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La Sportiva

La Sportiva is constantly searching for innovative and purposeful solutions, to guarantee a product with the most demanding and advanced technical requirements

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More about La Sportiva

In the Twenties, Thirties and Forties, Narciso Delladio hand-crafted wooden clogs and leather boots for many lumber-jacks and farmers of the Fassa and Fiemme valleys, who trusted his skilled hands. Since the Fifties the company, which is still family-owned, is named "La Sportiva". Since then, "La Sportiva" is constantly searching for innovative and purposeful solutions, to guarantee a product able to meet the most demanding and advanced technical requirements, as well as offering safety and comfort in terms of use for women, men and kids.

La Sportiva: "Made in Italy" with heart and passion

La Sportiva's history began almost a century ago with the manufacturing of shoes, and also today, the Italian outdoor brand develops footwear for all conceivable outdoor activities with high precision and profound knowledge. Whether for climbing, trail running, hiking, mountaineering or even touring - La Sportiva has developed the ideal footwear for every mountain sport. These products are distributed in more than 70 countries around the world. The Label has thus managed to get from a small Italian mountain village in the middle of the Dolomites on the world stage and to the hearts of many enthusiastic mountain athletes.

Not only the production of unique footwear is one of the strengths of the outdoor brand, also in the area of functional clothing La Sportiva excels with superb functionality and quality as well as with Italian design. The company's diverse winter and summer equipment includes pants for trekking and touring, shorts and shirts, various jackets, from fleece jackets to insulation jackets, vests and down jackets to hardshell jackets, as well as accessories such as beanies and headbands in a wide range of colors and designs. In addition to high-quality materials, La Sportiva also uses innovative technologies such as Primaloft for isolation skirts and Gore-Tex (GTX) for the popular Trango mountain boots.


La Sportiva is appreciated by professionals worldwide

Many well-known figures in mountain sports rely on the Italian label, which is nowadays recognized as the world's leading manufacturer of climbing shoes and high-altitude boots. These include, David Lama, who is unquestionably one of the leading figures in climbing and mountaineering, as well as the Czech sports climber Adam Ondra, who already belonged to the world’s elite at the age of 13 - just to name a few of the many international La Sportiva brand ambassadors. They all share the same passion and dedication for the mountains with La Sportiva and represent the company and its values in the fields of climbing, skialp and mountain running worldwide.

In addition to first-class mountaineering boots and climbing shoes, such as the Katana climbing shoe, La Sportiva's trail running and ski touring boots have a superb reputation among top athletes. The professionals swear by the quality and functionality of the Italian manufacturer’s products. In the case of trail runners, the models of the Akyra collection are very popular as they have high durability and functionality as well as high wearing comfort. La Sportiva touring skis in turn are characterized by mobility, lightness, longevity and an ideal power transmission from the shoe to the ski.

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