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christmas gifts for ski-touring enthusiasts

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Gifts for ski tourers at Sport Conrad

Everyone knows it – Christmas, a birthday or the anniversary are just around the corner, but the right gift is still missing. So that this doesn't happen to you, Sport Conrad provides gift ideas for different occasions. Your friends, your partner are often found on mountain tours, love nature and snow? Then let us inspire you with gifts for ski tourers and find practical and helpful items in our online shop.

Gifts for mountain lovers: from freeriders to racers

As with most sports, there are different types of ski tourers. Whether a fresh beginner or a true professional on skis, you should ask yourself the question of how your touring friend is on the move. Is your mountain friend more ascent-oriented, to train condition or is it surely rather an all-rounder, who simply likes to have fun in the mountains? Are you dealing with a freerider who is looking for fun off-piste? Or are you giving the gift of a racer, whose goal is to get the climb behind him as quickly as possible and then enjoy the rapid descent? No matter what kind of ski tourer you are, Sport Conrad is sure to have the right gift tip for you.

Gift ideas for ski touring

When ski touring, it is important to always be well-prepared. It doesn't matter whether you are on the slopes or off them. When touring, you need not only the right clothes, but also the right equipment. From helmets to ski socks, it is important that both, beginners and professionals are well-equipped.
So that you hit the mark with your next gift and can support your touring enthusiast in the best possible way, we have put together a few gift ideas from our store.
If you are unsure about the right size, not sure what will be the most fun or have a long list of gift ideas from our store, then just give a gift certificate! Let the recipient choose for themselves from the products on our website.


Being properly equipped in the mountains is important to protect yourself from all eventualities on every ski tour. Especially in the race area, injuries can occur more quickly, but accidents can also happen on any slope. Helmets protect against injuries in case of falls and should always be worn: A helmet is therefore always a good gift idea.
But not only helmets are indispensable, the right clothing should also be worn on all tours. Insulation clothing, gloves, headbands, or insoles should be worn when ski touring, so that the tour becomes a pleasure. It is significant to pay attention to materials that are breathable, protect the wearer from moisture and warm at the same time, while of course the wearing comfort should not be left out of sight.
Backpacks are also not only practical on ski tours, but quite essential. Space for snacks, an insulating jacket and, above all, avalanche equipment should always be present. So that nothing gets lost on the tours and everything can be taken along, the backpack should be large enough, but not too heavy. An excessively heavy backpack would hinder rather than help. Whether one-day or multi-day tours, backpacks should not only offer space and be light, but also have a trick or two. For example, a helmet net is advantageous, but also a cell phone compartment, adjustable straps, separate compartments for eg safety equipment and also a good and easy access to these compartments can be advantageous and should therefore be considered.

Skis and poles

It is hardly surprising that skis and ski poles are always a good gift tip for tourers. So that nothing goes wrong in the snow, the appropriate skis should be chosen. Here again should be distinguished in what kind of tourers should be gifted, because here you have to pay attention to the average width of the skis. You can guide your choice by the product characteristics of our offered touring skis. For additional information, you should look at the description of our products, there you will usually also find the areas of application listed. Of course, the right ski poles also belong to the skis. Whether for the ascent or the descent, ski poles should not be too heavy and individually adjustable, so that the poles are not too short or too long in the end.

as an insider tip... can also find sets for kids from Nordica, Dynafit and Atomic on our website. Equipped with skis, bindings, ski touring adapters and optional poles, we also prepare small touring skiers for the next ski tour through the mountains with our practical sets.

Avalanche equipment
No ski tourer wants to experience avalanches – but equipment for emergencies must always be with you. Avalanche shovels are needed to uncover a buried person in an emergency. To remove the masses of snow should happen namely particularly quickly and would not be possible without an avalanche shovel. Therefore, it should also always have a place in the basic equipment of any tour.
An avalanche transceiver should also be on every ski tour. The avalanche transceiver should also be an integral part of the equipment of a ski tourer in addition to the avalanche shovel, and is therefore ideal as a gift idea. Another gift idea would be a probe, the importance of this is often underestimated, but can be a lifesaver in an emergency. In addition, you can carry a clinometer, because to measure the slope of a slope can be crucial to assess the avalanche danger on a tour. To ensure optimal safety on any tour, avalanche equipment should always be complete.

Perfect gift ideas for ski tourers at Sport Conrad

To make your loved one's next ski tour a success, we offer versatile and high-quality products in our online store. From helmets and backpacks to the indispensable avalanche gear - we offer you various items for every occasion. Click through our site and find Christmas gifts, put together a small gift set for your mountain friend right away or surprise your friends on their birthday. If you are not sure with what you could give the greatest pleasure, then give a gift certificate for our store, so that your tourer has free choice from our products. So that the next ski tour is a success, you will find the best gifts for ski tourers at Sport Conrad.