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Bike Pants

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You are looking for the perfect bike pants?

Who does not know that, after some time on the bike saddle begins to
the butt begins to hurt and even the next day it often still feels
as if you had a bruise - very unpleasant! Unfortunately, this can spoil the
most beautiful bike tour spoil and first remains the bike until you can sit
can sit on it again without pain.  
But this does not have to become the rule, because with the right
bike shorts, this unpleasant problem will soon be a thing of the past. Who
frequently rides a bike, you can not avoid buying cycling pants. It
is the only piece of clothing you really need for longer distances.
When it comes to cycling pants, it's definitely not "jacket like pants" because it's also
the most delicate piece of clothing in cycling - that really has to fit perfectly!
No matter which cycling sport is your passion, there are the
most different bike pants for all types. A racer, for example, needs
a different pair of pants than a mountain biker, for example, and a woman
of course a different pants as the man. Meanwhile, there is also a large range of cycling pants for children.

Wear tight when racing

The perfect pair of road cycling shorts really fits like a second skin
skin, as they must not be a disturbing factor. Nevertheless, they must be very elastic,
comfortable and robust, and the cycling shorts must never constrict or cut in.
cut in - then rather reach for a number larger. This is the only way to ensure optimum
freedom of movement at high speeds and long distances is given and the aerodynamic
also, the aerodynamic properties do not come thereby too briefly. Perfect
perfectly fitting road bike shorts have only a low to no air resistance and thus provide
and thus provide a pleasant driving experience and best performance.
Due to the constant movement are reinforcements in the crotch and
thigh area are an absolute must. Seams in the padding area can be a
chafing point, which is why it is also important to ensure that the
seams are very flat or not present at all.

With or without straps?

The intended use is decisive here. Especially with
road bike pants there is a huge selection and here the question arises whether a
pants with or without straps should be chosen. Straps can increase the riding comfort
increase, because they have a better fit, a slipping of the bicycle pants counteract
counteract and always sit firmly in place. Bib shorts do not have a waistband
in the abdominal area, which could cut or unpleasantly press and the
kidney area always remains pleasantly warm.
From experience, bib shorts are not so popular with women, because they
in the chest area of the straps as disturbing and a strapless bike pants
in case of a "pee break" can be taken off faster. Maloja offers a
Neckholder bib shorts to also offer women a comfortable strap solution. Also
other brands such as Gore Wear, Scott and Castelli offer in their collection women-friendly
designs in their collection, so that women cyclists can also enjoy a comfortable
bib shorts come.

The right bike pants for mountain bikers

The cut of cycling shorts for mountain bikers is completely different. Because
to be able to move agilely on downhills and trails, a slightly wider
fit is important in order to guarantee sufficient freedom of movement and to keep
situation to keep the balance. On the inside, the cycling pants are
padded to provide optimum protection on the saddle. In summer, there are comfortable shorts that can be combined with leg warmers in winter
or you reach for thermal pants. The casual cut has the advantage that
MTB fans can wear the pants quite comfortably with knee protectors.
Mountain bike pants sit loosely, casually and are also a fashionable
fashionable eye-catcher. The top brands such as Dynafit, Maloja, Scott and
Vaude often offer the color matching jersey to the pants and combined with a cool helmet, you have the perfect bike outfit for the next tour.
Bicycle pants for mountain bikers are usually made of a particularly
and durable material, because the paths of the mountain bikers often cross
mountain biker are often crossed by branches, tree trunks and other objects.
The cycling pants for off-road must be one thing above all: robust
protective clothing.
The crotch area and the inner thigh area must also be reinforced to prevent the fabric from chafing in these areas. For this reason, disturbing seams in the buttocks area should also be avoided.

Kids bike pants

No matter whether the child makes the trails in the forest uncertain or whether he has fun
on the road bike - well-fitting bike pants are also important for children and their
children and their riding fun. Children in particular often spend hours in the
saddle, which is why it is important to choose a seamless and padded children's
bicycle pants.

There are bike pants for kids from the well-known brands in numerous sizes, colors and types for all seasons, the selection is very large. As with adults, it is important to pay attention to the Fit to pay attention - fits the bottom to the padding? And of course that the
Bicycle pants for the child are comfortable, and they are worn with pleasure.

Even the smallest ones want to look super cool in their bike pants, of course, but the functional aspects must not be forgotten. Durable, breathable and comfortable the pants should be, so that nothing stands in the way of the driving pleasure. In our store for kids bike pants is something for every taste.

Comfortable on tour with padding

Many adult and children's cycling pants are equipped with foam or gel pads sewn directly into the pants. The padding provides a certain shock absorption and for a high wearing comfort on your bike tours.

There are the seat cushions in different forms and materials
and materials, some manufacturers work ventilation channels into the seat cushion
and others use particularly breathable materials. Others supplement the seat cushion, for example, in the front area by a windproof extension, in order to protect the sensitive crotch area from cold wind.

MTB pants often have a removable inner pants with integrated
seat pad. Pants without a seat pad can be easily combined with a conventional
cycling underpants, so that you do not have to sacrifice the comfortable
Wearing comfort and the important protection in the crotch area to do without.

The Thickness of the padding has a decisive influence on the Wearing comfort, thick is not always good. For example, thick padding is a hindrance Triathlon hindering, here have proven thin seat padding to the cycling shorts on while running and even swimming. With removable seat pads, the cool cycling shorts can also be quickly and casually converted into
Leisure shorts are converted.

Short or long cycling shorts?

That is a question of the season, weather and personal
preferences. In midsummer and at mild temperatures of 10-20 degrees a
short cycling shorts or even three-quarter pants are often the most comfortable choice.
Even in cooler weather, you'll quickly work up a sweat on the bike.

In rain showers, strong winds or sudden changes in the weather changes, as is often the case in the mountains, you can always replace your short cycling shorts with a pair of long cycling shorts or overtrousers. In the cold season, in the fall and winter, you will be able to avoid wearing long, warm cycling shorts.
A question of the right material Robust, breathable, and moisture-wicking are the most
are the most common demands that should be placed on a pair of cycling pants.
Meanwhile, among the top brands of cycling pants, there is an enormous selection of highly developed types of fabric that provide a high level of comfort. Some pants have a thick silicone strip at the end of the leg to prevent them from riding up. Especially for men this can be uncomfortable, men in particular, as this can pull on the hair. Alternatively, you can use tighter legs, where the position is held solely by the elasticity of the fabric is held.


Which cycling shorts should I buy?

Before buying, you should consider what purpose your
cycling shorts will serve. Are you riding off-road on an MTB or are you
are you a road cyclist on the streets? For both sports, there are different
requirements that you should have for the perfect bike pants should have.
In addition, you should pay attention to the optimal fit and feel comfortable in the pants. Depending on the season and weather conditions, you will also have to an alternative pair of cycling shorts.
What should I wear under my cycling shorts?
It is recommended to wear cycling shorts directly against the skin, as
Underwear can create friction points due to their seams. Nevertheless
nothing against combining the cycling shorts with underwear - here it is
the most important thing is that you feel comfortable.
How and how often should I wash my cycling shorts?
Generally speaking, sportswear should be washed at regular intervals
to avoid unpleasant odors and bacteria, this also applies to your cycling shorts.
This of course also applies to your cycling shorts - especially if you wear them directly on your skin, they should be washed after every tour.  We recommend that you follow the manufacturer's care instructions and, if in doubt, wash the pants by hand.
How many cycling shorts do I need?
That depends on how often you sit on the bike. It is annoying
if you want to go on a spontaneous tour and the only bike pants you own are in the wash. For one bicycle tour per week, one pair of pants is even sufficient, who regularly up to 3 times a week tours turns should have at least two matching pants in the closet.  

Sustainability is very important to us!

For the sake of our customers and the environment, we want to be transparent about the sustainability of our products. Therefore, we have also classified our bike pants in different categories of sustainability. We'll tell you what some of the categories mean.

- Fair Wear: This seal denotes controlled trade, whereby producers receive a minimum price for their products. The price is determined beforehand by a fair trade organization.

- Bluesign: This seal pays special attention to textile safety aspects. All items that are processed at least 90% in certified factories are allowed to carry the Bluesign seal.
- PFC-free: PFC stands for dirt- and water-repellent impregnation without fluorocarbon compounds. These compounds are considered harmful to the environment and to health. PFC-free products, on the other hand, do not release harmful compounds.
- Recycled: Recycling is playing an increasingly important role in the production of outdoor clothing, apparel and hard goods. To keep track, we label products that are made from recycled materials. Many outdoor manufacturers use fully recycled or partially recycled materials. We give the category "recycled" to products when the main part of the item is made of recycled material.

Any questions?

No matter what time of the year you get on your bike or what cycling
which cycling sport drives you, we offer you in our Sport Conrad online store and a high
high quality, multifunctional and extensive brand assortment in the area of cycling pants. You want a personal consultation, have questions, or would like to try on the bike shorts on site? Then visit us, if it is possible for you, visit us in one of our stores and let us inspire you or use our contact form for an online consultation.
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