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Skitouring jackets | order online at Sport Conrad

Breathtaking landscapes, strenuous ascents, fantastic descents in deep snow - nothing is as diverse as a ski tour in the mountains. But do not let yourself get suprised by rough weather conditions: optimal ski touring equipment is essential.
Besides the right pants, ski boots and accessories, ski touring jackets are also important.
Find now the right ski touring jacket for your next tour!

One for all Skitouring jackets

In the mountains the weather can quickly become uncomfortable. Snow, rain, wind and icy cold are unavoidable. Also your ski touring jacket needs to be adapted to these weather conditions. 
Pay attention when buying a jacket, pay particular attention to comfort and fit. Nothing is worse than a ski touring jacket that is too tight, too small or too big. Only a ski touring jacket that fits properly can offer you the optimal weather protection. At the back and at the arms you must pay particular attention to the right length. The sleeves should reach approximately to the wrists in an outstretched position.
You should also be able to easily reach pockets on the sides with a backpack on your back.  
In order to being repared for any weather condition, it is advisable to have several different jackets for your skitouring adventures. Besides a lot of freedom of movement, your ski touring jacket should always offer you good protection from wind and moisture.

The ideal Skitouring jackets

The perfect ski touring jacket, which is suitable for all weather conditions and guarantees you optimal protection, unfortunately does not exist. Therefore, especially on the upper body, the layering principle is recommended. It is best to always have two jackets with you on your ski tour, which you can easily put on and take off.
Depending on the type of skier you are, whether you prefer a descent through deep snow or long ascents at high altitudes, and your own temperature sensitivity, different models of ski touring jackets are suitable for you. However, your hardshell jacket (your outermost layer of clothing in bad weather) should always be windproof, waterproof and breathable.

Softshell jackets for ascents

Especially during the ascent you quickly start to sweat. Softshell fabric therefore offers you many advantages, especially for your body climate. The soft and flexible material of the jacket is very breathable and thus ensures optimal moisture exchange.
This ski touring jacket transports sweat well to the outside and protects you even light snowfall. In very icy temperatures or heavy rain, however, the properties diminish somewhat, which is why you should also have at least one waterproof "cover" (that would be the hardshell jacket).

Hardshell (and Gore Tex)- Skitouring jackets for descents

Hardshell ski touring jackets are the perfect companion for descents through deep snow and powder. Hardshell materials are very robust and durable and protect you optimally from wind and moisture / wetness. Gore Tex jackets offer you the most effective weather protection. Especially in very uncomfortable weather, hardshell and Gore Tex jackets have many advantages. Hardshell (also the Gore Tex versions) are, however, less breathable than softshell and, especially when climbing, sometimes the second choice behind your softshell (body climate!).

Layer princicple / Insulation jackets

As the name suggests, an insulated jacket stores your body heat very well and prevents you from cooling down. If you make a stop on your ski tour on the summit, where you do not move much, these jackets still keep you warm. Insulating ski touring jackets are usually
filled with down, synthetic fiber or wool, and are perfect for layering. If you have the jacket with you in your backpack at the beginning of your tour, you can you can simply take it out when you get  colder, and put it on under your hardshell jacket.

Keep yourself protected by using the right type of skitouring jacket

Ski touring jackets are very versatile and should offer you optimal weather protection on ski tours. Since you are often confronted with rapidly changing weather conditions in the mountains, it is advisable to have different ski touring jackets with you and change them if necessary.
Especially on the upper body, several layers can be easily combined with each other. With the lower layers, such as the underwear, it depends on the body proximity. If your jacket is not close enough to your body or not breathable, you can quickly cool down or overheat.
The outer layer, on the other hand, should guarantee enough freedom of movement and above all protection from moisture/wetness, but also be windproof
When buying your jackets, however, also pay attention to your own temperature sensation.

Skitouring jackets at Sport Conrad – the basis of your next skitouring adventure

Skis, boots, Pants and jackets are part of your equipment on ski tours. So that you are also perfectly prepared for the ascent, we have ski touring jackets of all leading brands (for the highest demands on quality) for women, men and children.
Find exactly the right ski touring jacket of your favorite brand and start your next winter adventure. Convince yourself of the high quality  jackets for ski touring at Sport Conrad!