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An indispensable part of snowboarding: the snowboard jacket. It really has to offer everything - keep you warm and dry, be breathable, comfortable and practical, and look stylish too. It needs storage space, must guarantee freedom of movement, be robust. Is your head already spinning? So that you can choose your favorite jacket with peace of mind, here you get the ultimate buying tips from us.

Snowboard jackets: one function is a must

There is one function that is non-negotiable: your jacket must be waterproof. This is important so that you are sufficiently protected from moisture and stay dry in case of falls, deep snow diving or chilling in the snow park.

But what does waterproof actually mean?

The higher the water column of your jacket, the tighter it is. The attribute "waterproof" starts from a water column of about 5,000 mm. You can usually find jackets with water columns of 5,000 to 20,000 mm, then often with high-quality Gore-Tex material.

We recommend: If you also like to be on the move in adverse conditions, then you should invest at least in a snowboard jacket with 10,000 mm water column. Then you can be sure that snow and water will stay outside, at least in moderate snowfall. If even heavy snowfall, uncertain weather or even rain can't keep you away from your beloved sport, then better buy a jacket with 15,000 to 20,000 mm! These are then more expensive, but definitely worth the money.

Waterproof fabrics almost always have an outer fabric made of polyamide (nylon) or polyester, which is additionally impregnated. This is then connected with a waterproof and breathable inner membrane. With some materials, there is also a third layer of mesh fabric. This makes the jacket more durable and eliminates the need for an additional layer of fabric.

For a truly waterproof model, you should then also pay attention to sealed seams - for example, seam bonding or taping.

There are snowboard jackets for all ages!

It's also important for a waterproof jacket to be breathable - but fortunately that's more the rule than the exception. Breathable means how many grams of water vapor can escape from one square meter of fabric, and this property ensures that you don't swim in your own juice during exertion and also stay nice and dry on the inside.

How do you recognize breathability? Either the jacket has the attribute "breathable", or even better, there is a number attached to it. Breathability is then indicated either as MVP value or in grams. In both cases, the higher the value, the higher the breathability.

Warmth and snowboard jackets

If we say that your jacket must be waterproof, the question remains: how warm would you like it to be? Depending on your taste, there are pure hardshell jackets or insulated snowboard jackets.

Hardshell jackets
A hardshell jacket keeps you dry inside and out, but has no thermal performance. It is really just weather protection. The practical thing about it is: you can just throw the jacket on quickly in warmer weather and pack a warm layer underneath in cold conditions. The hardshell jacket is also great for extreme and wet conditions or long backcountry climbs off-piste.

Insulated Jackets
Can't stand the cold at all? Then check out insulated snowboard jackets. There are jackets with insulation filling or with removable insulation, for example a fleece layer.

The fit

If you look at the beginnings of snowboarding - everything was baggy style. This has now changed, there are many different designs and styles today and snowboard jackets are no longer so extremely different from ski jackets.

For example, you can choose an athletic cut that is tighter. Then there's the modern cut, which has pre-shaped inserts at the elbows and is cut a bit wider. And finally, of course, there's still the relaxed cut, which is cut wide and corresponds to the baggy style.

Which shape you choose is absolutely a matter of taste. The only important thing is: your jacket should not be too tight, because you should still have room for a layer underneath, the right size is crucial. And it should not be too short to provide sufficient protection from snow in case of falls.

What else should you look for when buying a snowboard jacket?

As we said, waterproofness is non-negotiable, breathability is important, everything else is a matter of taste. A jacket can have many more features that you can choose between:

• Detachable and/or pant compatible snow skirt
• Ventilation features with zipper
• Storage pocket for your goggles
• Front zip or half zip
• Front cargo pocket
• Wrist gaiters compatible with your gloves
• Hood: High collar with drawcord/helmet compatible

Most important: that you're warm and dry

Washing and care of your snowboard jacket

You don't necessarily have to take your snowboard jacket to the dry cleaner. You can also wash it yourself - but then please use a special detergent. The impregnation will also thank you if you renew it from time to time with an (eco) impregnation spray or impregnation detergent. Most importantly, always check the manufacturer's washing recommendations and stick to them. It is important not to wash the jacket over 30 degrees and not to use fabric softener.

Snowboard jackets at Sport Conrad

We hope we could bring some light into the darkness and help you with your purchase decision, so that you can practice your favorite sport without worry. In our online store you will find a wide selection of jackets for women, men and children, for piste, backcountry or park - and of course snowboard jackets for every taste. We also have top brands in the store, such as Armada, Burton, Devold or Picture. And now have fun shopping and shredding!