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In the middle of the past century, a success story of the Italian shoe manufacturer Scarpa began in the mountains of Northern Italy, that has yet to stop.  

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More about Scarpa

“Società Calzaturieri Asolani Riuniti Pedemontana Anonima”, you would have to agree, is not really a name that sticks. So, the Italian shoe specialist quickly decided to go by the acronym of SCARPA. It all started with the, then, low-key segment of specialized shoes, especially for climbing and expeditions. The extraordinary craftsmanship of the cobblers from Asolo quickly gained a lot of notoriety and their shoe know-how was soon spread all over the world. Scarpa´s ultimate trump cards were, and still are to this very day, a unique fit and extraordinary durability.

Scarpa shoes for all things outdoors

Until today, Scarpa´s shoe range has been continuously extended. Meanwhile, the brand has long stopped to solely stand for specialized shoes and really made a name for itself in realms away from outdoor and mountaineering boots. Today, Scarpa´s product range comprises far more than just climbing and mountaineering boots. There are also hiking and trekking boots, running shoes, and approach shoes.

Add on top of that one of the absolute focal points of Scarpa: ski boots for all imaginable disciplines of skiing. This includes ski touring, freeride, and telemark.

Scarpa ski boots for specialists

Scarpa furthermore proves its great knowledge in the realm of telemark boots. In this rather small niche of skiing, Scarpa has been the most important provider of ski boots for quite a number of years. Here, their advance in knowledge really comes into play. Scarpa gained this advance due to some longtime experience with this rather special way of skiing. That experience has also found its way into other disciplines of skiing. This is especially the case with ski touring boots, also those for competitions, where Scarpa has been considered as being one of the leading brands for many years. Thanks to the comprehensive Scarpa touring ski boot know-how and latest technologies and materials, great boots for competitions emerge, such as the Scarpa Alien 1.0. An absolute lightweight and powerhouse all at once - as a matter of fact, a race shoe´s race shoe. Scarpa´s team athletes prove just that by regularly succeeding in touring ski World Cup races with the Alien below their bindings.


An iconic boot: the Scarpa Mojito

Scarpa was even one of the scene´s trailblazers when, a couple of years ago, a completely new kind of shoe conquered the market: the approach shoe. It was designed as a multifunctional shoe, which had initially been developed for the booming climbing community.

That community was looking for a comfortable, yet relatively solid shoe. All big shoe manufacturers introduced their ideas of that concept to the market. However, almost none of those could compete over all these years with the Scarpa Mojito. Reasons for this were, among others, the proven Scarpa shoe quality and the Mojito´s rather bold design.

It soon appeared in all kinds of colors and this style didn´t only catch on with climbers. After all, climbers thought that the Mojito, in terms of shape and looks, was so perfectly suited for everyday life that they decided to not only use it as an approach shoe. This is why the Mojito quickly became a casual shoe as well. Due to its high-end Vibram sole, the Mojito won´t let you down in any tough terrain – of course, the same goes for a city walk. Additional colors followed and the Mojito, today, ranges among the most popular shoes for people of all ages.