protected.

You don't necessarily need waterproof jackets - unless you're also skiing when it's snowing or raining. Or maybe you're skiing in really deep snow and are constantly in contact with it. Otherwise, a water-repellent jacket will suffice.

The ski jacket must fit your body...
A good fit is really important: the jacket must be the right size and offer you a high degree of freedom of movement. Try them all on and look around at different brands. The jacket should leave enough room for you to wear base- and midlayers and possibly a sweater. From a functional point of view, the jacket should not be cut too wide, but of course that depends on your style and your preferences, too.

...and it must fit your needs
Different styles, designs, colors, cuts, there are no limits to your preferences. But you should not only pay attention to whether your jacket might match your ski pants, your ski boots and your beanie - much more important is what the jacket has to offer you.
Important here are some details: Very practical and useful especially for ski and snowboard jackets is the snow skirt. You will find this on the inside of the jacket, which is usually closed by a snap and prevents wind or snow from getting under the jacket.
Ski goggle and ski pass pockets are other features your jacket needs. Some ski jackets even have an integrated goggle cleaning cloth in one pocket.
A helmet-compatible hood offers several advantages, on one hand the hood protects against wind and cold, on the other hand the ski helmet fits under the hood and the view is not restricted. 
Adjustable cuffs which fit your your ski gloves can prevent unpleasant cold or a wet feeling inside. The chin guard on the collar zipper is also important, as the skin is often a bit more susceptible to friction when it's wet and cold outside.
Some ski jackets have integrated Recco reflectors that can increase the possibility of being found in case of an avalanche accident - the more a jacket has, the better. But be aware: These can never replace an avalanche transceiver!

The ski jacket must fit your needs.


Do you ski a lot on the slopes? Do you ski off-piste and love powder? Or are you mostly found at fun parks? Do you ski only occasionally or regularly? Depending on how you pursue your winter passion, different features of your ski jacket are important.

Piste skiers

If you're the piste type, you'll ideally need an insulation ski jacket, as you'll need insulation above all else for long descents during wintry temperatures and when queuing at the lift. In dry conditions, this can be a down jacket, but in wet weather conditions, you should rather go for a synthetic fiber jacket, as it offers better thermal insulation in wet conditions. Having a snow guard on the jacket here offers the advantage that the jacket fits well and little cold air and snow can penetrate from below. In addition, the jacket should fit a little tighter, because your ski run better and your performance is increased when you are more streamlined.

Backcountry and Freerider

Are you more of a freerider? Then you probably come into contact with deep snow more often, which is why a thinner hardshell jacket has some advantages here. Good breathability, plenty of freedom of movement, low weight and robust material are features of these ski jackets. They are also wind- and waterproof. Since you might have to hike a bit to your first powder run, you should focus mainly on breathability of the jacket, with details like ventilation zippers. Some manufacturers also offer ski jackets that can be fixed to your ski pants for continuous protection. This way, you're safe from snow penetration on your powder runs. To avoid freezing with a thinner hardshell jacket, you should dress according to the layer principle and wear warm, quick-drying functional underwear. You might also like to take an insulating jacket for your breaks.


Freestylers need a padded ski jacket, because on a kicker you might have to wait and you are more exposed to the cold. It is also important to have a jacket that allows you to move freely. In addition, you have to look cool as a real freestyler. That's why you can try jackets that have a more casual cut and go with baggy-style pants.


What is the best way to wash and care for your ski jacket? Our tip: First of all, follow the manufacturer's instructions. Then nothing can go wrong. In general - close zippers and Velcro fasteners, turn inside out if necessary, use a mild detergent and no fabric softener.


At Sport Conrad you will find jackets for women, men and children, in all sizes, colors and styles. Top brands like Norrøna, Ortovox, Vaude, Elevenate, Armada or Picture offer you very good quality. No matter which ski sport you practice, you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for in our online store.