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Sustainability, responsibility for manufacturers, customers, employees and the environment aren't just a passing fad but have always been the basis of Schöffel´s business.

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Why is Schöffel a WIR DENKEN UM brand?

Schöffel has always focused on two priorities: people and their environment. They form the basis for the company’s sustainability strategy. As a WIR DENKEN UM brand, Schöffel stands out in the following ways:  

-  The company is committed to accountability throughout the supply chain.

-  It prides itself on ecologically friendly, resource-saving production and packaging and seeks to reduce its environmental footprint.

-  Schöffel promotes fair working conditions and has been awarded the Leader status of the Fair Wear Foundation.      

Sustainability is not a hobby

For Schöffel, sustainability is a way of life: "We are well aware of our responsibility for every impact our actions have on society and the environment. We conduct ourselves accordingly – and have done so for a long time." Accordingly, the company has its focus on four key areas: the product along with socially and environmentally friendly and sustainable services. Even though the medium-sized company often encounters limits, it is committed to shifting them in the interests of people and nature. Not only is this practiced at their headquarters in Schwabmünchen near Augsburg, but it is also practiced with regard to the employees at all the production facilities. Top quality products manufactured in a resource-saving manner are the most important lever. Garments are repaired, altered and reimpregnated at Schöffel’s Service Factory so they will last longer. Schöffel's mission is to offer people many unique outdoor experiences with a lasting impression. This requires sustainable and socially responsible behavior, a prerequisite for that confident and relaxed feeling of "Ich bin raus" in any given situation.

As one of the oldest Bavarian family companies with over 200 years of history thinking in long term forms is part of the company culture. The philosophy of Schöffel products already complies with the primacy of sustainability: high-quality, functional garments that last longer and are made of durable fabrics to save resources. Schöffel complies with established Oeko-Tex Standards in all stages of the production chain, including the preliminary stage (fabric and haberdashery suppliers).


1804 is the year of the beginning of Schöffel in Schwabmünchen. This year, Georg Schöffel got the comission for his knitwear. At that time, stockings, socks, nightcaps and the Swabian jelly bag cap were part of the assortment.

It was a hard time for Georg, when his son Josef had to go to war. But in the end he saved the life of Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig, who gave him, as a gratitude, a life-long annuity for life which Josef invested in his father's stocking trade. In 1960, the first clothing store was opened under Hubert Schöffel, the head of the company at that time. In addition, Hubert accepts a bankrupt leather trousers factory - the beginning of the production of street pants for children and men. A very important aspect in the history of Schöffel is the time when Hubert Schöffel notices the upcoming trend of hiking and therefore decides to specialize in outdoor apparel. He invested in a new factory and is already aware of its effects four years later. Schöffel is now market leader in the field of hiking clothing, anoraks and knee breeches.

Schöffel always has one thing in mind - people and their environment

Schöffel stands for quality, functionality and sustainability and the is not seen as a trend, but as a lived commitment. Schöffel is aware of its responsibility for any influence that its actions may have on society and the environment, consciously. In this respect, they also act - and not just since yesterday.

This is why Schöffel focuses on essential aspects:

- Their focus is on future generations. They therefore design with care and the origin of the raw materials, the processing and the distribution.

- Schöffel pays attention to fair dealings with one another, fair wages and provides good working conditions.

- On the product side, a long product life and reparability have always played an important role.

Schöffel's mission is to provide people with many unique and touching outdoor experiences that are unique to them.
to make this possible. This includes acting in a sustainable and socially correct manner. For the Schöffel company, this is absolutely Prerequisite for the sovereign and relaxed feeling of being out in every situation.

So: Be relaxed and experience nature in a self-determined way and without compulsion - together with Schöffel.