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Colorful, innovative and functional - this is Norrøna! The Norwegian outdoor brand combines quality with design and also places great emphasis on social responsibility and sustainability.


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Why is Norrøna a WIR DENKEN UM brand?

It is Norrøna's conviction that sustainability is the only basis on which to run a business. As a WIR DENKEN UM brand, Norrøna stands out in the following ways:  

- The company is committed to accountability throughout the supply chain

- It prides itself on fair purchasing coupled with environmentally friendly and resource-saving production

- Norrøna is a member of the Ethical Trade Initiative and promotes fair working conditions throughout the value chain    


Without the sustainable commitment of brands like Norrøna, the world cannot continue to exist in its usual form. "Norrøna's ambition is to be a leader in the outdoor industry in terms of ecological and social responsibility" - this is how the Norwegian company formulates its claim. Transparency is a decisive factor here. This is why Norrøna communicates its own goals and their implementation very openly. The NorrønasResponisbility Roadmap 2029 sets out 10 important goals that the brand is determined to achieve. One component of this roadmap is sustainable products: "We can't design fashion that will be 'out' in six months. That would not be a sustainable product. A high-quality, timeless design and a long service life are crucial when it comes to environmentally friendly and responsible textiles." Norrøna is therefore setting 2029 - the brand's 100th anniversary - as a deadline: "By then, we need a purpose-driven plan and must be able to act and change direction to preserve the future of our planet."


Norrøna was the first company to launch the Gore-Tex jacket on the European market in 1979. However, the manufacture of products with the popular Gore-Tex membrane is just one of the many innovations of the Norwegian outdoor brand.

The first tunnel tent and the development of ergonomic standards for rucksacks can also be traced back to Norrøna 's innovative ideas.

Almost 40 years later, innovation is still an important part of the company today. The function of the products is always at the forefront, while the style and design of the functional clothing is kept minimalist. The weight of the various Norrøna items is also impressive due to its lightness .

The Norrøna range is based on the company's own design principle of Loaded Minimalism, but minimalist does not mean boring. The bold colors for which Norrøna is known make every item an eye-catcher.

In addition to innovation, tradition is also one of Norrøna's core values. The company has been family-owned since it was founded in 1929 and is currently managed by the fourth generation, Jørgen Jørgensen, the great-grandson and namesake of the founder.

Thissense of tradition is also evident in other areas, such as production.

The majority of the products are still made by hand - from design and cutting to sewing and gluing.


In 2020, Norrøna' s own factory was opened in Lithuania . It was built to make Norrøna's highly functional products even more sustainable. Norrøna's long-term vision is to automate more of its production. By moving the factories close to where they sell their products, the outdoor brand can shorten lead times and make production more flexible . This gives Norrøna the opportunity to respond quickly to high demand. At the same time, overproduction can be avoided. With the factory in Lithuania, the brand also wants to strive for the smallest ecological footprint , as solutions for the recycling of production waste will also be developed there.

At Norrøna, most of the work is done internally by dedicated Norrøna employees . The company has its own prototype factory right next to the office, where most of the products are developed on site: From fabric and clothing development to the design, construction and manufacture of the products. The internal ambassadors and employees even test the prototypes themselves. All marketing is also developed and implemented in-house by a Norrøna team. Most of the digital development of the systems, including the web store, is also carried out in-house. In this way, Norrøna ensures that not only the company itself remains in family hands, but that the entire Norrøna brand is shaped and further developed by its own team of employees


Originally specializing in backpacks, sleeping bags and tents, the company quickly developed into a leading company in the outdoor clothing sector. Today, the company primarily produces high-quality equipment for mountain sports. The focus is always on nature , which is Norrøna's most important source of inspiration. It is no coincidence that the various lines and collections of the popular outdoor brand are named after European nature reserves. However, the name given to a product is by no means a coincidence. Each product range has a specific reference to the area it is named after and has been designed and tested accordingly.


Norrøna has set itself the task of producing outdoor clothing that not only impresses with its functionality, but also with its durability . Whether hiking, mountaineering, trekking or even mountain biking - Norrøna develops products with style, function and sustainability in mind. Norrøna' s pants, jackets and T-shirts and accessories are not only designed to withstand the forces of nature during a wide range of outdoor activities, but also to protect our environment as much as possible.

To achieve this goal, the Norwegian company uses environmentally friendly and responsible fabrics as well as recycled synthetic and natural fibers. When using down, wool and leather, great importance is also attached to the use of animal-friendly and sustainable fabrics.

Equally high priorities at Norrøna are fair and appropriate working conditions and environmentally friendly transportation - air transport is avoided as far as possible. There is also a special focus on the durability of the products, because: "A new Norrøna product is great, but a ten-year-old Norrøna product is even better.