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General UPS / DHL delivery times are as follows:

Germany (DHL / UPS for bulky goods): 3-4 work days  

Belgium: 3-4 work days

Bulgaria: 4-5 work days

Denmark: 3-4 work days  

Finnland: South   5-6 / North 7-8 work days  

France: 4-5 work days  

Italy: North 3-4 / South 4-5 work days  

Netherlands: 3-4 work days  

Norway: South   5-6 / Mid 6-7 / North 7-8 work days  

Austria: 3-4 work days  

Poland: 3-4 work days

Romania: 4-5 work days

Sweden: South  4-5 / Mid 5-6 / North 7 work days  

Switzerland: 3-5 work days  

Slovakia: 4-5 work days

Slovenia: 4-5 work days

Spain: 4-5 work days

Czech Republic: 3-4 work days
United Kingdom: 5-8 work days

Express delivery by UPS

If you're in a hurry, please use our Express Service. Express UPS delivery time will be one work day earlier than UPS standard shipment. Exceptions (amongst others): Northern Scandinavia, Southern Italy

For Express Service, the following restrictions apply:

·  payment method is credit card only

·  delivery time: monday-friday (working days)

·  no guaranteed delivery times. In case of non-performance: money back guarantee!

·  for countries not in the EU (like Switzerland or Norway) order value must be < € 1000,-

·  Express Service for cartridges is not possible. They will be shipped separately by DPD 

We do our best to ship as fast as possible. Of course, delivery can be faster - but also slower. In certain times like the pre-Christmas period or when we offer specials like "free shipping", delivery times can prolong. Please take this into consideration and take the above mentioned times as a rough guideline!