GAP Pub Bike Ride – Garmisch-Partenkirchen’s Mountain Bike Community

After our successful GAP Pub Run – running group and the GAP Pub Run Winter Edition – ski touring and cross-country skiing evening in Garmisch-Partenkirchen this summer, we are rolling out our own mountain biking community event – the GAP Pub Bike Ride.


Join Garmisch-Partenkirchen’s mountain bike community

Together with the experienced bike guides from our local partners the Rasenmäher we will explore the local trails around Garmisch-Partenkirchen, meet new friends, and reward ourselves with a refreshing beverage, or delicious snacks in the local mountain pub Lodge am Hausberg. Our GAP Pub Bike Ride starts May, 2019 and we will meet from there on.  The meeting point is Lodge am Hausberg at 6pm


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What kinds of trails will we be riding?

Each ride will depend on weather and of course on the riders! Our trusted partners the Rasenmäher will handpick the trails which will be suitable for every rider, panoramic meadow paths or more technical routes in the woods – that will depend on the riding group. If you are not that good of a rider you should join us anyway – because our GAP Pub Bike Ride is not about collecting elevation meters, it is about having fun and finding the flow on the trails. You should, therefore, bring your own mountain bike & helmet.


What about the weather conditions you ask?

If the weather is so bad, and the rain has impacted the trails so much that there is only puddles and mud left, we have a plan B. We will meet at the same place, at the same time and offer you valuable workshops: in things on how to care about your bike, how to manage basic repairs or how to bleed your brakes. All the necessities that every mountain biker should know. 


How to join the GAP Pub Bike Ride

  • Start:  May, 2020, exact dates will be announced shortly
  • Meetingpoint: The parking lot at Lodge am Hausberg
  • Finish: Lodge am Hausberg Garmisch-Partenkirchen
  • Distance:  15 – 25 km, 350 – 600 elev. meters, may vary
  • At any weather conditions ☀ ☁
  • A helmet is a must! Additional protectors are recommended
  • Bring your own mountain bike
  • No registration needed
  • Meet friends and fellow mountain bikers


For additional updates on trails, riding conditions and everything else about our GAP Pub Bike Ride you should definitely join our Facebook Group

If you are not sure about the right equipment, you are always more than welcome to browse through our online shop or visit one of our stores to get yourself ready for your next bike ride. 


Who are the Rasenmäher?

The Rasenmäher are a group of highly qualified and professional mountain biking guides, founded by two long-time mountain bike professionals Karen Eller and Holger Meyer  – who are located in our beautiful Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Except for their great knowledge of the local mountains, they are also experts when it comes to things like bike technique and finding the flow – to make your ride as much fun as possible. If you want to know more about our partners for the GAP Pub Bike Ride the Rasenmäher you should visit their homepage – or join one of their many mountain biking camps all across Europe or even in Canada.



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